Open Web Education Alliance Incubator Group Teleconference

28 Apr 2010

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<trackbot> Date: 28 April 2010

<gsims> (waves hello)

<scribe> ScribeNick: virginia

<gsims> Thank you, Virginia!

<gsims> hi lars

<itpastorn> Just popping in to say I won't make this meeting. Sorry. Take care y'all


<gsims> http://openwebeducation.org/

Glenda: the group needs to take on the development of this page.

<ben_friedman> can someone paste the link?

<gsims> http://openwebeducation.org/

A few suggestions for content of the site: info about OWEA, who is involved, connection to W3C, donate button. For the connection to Pay Pal, this URL or a URL like it has to exist.

Some concern about branding of the page. Make sure there's a separate look and identity that can't be confused with InterACT.

To rework the temporary page, Virginia will help with the CSS, Ben said he would help with content.

<ben_friedman> reminder: glenda (or someone) please send me server access info

Pay Pal Account

Glenda: we now have the account active and donations can be made.
... suggested setting up a Freshbooks account for OWEA to help with bookkeeping. Everyone agreed that this would be a good idea.

Mark: possible content for the page–a physical address for mailed in donations.

OWEA Meeting in May with Jeff Jaffe

Glenda: Jeff would like to meet with us.
... proposed that it be one of our regular conference call dates in May (May 12 or May 26)

Update on Carnegie Melon

<gsims> http://oli.web.cmu.edu/openlearning/

Aarron: They are interested in OWEA. Their Open Learning Initiative has a grant to publish articles and information about best practices in ed.
... Carnegie Melon may do a case study on a location where InterACT curriculum is in use.

Leslie: They are interested in how online material affects what happens in a classroom.

<gsims> http://www.icarnegie.com/mkt/index.php

<gsims> commercial piece is icarnegie

<gsims> open source piece is oli

Focus area reports

Aarron: curriculum focus group has a volunteer doing some work. Now that InterACT book is in print, the group will be more active again.

Mark: Pilot focus group. Sending emails to plan what needs to be done during the summer.
... Should we set up a database or something to keep track of who we contact?
... He will think about a way to do this while keeping some of the info internal while still giving us a way to track programs and people.

Ben: Branding has some things ready for review that need to go up.

<gsims> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/owea/wiki/Focus2010outreach

Glenda: Chris has pasted in the outreach piece.

Ben: fundraising challenge. He will match any donations given between now and end of May.


<MarkDuBois> Well done.

Glenda: Christopher Schmitt is donating space for a virtual event with faculty.

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Summary of Action Items

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