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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 01 February 2010
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20:26:56 [anthony]
Scribe: anthony
20:27:00 [anthony]
Chair: Erik
20:27:05 [anthony]
Topic: Zoom Event
20:27:47 [anthony]
DS: Spending time on DOM 3 Events
20:27:59 [anthony]
... I dropped normalised X and normalised Y
20:28:25 [anthony]
... because it relied to heavily on SVG
20:29:07 [anthony]
... might put that in Transforms
20:29:32 [anthony]
... The other thing I was looking at was resizeEvents and it turns out those are quite tricky
20:29:57 [anthony]
... right now browsers are cable of zooming in on different content - text, svg etc
20:30:13 [anthony]
... and you can't detect the event for this
20:30:23 [anthony]
... people use resize for this
20:30:40 [anthony]
... I was wondering if I should have a general Zoom event for DOM Events
20:30:59 [anthony]
ED: Not sure I've seen many people use it in SVG
20:31:06 [anthony]
AG: Use case?
20:31:14 [anthony]
DS: Level of detail
20:31:35 [anthony]
... when someone zooms in to an area, could redraw content, fetch new content
20:32:07 [anthony]
... I would have to add a new attribute for the zoom event
20:32:15 [anthony]
... because I would need the current scale factor
20:32:24 [anthony]
... nothing on the current interface that is suitable
20:32:52 [anthony]
... So are the concerns about defining about it DOM Events instead of SVG?
20:33:42 [anthony]
... and, can use cases for people zooming in on SVG content and HTML content be addressed b the same interface? or does it have to be two separate interfaces?
20:34:26 [anthony]
... there is some relevance with mobiles
20:34:49 [anthony]
DS: We are doing a multi-touch and gestures spec
20:35:08 [anthony]
ED: I'm guessing the requirements for zoom event would be similar for different content
20:35:20 [anthony]
DS: Right now zoom only works for the document level
20:35:29 [anthony]
... I think it should work for the element level as well
20:35:54 [anthony]
... for example if you have an SVG line in the HTML page, you should be able to zoom in on that
20:36:24 [anthony]
ED: In Opera we have two different zoom types. One for specific parts of the page and one for the whole document
20:37:36 [anthony]
AG: Would it be similar to zoom event in SVG?
20:38:30 [anthony]
DS: One thing you get out from the SVG zoom event is a current scale coefficient
20:38:45 [anthony]
... a multiplier
20:39:03 [anthony]
... I would do the same thing as SVG but not call it current scale
20:40:11 [anthony]
ED: Have you seen how widely implemented the zoom events are?
20:40:32 [anthony]
... I know we have an errata to fix some things in the zoom event and remove some things
20:40:45 [anthony]
... for SVG 1.1 Full 2nd edition
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20:41:27 [shepazu]
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20:42:26 [anthony]
ED: Don't think they've been completed though
20:42:32 [ed]
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Attendees were Shepazu, ed, anthony
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