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Meeting: SSN XG
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Chair: Laurent
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On the phone I see Payam, laurent_lefort_cs, vhuang, michael, kerry, Arthur
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On IRC I see krp, Arthur, kerry, michael, RRSAgent, Zakim, vhuang, laurent_lefort_cs, Payam, trackbot
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This is a test
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I can help
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13:12:03 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Topic: Previous meeting
13:12:41 [kerry]
scribenick: vhuang
13:13:34 [cory]
calling in now
13:13:40 [cory]
sorry i'm late
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13:13:57 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Minutes from previous meeting
13:14:26 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Work plan Semantic Markup
13:15:29 [laurent_lefort_cs]
13:15:39 [vhuang]
No comments on Semantic Mark up.
13:16:12 [laurent_lefort_cs]
13:19:28 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Laurent: Can we add information saying which part of the ontology a class belongs to (e.g. like a suing skos:inScheme) ?
13:19:43 [Payam]
13:19:56 [laurent_lefort_cs]
13:21:25 [kerry]
suggesting use a new annotation property for each "part" of the ontology -- and the annotation property may not be filled in (I'm not usre this quite makes sense)
13:21:39 [kerry]
maybe payams is beter
13:22:00 [Payam]
a different approach could be annotating new concepts or concetps that have been adapted from other ontologies
13:22:19 [Payam]
and preserving namespace for concepts which are directly included from external ontolgies
13:22:39 [kerry]
i am not comforatble with "preserving namespace"
13:23:31 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Vote on the idea to group things together within the same OWL file:
13:23:38 [laurent_lefort_cs]
13:23:48 [kerry]
i don't get it either
13:24:01 [kerry]
i think we need a worked out proposal before voting on this
13:24:05 [cory]
what are the groups?
13:24:16 [kerry]
13:24:21 [Payam]
question: do we need an annotation?
13:24:29 [michael]
13:24:47 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ack Payam
13:25:57 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Michael: use the reference to the documentation page as the structuring/grouping method
13:26:05 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Vote on Michael's proposal:
13:26:09 [laurent_lefort_cs]
13:27:52 [kerry]
13:28:09 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ack michael
13:28:21 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ack kerry
13:28:22 [laurent_lefort_cs]
13:30:05 [Arthur]
I like the idea to group concepts inside the owl file, but I am not sure how you would do it. (question to Laurent)
13:30:32 [vhuang]
Kerry, using ontology as reference to the wiki when there is no automatic way to do it.
13:30:45 [Payam]
13:31:18 [vhuang]
Payam, using RDF "seeAlso" to the wiki page.
13:31:53 [Payam]
using kerry's proposal: RDF rdfs:comments + RDF rdf:seeAlso to refer to wiki page
13:32:49 [laurent_lefort_cs]
13:33:27 [kerry]
13:33:44 [Payam]
ack Payam
13:33:47 [Zakim]
+ +1.202.408.aadd
13:33:54 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ack kerry
13:34:17 [michael]
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13:35:24 [kerry]
13:36:10 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ACTION: Kerry to add usage of see also in wiki page documenting annotations
13:36:11 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-29 - Add usage of see also in wiki page documenting annotations [on Kerry Taylor - due 2010-06-15].
13:36:24 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Topic: Status/work plan for the Ontology deliverable
13:36:47 [laurent_lefort_cs]
13:40:24 [laurent_lefort_cs]
13:42:11 [Luis_Bermudez]
im here
13:43:28 [michael]
13:43:29 [Luis_Bermudez]
13:44:03 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Laurent describing the content of the two pages and the intent to identify the sub-deliverables of the Ontology work packages
13:45:58 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Michael: Reminder that figure in does not reflect exactly the current ontology
13:49:30 [vhuang]
Luis, we should have one wiki page where all ontology linked to each other.
13:51:15 [kerry]
13:52:31 [Luis_Bermudez]
13:52:41 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ack kerry
13:53:35 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Discussion on how the external ontologies are related to the XG ontology: extensions/examples or mappings
13:53:47 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ack michael
13:53:50 [Payam]
ack michael
13:54:04 [Payam]
ack Luis_Bermudez
13:54:41 [vhuang]
Luis will capture the differences between the ontologies.
13:55:27 [Payam]
13:55:40 [Luis_Bermudez]
13:55:50 [Payam]
13:55:58 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Ack Payam
13:57:08 [vhuang]
Payam, we need to define the terminalogy first then see how it aligns with other ontology.
13:57:50 [Luis_Bermudez]
13:58:26 [vhuang]
Laurent, we need examples.
13:58:51 [michael]
13:59:22 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ack Luis_Bermudez
13:59:27 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ack michael
14:02:08 [vhuang]
Michael, all these parts are linked together, they belong to the same ontology.
14:02:15 [kerry]
this makes a lot of sense to me -- as long as it all stays in the same file at the end
14:02:46 [kerry]
i think laurent is also suggesting examples in separate files -- i think we can do this too
14:03:46 [kerry]
14:04:42 [Zakim]
14:06:46 [kerry]
soory folks -- it can wait
14:07:20 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Topic: Issue 5-7
14:07:39 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ISSUE-5 Separation of examples - Delivery of the SSN XG ontology and of examples in separate files
14:07:39 [laurent_lefort_cs]
14:09:36 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ISSUE-6 Pub. on ext. web sites - Versions of the SSN ontology published on external web sites
14:09:36 [laurent_lefort_cs]
14:09:38 [Payam]
14:10:35 [Zakim]
14:10:43 [kerry]
14:11:47 [vhuang]
Payam will present group activity next at ICT summit. Please submit any issues to him.
14:14:06 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Action: Laurent to define the final place where the XG ontology will be delivered
14:14:06 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-30 - Define the final place where the XG ontology will be delivered [on Laurent Lefort - due 2010-06-15].
14:14:38 [laurent_lefort_cs]
ISSUE-7 Doc format/generation - Documentation format - Generation of documentation derived from the OWL file
14:14:38 [laurent_lefort_cs]
14:15:37 [laurent_lefort_cs]
Topic: AOB
14:16:01 [laurent_lefort_cs]
OGC TC Meeting in Silver Spring Luis will be there
14:17:32 [Zakim]
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Attendees were Payam, laurent_lefort_cs, michael, vhuang, Arthur, kerry, krp, +1.937.775.aacc, +1.202.408.aadd
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ACTION: Kerry to add usage of see also in wiki page documenting annotations [1]
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ACTION: Laurent to define the final place where the XG ontology will be delivered [2]
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