IRC log of mw4d on 2010-07-05

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logging to
11:43:11 [Steph]
rrsagent, make log public
11:43:18 [Steph]
zakim, this will be mw4d
11:43:19 [Zakim]
ok, Steph; I see MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM scheduled to start in 17 minutes
11:43:39 [Steph]
Meeting: MW4D bi-monthly call
11:44:15 [Steph]
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11:59:03 [Steph]
zakim, code ?
11:59:03 [Zakim]
the conference code is 6493 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), Steph
11:59:06 [Zakim]
MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM has now started
11:59:13 [Zakim]
11:59:27 [Zakim]
11:59:36 [Steph]
zakim, ??P2 is me
11:59:36 [Zakim]
+Steph; got it
11:59:58 [Zakim]
11:59:59 [Steph]
zakim, ??P1 is Stephanie
11:59:59 [Zakim]
+Stephanie; got it
12:00:18 [Steph]
Present: Max, StephanieR, Steph
12:00:27 [maxf2]
zakim, [IPcaller] is me
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+maxf2; got it
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+ +1.858.816.aaaa
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12:01:07 [Steph]
zakim, aaaa is Christiane
12:01:07 [Zakim]
+Christiane; got it
12:01:13 [maxf]
zakim, who's here?
12:01:13 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Stephanie, Steph, maxf2, Christiane
12:01:14 [Zakim]
On IRC I see shwetank, betty, maxf, stephanierieger, THIOUNE, raphael, RRSAgent, Zakim, Steph, chrisscharff
12:01:19 [Steph]
12:01:29 [maxf]
Present+ Max_Froumentin
12:01:40 [Steph]
you were in max already !
12:01:59 [Zakim]
12:02:02 [maxf]
always confuses me
12:02:54 [Steph]
zakim, +[IPcaller] is Shwetank
12:02:54 [Zakim]
sorry, Steph, I do not recognize a party named '+[IPcaller]'
12:03:01 [Steph]
zakim, [IPcaller] is Shwetank
12:03:01 [Zakim]
+Shwetank; got it
12:03:11 [Steph]
12:03:54 [nicolas]
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12:04:10 [Steph]
For those on irc who didn't join yet, we are about to start
12:04:14 [Steph]
Hi Nicolas
12:04:40 [betty]
Sorry Stephane, I can't enter the conference code. Is it 6493?
12:04:46 [Steph]
hi Betty
12:04:46 [nicolas]
hi stepahne trying to connect over the phone as well
12:04:47 [Steph]
12:04:50 [raphael]
I'm facing difficulties with the phone system. is the conf code still 6493?
12:05:02 [Steph]
what is the issue ?
12:05:03 [nicolas]
same here
12:05:07 [Steph]
6493 is the right code
12:05:18 [raphael]
12:05:20 [Steph]
what does the message say ?
12:05:50 [Steph]
ah i believe that uk and french number are broken
12:05:51 [raphael]
the system doesn't seem to "read" the code
12:06:01 [raphael]
12:06:03 [Steph]
this is the issue with code entering
12:06:13 [raphael]
will try another one
12:06:28 [Steph]
use the us number
12:06:41 [Zakim]
+ +22730aabb
12:06:45 [raphael]
now OK
12:07:00 [Steph]
zakim, aabb is Raphael
12:07:00 [Zakim]
+Raphael; got it
12:07:16 [raphael]
the US number works
12:07:18 [Zakim]
+ +31.62.247.aacc
12:07:26 [Steph]
zakim, aacc is Nicolas
12:07:26 [Zakim]
+Nicolas; got it
12:08:05 [Steph]
zakim, who is here ?
12:08:05 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Stephanie, Steph, maxf2, Christiane, Shwetank, Raphael, Nicolas
12:08:08 [Zakim]
On IRC I see nicolas, shwetank, betty, maxf, stephanierieger, THIOUNE, raphael, RRSAgent, Zakim, Steph, chrisscharff
12:08:36 [betty]
Unfortunately I can't make international call from this site of Soton univ campus.
