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19:00:12 [janina]
zakim, this will be #aria
19:00:12 [Zakim]
I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, janina
19:01:18 [janina]
zakim, this will be #html-a11y
19:01:18 [Zakim]
I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, janina
19:01:57 [janina]
zakim, this will be WAI_PFWG(ARIA
19:01:57 [Zakim]
ok, janina, I see WAI_PFWG(Aria)3:00PM already started
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19:02:07 [janina]
zakim, call janina
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ok, janina; the call is being made
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19:06:52 [janina]
scribe: janina
19:07:06 [janina]
steve: plan was to go through aria mapping tables--not done
19:07:21 [janina]
steve: had a medical emergency--sorry
19:07:47 [janina]
steve: also had to get our alt doc ready for html heartbeat publication this week
19:12:56 [janina]
cyns: table or tr as toolbar
19:12:59 [janina]
rich: ah, yes
19:13:09 [janina]
cyns: it's the shrinking behavior
19:13:20 [janina]
cyns which is hard with css
19:13:59 [janina]
steve: seems we need to specify the allowable roles, seems button wouldn't fit
19:14:15 [janina]
cyns: think structural elements should be overwritable by any
19:14:27 [janina]
cyns: i think of a table cell as similar to a paragraph
19:15:32 [janina]
steve: i'm trying to find the taxonomy logic for all these mappings
19:17:19 [janina]
michael: isn't there a contextual issue? if we overwrite a td, what about the parent
19:19:59 [janina]
cyns: we need some best practices on how to turn table into a toolbar ...
19:20:19 [janina]
topic: change proposal and
19:20:54 [janina]
steve: seems to be a counterproposal to my proposal
19:21:04 [janina]
cyns: about issue 85
19:21:19 [janina]
rich: one can't enforce authors doing stupid stuff
19:21:43 [Stevef]
19:21:48 [janina]
cyns: we've our proposal, ian has his, what's the procedure
19:22:10 [janina]
steve: his is basically 'don't allow links to be buttons'
19:23:23 [Stevef] and
19:23:27 [janina]
cyns: his proposal is incomplete, misrepresents our proposal
19:27:25 [janina]
steve: thought it worthwhile bringing it to our attention as it's a counterproposal to ours
19:29:02 [janina]
cyns: worried this proposal attacks aria architecture, says it shouldn't be used for the purpose it was designed for
19:31:49 [Stevef]
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WAI_PFWG(Aria)3:00PM has ended
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Attendees were Rich, [IPcaller], Janina, Michael_Cooper
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zakim, bye
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meeting: ARIA mapping sub-team - HTML A11Y TF
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chair: Steve_Faulkner
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