Open Web Education Alliance Incubator Group Teleconference

31 Mar 2010

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<trackbot> Date: 31 March 2010

Report on OWEA at W3C Advisory Committee Meeting on March 23

Glenda went to lunch with W3C staff and crew and advisory council members before she spoke. She enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many of the W3C members in person. They talked informally about open web education.

The presentation lasted 10 minutes and then there were questions. She may be able to share the questions but is not sure at this time.

The response from the group was warm and interested. Some of their questions mirrored our own questions about OWEA. One person mentioned a "web literacy course".

There was discussion about the idea of an internet fundamentals or web literacy class or of ways to incorporate new modules into our existing class on internet fundamentals.

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<itpastorn> OK My fault....

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<gsims> ;

<itpastorn> http://interact.webstandards.org/curriculum/front-end-development/dom-scripting-1/?overview

Glenda expects Mauro to come back with some next steps or the group.

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<gsims> thx lars :)

Glenda: one of the concerns expressed relates to adequate resources.

<gsims> http://www.drumbeat.org/project/p2p-university-open-web-career-track

P2P University: Open Web Developer Degree. http://www.drumbeat.org/project/p2p-university-open-web-career-track

<itpastorn> We should really try to get someone from Mozilla in our group. They are doing lots in education.

This degree program was mentioned, but apparently we have not looked at it yet. Glenda will contact John about this.

Aarron: A Carnegie Melon Open Education Initiative. He will meet with them tomorrow to learn more.

<gsims> http://oli.web.cmu.edu/openlearning/

Glenda: It's Open Learning Inititative

They are looking at the InterACT curriculum.

Looks like Sam Shepard in an old Western. :)

Glenda: should we be keeping a list of people to connect to? Is that outreach?

Aarron: yes.

Glenda will start a list.

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2010 Focus Group Reports

Aarron posted goals in the curriculum focus group

<gsims> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/owea/wiki/Focus2010curriculum

<itpastorn> I have written 5 courses for Swedish secondary education now. Would anyone like a (machine translated) copy?

Yea, Aarron!

Lars, can you provide a link or links?

<gsims> lars, that is awesome

<itpastorn> Sorry, no links yet. It's highly unofficial ;-)

<gsims> share a link when possible

Outreach Activities: Chris Mills sent some outreach ideas in Google Docs.

Glenda: outreach needs to be reviewed and posted to Wiki.

Mark: Pilots focus group report. There is one case study almost ready to go from Illinois Central College.

Glenda & Aarron: Outreach should be top priority. We need more schools using the InterACT curriculum.

Mark: case study is done.
... The wiki and the White Paper can get out of synch.

Glenda: We are clearly marking the first draft as such and linking to the current version.

<itpastorn> Hell has frozen over

Doug will be talking about SVG in Jeff Brown's class.

<itpastorn> 5 past midnight. Good work all!

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Summary of Action Items

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