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ok, ivan; I see SW_CG()9:00AM scheduled to start in 20 minutes
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Meeting: SW CG Telco, 2010-03-10
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Chair: Ivan
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Regrets: Ian, Manu
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zakim, dial ivan-voip
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ok, ivan; the call is being made
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+ +1.937.775.aaaa
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zakim, ??P9 is Tom
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+Tom; got it
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zakim, aaaa is Amit
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+Amit; got it
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see Tom, Ivan, Amit, Sandro
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Meeting: SWD CG
14:01:51 [TomB]
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14:02:21 [ivan]
Scribenick: Sandro
14:03:12 [ivan]
Topic: Admin, Last meeting
14:03:28 [sandro]
Ivan, it's here:
14:03:29 [ivan]
-> Last meeting minutes
14:03:42 [sandro]
(but I expect to change the title to "Frame View of RIF Syntax"
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ivan: Any problems with minutes?
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minutes approved
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14:04:55 [mhausenblas]
14:05:07 [ivan]
Topic : next meeting
14:05:16 [Zakim]
14:05:26 [sandro]
next meeting: march 24
14:05:34 [sandro]
AC Meeting is March 22-23.
14:05:46 [sandro]
Ivan: I may not be able to send agenda
14:05:59 [sandro]
regrets (will be at FOSE)
14:05:59 [TomB]
TomB will be traveling and may have to send regrets
14:06:49 [mscottm]
also regrets: AAAI Linked Data meeting
14:06:56 [sandro]
regrets for Scott and Harry
14:07:33 [ivan]
Topic: Semantic Sensor Network
14:07:40 [AmitSheth]
Main page:
14:08:10 [ivan]
zakim, who is here?
14:08:10 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Tom, Ivan, Amit, Sandro, mhausenblas, ChrisW, mscottm
14:08:47 [sandro]
round-the-table intros
14:09:42 [sandro]
amit: Some members of my team have been participating in these groups
14:11:31 [sandro]
(sorry, I'm not making enough sense of this to scribe. when/if it starts to make sense to me, I'll write things.)
14:13:10 [sandro]
amit: At W3C, we've done describing things (OWL), semantically enhanced services, queries, RDF as integration environment, WSDL services.... the idea now is to bridge with OGC.
14:13:31 [AmitSheth]
14:13:32 [sandro]
amit: Begin the formal process of defining ontologies which describe sensors and sensor networks.
14:13:53 [Zakim]
14:13:57 [sandro]
amit: currently 38 people from 17 organizations, academic and industrial.
14:14:04 [danbri]
zakim, keckert is really danbri
14:14:04 [Zakim]
+danbri; got it
14:14:06 [AmitSheth]
14:14:10 [danbri]
i think - i just joined
14:14:16 [sandro]
... ogc provides geospacial and sensor web experise.
14:14:51 [sandro]
AmitSheth: Three deliverables. 1. ontology for sensors and sensor observations
14:15:07 [sandro]
AmitSheth: 2. relate to OCG ontologies
14:15:40 [sandro]
AmitSheth: 3. Semantic annotations of resources for sensor data
14:16:04 [sandro]
AmitSheth: We've been reviewing previous work, on sensor networks, observation ontologies, sensor techniques
14:16:14 [sandro]
AmitSheth: Developing several use cases.
14:16:28 [Zakim]
14:16:42 [AmitSheth]
14:16:42 [sandro]
AmitSheth: 1- device discovery, 2- data discovery, 3- process provenance
14:16:55 [Zakim]
14:17:02 [AmitSheth]
14:17:04 [danbri]
(somewhat related from Dave Raggett - 'Extending the Web into the Real World')
14:17:16 [AmitSheth]
14:18:58 [AmitSheth]
14:19:04 [sandro]
AmitSheth: integrating into ogcswe documents
14:19:34 [AmitSheth]
14:19:47 [ivan]
14:19:56 [ivan]
ack ivan
14:20:56 [danbri]
hmm /me wonders if an iphone is a sensor in this sense <-
14:22:13 [AmitSheth]
14:23:24 [sandro]
AmitSheth: If you want to ask the nearest sensor location, ... ... you'll see that a node shows up. You'll see latest observation about that sensor. uses linked data geonames.
14:25:53 [AmitSheth]
14:27:19 [AmitSheth]
14:28:03 [AmitSheth]
14:28:59 [AmitSheth]
14:29:13 [ivan]
14:32:17 [sandro]
mscottm: (describes some stuff, not understood by scribe)
14:32:35 [sandro]
AmitSheth: Please mail me that information, and I'll pass it on to group.
14:32:56 [AmitSheth]
14:33:25 [sandro]
mscottm: It takes some effort to cast your work into the application that you're trying to interest. It's a difficulty with all XGs.
14:33:42 [AmitSheth]
14:33:50 [sandro]
mscottm: Try to engage with these groups. If they read your pages, they wont understand what you're doing.
14:34:17 [sandro]
AmitSheth: Fortunateiy, we have involvement from key folks, eg CSIRO.
14:36:08 [sandro]
ivan: Do you envisage that the XG will suggest further work?
14:37:01 [sandro]
AmitSheth: There is a value to completing the ontologies.
14:37:18 [sandro]
AmitSheth: If that feeling prevails, yes, we may want to take that work to Rec.
14:37:54 [sandro]
ivan: Thanks, AmitSheth! Looking forward to final report.
14:37:56 [Zakim]
14:38:06 [sandro]
AmitSheth: I'll send you the one pager now, Ivan.
14:38:23 [sandro]
Topic: RDF Next Steps
14:38:41 [sandro]
Ivan: Please beat the bushes; submission deadline is early April.
14:39:00 [danbri]
I will chase SWIG folk (they noticed already but a deadline reminder should help)
14:39:03 [ivan]
zakim, who is here?
14:39:03 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Tom, Ivan, Sandro, mhausenblas, mscottm, danbri, ChrisW
14:39:25 [sandro]
ivan: RDF Next Steps workshop will be at Stanford, on the weekend after SemTech.
14:39:55 [TomB] - Workshop 26-27 June, Stanford
14:40:04 [sandro]
mscottm: Who is going to SemTech?
14:40:21 [sandro]
ivan: I expect Me, Sandro, EricP, and Karen, from W3C Team.
14:40:31 [sandro]
chris: Christian and I are giving two different RIF presentations.
14:40:50 [sandro]
mhausenblas: I'm not expecting to go, but some DERI folks will.
14:41:20 [sandro]
mscottm: Aimed at industry?
14:41:57 [sandro]
ivan: Yes, it's not a scientific conference.
14:42:48 [sandro]
ivan: So, yes it's relevant to HCLS.
14:43:15 [sandro]
ivan: Next meeting in 2 weeks, probably.
14:43:19 [sandro]
14:43:21 [danbri]
re AOB, only as i mentioned earlier - be good to have a CG homepage in the public wiki
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rrssagent, draft minutes
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zakim, drop me
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Ivan is being disconnected
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SW_CG()9:00AM has ended
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Attendees were Ivan, +1.937.775.aaaa, Tom, Amit, Sandro, mhausenblas, ChrisW, mscottm, danbri
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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zakim, bye
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