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Call: XProc telcon
16:08:02 [ht]
Chair: Henry S. Thompson (pro tem)
16:08:07 [ht]
ScribeNick: ht
16:08:14 [ht]
Scribe: Henry S. Thompson
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16:08:31 [ht]
Present: Henry, Paul, Mohamed, Vojetch
16:08:36 [ht]
Apologies: Norm
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Next meeting: 21 Nov.
16:09:17 [ht]
Regrets for 21 Nov: Henry, Mohamed
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Present+ Alex
16:12:05 [ht]
Topic: Charter
16:12:16 [ht]
It runs out at the end of this month
16:12:43 [ht]
RESOLUTION: Request a charter extension, recharter later
16:12:57 [ht]
How long an extension?
16:14:40 [ht]
RESOLUTION: Request an 8 month extension, to allow for the summer
16:19:33 [ht]
Topic: HTTP multipart
16:19:47 [ht]
Consensus by email that content model of multipart is just body+
16:20:28 [ht]
And that the prose about headers inside multipart has to go as well
16:21:50 [ht]
Then we have Voytech's message
16:22:28 [ht]
The default might conflict -- should this be an error, or should we make it required?
16:23:19 [ht]
or should we instead specify that the derfault is to inherit?
16:23:44 [ht]
s/The default/VT: The default/
16:23:50 [ht]
s/or should/AM: or should/
16:23:58 [ht]
16:25:24 [ht]
VT: content-type is required on c:body
16:26:24 [ht]
AM: Doing the inheritance will not make it easier to understand
16:27:00 [ht]
... we should just make it required, and assume that people will mostly not use c:header Content-Type with c:multipart
16:27:37 [ht]
AM: So, two alternatives: leave as is but make clear inconsistency is an error; make required
16:31:05 [ht]
VT: Any pblm with making it required?
16:31:40 [ht]
... If you are building it dynamically, you might have to find it in a header. . .
16:31:48 [ht]
AM: Same even w/o multipart
16:32:28 [ht]
AM: Given the long list of possible types, it's hard to be sure what the right default is, so making it required avoids having to pick
16:33:32 [ht]
RESOLUTION: make the content-type attribute required on c:multipart
16:34:41 [ht]
Topic: namespace and prefix attrs -- missing error
16:35:00 [ht]
16:35:39 [ht]
TV: What happens if you specify wrapper-prefix or wrapper-namespace but no wrapper, on p:data?
16:36:39 [ht]
HT: Because the implicit default is c:data, that's an error (the same error as an explicit wrapper with a : in)
16:37:03 [ht]
RESOLUTION: Make clear that if if you specify wrapper-prefix or wrapper-namespace but no wrapper, on p:data, that's an error (the same error as an explicit wrapper with a : in)
16:37:17 [ht]
Topic: Test Suite
16:37:51 [ht]
TV: 50 new tests, prefix, namespace, http-request
16:37:57 [ht]
HT: WooHoo -- gold start
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16:39:24 [ht]
Topic: Default processing model
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Attendees were PGrosso, Vojtech, Ht, mzergaou, Alex_Milows
16:39:44 [ht]
PG: What's next on this?
16:40:01 [ht]
HST: We have comments from the TAG, which I need to summarise and present to this group
16:40:20 [ht]
HST: Then we decide what change, if any, to make, and whether to publish a First PWD.
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RRSAgent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate ht
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