12:09:18 [raphael]
OK to help to scribe ;)
12:09:36 [raphael]
12:09:41 [raphael]
but need help ;)
12:09:47 [Steph]
scribe: raphael
12:10:01 [Steph]
Topic: introduction
12:10:46 [raphael]
Steph: intros himself
12:11:11 [raphael]
Steph: Ken can't join today
12:11:44 [raphael]
Max. Web Foundation employee
12:12:28 [Steph]
Raphael Dard: international trade center, enrteprise competitiveness, drinving tradeathand
12:12:45 [Steph]
market prices, etc
12:13:15 [raphael]
Nicolas runs a group on ICT4D
12:13:24 [raphael]
focus on BoP
12:13:25 [Steph]
base of the pyramid
12:13:38 [Steph]
Stephanie Rieger (uk) user experience designer
12:13:58 [raphael]
focus on mobile and mobile web
12:14:31 [raphael]
Ms. Sharff: works on a project called mobile Senegal
12:15:00 [Steph]
12:15:02 [raphael]
Shwetank: works at Opera softwares
12:15:16 [Steph]
12:15:27 [Zakim]
+ +22177379aadd
12:15:57 [Steph]
zakim, aadd is Thioune
12:15:57 [Zakim]
+Thioune; got it
12:16:19 [raphael]
Thioune: from Senegal, working in Univ
12:16:35 [Steph]
Topic: Logistics
12:17:26 [raphael]
Steph: how often would you like to "meet"
12:17:29 [raphael]
12:17:49 [raphael]
Steph: what about the timing?
12:18:06 [raphael]
raphael: OK with me.
12:18:21 [raphael]
twice a month, maybe better
12:18:46 [chrisscharff]
12:19:21 [raphael]
Steph: first and third week of the month
12:19:39 [raphael]
I have seen "monthly" on the website
12:19:50 [raphael]
Action: update the website
12:20:08 [Steph]
Action: tephane to update website and check with mailing-list
12:20:16 [Steph]
Action: Stephane to update website and check with mailing-list
12:20:18 [Zakim]
12:20:25 [Steph]
rrsagent, drop action 1
12:20:27 [Steph]
rrsagent, drop action 2
12:20:41 [Steph]
Topic: MW4D IG OVerview
12:21:20 [raphael]
Steph: gives an overview of the group
12:23:33 [raphael]
Steph: issue: lack of locally relevant content
12:23:53 [raphael]
Steph: seeking solutions to address this issue
12:24:26 [raphael]
Steph: the group worked on this 15 months
12:24:58 [Zakim]
+ +1.915.201.aaee
12:24:58 [raphael]
which resulted in a roadmap
12:25:17 [Steph]
zakim, aaee is christiane
12:25:17 [Zakim]
+christiane; got it
12:25:40 [chrisscharff]
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12:25:49 [Steph]
12:25:58 [raphael]
people, do help typing in!
12:26:45 [raphael]
Steph: with the new group, we can work on issues underlined in the roadmap
12:26:54 [Steph]
12:27:18 [raphael]
Steph: do read this charter
12:28:24 [raphael]
moving from a general point of view to a more specific approach
12:28:55 [raphael]
2nd theme: Tools
12:29:35 [raphael]
Steph: there is still a need to collect info on existing tools
12:29:59 [raphael]
Steph: we can work at building a repository which includes tool evaluations
12:30:18 [raphael]
3rd domain: Business Models
12:30:51 [raphael]
Steph: sustainability is the aim, buiness models are the mens
12:30:55 [raphael]
12:31:14 [raphael]
4th domain: impact analysis
12:31:53 [Steph]
adoption methods
12:31:57 [raphael]
12:32:10 [Zakim]
12:32:11 [raphael]
12:32:13 [raphael]
12:33:36 [raphael]
Steph: 5th domain: adoption factors. A still very limited area which needs further research
12:33:51 [raphael]
Steph, can't hear you anymore...
12:34:02 [Steph]
can you hear me ?
12:34:11 [stephanierieger]
can't hear either
12:34:12 [Steph]
12:34:13 [Zakim]
12:34:16 [nicolas]
ok it is not my cell then I was about to ask
12:34:34 [Zakim]
12:34:40 [raphael]
12:34:46 [Steph]
zakim, P2 is steph
12:34:46 [Zakim]
sorry, Steph, I do not recognize a party named 'P2'
12:35:47 [raphael]
12:35:54 [Steph]
ack raphael
12:36:52 [Steph]
clearer ways of engagement would be useful
12:37:04 [Steph]
will achieve more things and will come with more people
12:38:14 [nicolas]
dead line and sub-group of people
12:38:53 [Steph]
focus on specific area
12:40:16 [chrisscharff]
what is the url of the wiki?
