PLING Teleconference

13 Apr 2010


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Ashok_Malhotra, , Hannes Tschoefenig, Rigo Wenning
Renato Ianella, Thomas Roessler, Dave Raggett, Marco Casassa-Mont
Rigo Wenning
Rigo Wenning


Hannes: report from PrivacyOS in Oxford
... many work has been done already, not clear what else can be done, no feedback from the audience
... most of the people who deploy geolocation service do not care about privacy
... already a lot of choice, if one cares
... research community is focused on papers
... frustrated with the topic, see papers but nothing really new
... and companies don't care that much about this research

Ashok: TAG spent one hour with TLR and Matt Womer
... some positive reactions, you and Hannes talked about it right now
... TAG a bit unclear about next steps

Rigo: TLR and I owe the TAG a write up of new strategies

Ashok: also a new group in OASIS on privacy with strong privacy approach
... we'll have to inquire further what they do.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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