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15 Jun 2010


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Michael_Cooper, Stevef, Rich, Janina, Cynthia_Shelly, [IPcaller]
cyns, janina


<cyns> http://www.paciellogroup.com/blog/misc/HTML5/aria-html5-proposal.html

<Stevef> http://www.paciellogroup.com/blog/misc/HTML5/aria-html5-proposal.html

<cyns> how do I make myself scribe?

<cyns> SF: schould we use ARIA or WAI-ARIA in the doc?

<MichaelC> scribe: cyns

JS: I think it's WAI-ARIA

SF: we have 2 tables. the first one used to be called strong native semantics. I changed it to elements with base sematnics that cannot be overridden

this first table is pretty much what's in the spec. The second table is elements with semantics than can be overriden

this table is the things we've talked about before

RS: did we call the button role?

<Stevef> i am here

<Stevef> i can hear

<Stevef> i will call back in

ok. thanks.

RS: si this waht we agreed to for details?

CS: I thought the summary child was the button

RS: implied semantics for details is that its labeled by summary
... we also found some bugs with the spec, that we need to address such as bug 92

SF: There are places where we still need to make decisions.
... we also need to address places where we don't agree with the restrictions.

CS: should we just start at the top?

RS: where we allow people to override, does this mean or, that is you cna have either one
... look at details. it's a reveal button. it reveals an area.
... it's only a combobox if someone decides to override it and make selectable entries inside it.
... we're saying what it can be overridden by.

SF: restrictions are what it can be overriden with.

RS: ok
... do we want to say that it controls the section that it's expanding.

SF: it could, but that's not what this table is about

RS: i meant the implied semantics

SF: we can put that in as well.

CS: do we want to?

SF: if they're helpfu we can add them in
... the main thing about the second table is that it has a lot fo things that used to be in the first table because there were more restrictions.
... what i need you to do is to go through and say if you agree of disagree, and bring it up and why.

<janina> scribe: janina

rich: input type should say what indeterminate is

steve: yes, but separate from what we're doing here

<cyns> i'm back

steve: an aria check on a standard html checkbox should be quite rare

<cyns> it's probably going to be pretty rare where a standard html text box is going to have an aria-checked on it?

cyns: seems like an easy beginner's mistake, though

<cyns> CS: inexperienced authors may make that mistake.

cyns: perhaps having both should be a warning

steve: yes
... please read guidance for conformance checkers ...

sf: first, metadata content ...

cs: makes sense

rs: yes

sf: second table, anything form associated or interactive
... so, error if overwritten

cs: agree, but might want to say 'specified in the table above' or similar

sf: a warning if something other than what's allowed goes for the first table, which is more restrictive

cs: might be helpful to make our purpose more explicit

rich: are we saying validators must support a b and c -- is this what html-wg wants?

<Stevef> i can hear you

<Stevef> i will ring in on another phone

sf: spec has referred to error/warning conditions, so i've based on our dicusssions
... tried to provide useful author guidance as well

cs: pretty subtle, but i like it
... think you're on the right track

rs: due when?

js: next week--the 24th

sf: obviously i agree with all this, i put it there
... can you all send a list of what you disagree? and we can focus on that?

cs: yes

rs: not today--will do my best

sf: think we're closer than last week?

rs: yes
... we need a list of issues related to this to submit--e.g. bug 9817

<richardschwerdtfe> http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=9817

Summary of Action Items

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