12:40:31 [Steph]
12:41:38 [raphael]
12:41:48 [Steph]
ack raphael
12:42:29 [shwetank]
me is from India (also a devoloping country)
12:43:22 [Steph]
raphael: use teleconf time to talk about a specific project ?
12:43:28 [Zakim]
12:43:34 [Steph]
collaborative intelligence
12:43:38 [raphael]
got hung up
12:43:41 [Steph]
we loste u Rapahel
12:43:43 [raphael]
calling back
12:43:46 [raphael]
please go on
12:44:36 [Zakim]
+ +41.22.730.aaff
12:45:10 [raphael]
maybe we can use the collective intelligence we group here
12:45:34 [raphael]
to discuss about an existing project and give advices
12:45:47 [raphael]
share challenges
12:46:11 [ingom]
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12:46:35 [ingom]
12:46:37 [raphael]
Nicolas: yes, as long as it is linked with one of our topics
12:46:42 [raphael]
12:47:13 [raphael]
12:48:32 [Steph]
stephane: focus on the specific points we are interested in
12:48:40 [Steph]
raphael: give advices to projects
12:48:41 [ingom]
there was a power cut my battery will discharge sorry
12:48:56 [Steph]
and be ack for that
12:49:26 [Steph]
Topic: Work organization and task repartition
12:49:44 [raphael]
raphael: if the group regularly gives inputs for one project, credit could be also given to the group "formally", when the project ends
12:50:27 [raphael]
Steph: suggestion to have different discussion drivers
12:50:36 [raphael]
in different calls
12:51:00 [raphael]
Steph: are there other interests from group members?
12:51:45 [raphael]
Steph: two particular aspects of interest to Web Foundation
12:51:51 [raphael]
Agriculture is one
12:52:25 [raphael]
through a project being conducted currently
12:52:46 [raphael]
the other topic in in Ghana, on a mobile training lab
12:53:00 [raphael]
to develop apps and services
12:53:32 [raphael]
the idea is to give support on how to reach users and develop sustainable business models
12:54:12 [raphael]
Nicolas: the focus is on business modeling and adoption methodology
12:54:20 [raphael]
in the ICD4D space
12:55:13 [raphael]
shwetank: business modeling in mobile area
12:55:21 [raphael]
and impact analysis
12:56:04 [Steph]
Raphael: project in Benin
12:56:09 [maxf]
raphael: working on a project in Benin
12:56:14 [Steph]
pineapple export chain
12:57:04 [maxf]
raphael: we'll see if it's (?) something which is new or if it is already part of the supply chain
12:57:11 [raphael]
happy to update the group on how it goes
12:57:22 [raphael]
since we are still at the inception phase
12:58:05 [raphael]
Steph: on the use of the wiki
12:58:24 [raphael]
we can use this place to gather literature for these different areas
12:59:08 [raphael]
feel free to share papers and links on the mailing list
13:00:15 [raphael]
Action: add two wiki pages on the missing areas
13:00:30 [Steph]
(when you do aciton please put the name of the action owner)
13:00:53 [Steph]
july 19
13:01:02 [shwetank]
fine with me
13:01:04 [maxf]
[works for me]
13:01:12 [chrisscharff]
13:01:18 [Steph]
Resolution: next meeting: July 19
13:01:31 [betty]
OK. Hopefully the UK no will be OK on July 19.
13:01:48 [raphael]
I'll try to join from Benin
13:01:56 [raphael]
Thank you
13:02:02 [Zakim]
- +41.22.730.aaff
13:02:03 [Zakim]
13:02:03 [Zakim]
13:02:04 [Zakim]
13:02:04 [Zakim]
13:02:05 [Zakim]
13:02:07 [Zakim]
13:02:08 [Steph]
rrsagent, make minutes
13:02:08 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate Steph
13:02:09 [Zakim]
MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM has ended
13:02:11 [Zakim]
Attendees were Steph, Stephanie, maxf2, +1.858.816.aaaa, Christiane, Shwetank, +22730aabb, Raphael, +31.62.247.aacc, Nicolas, +22177379aadd, Thioune, +1.915.201.aaee,
13:02:14 [Zakim]
... +41.22.730.aaff
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