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Feature: SPARQL/Update

SPARQL/Update provides an update language for RDF datasets with a SPARQL-inspired syntax.

Feature description

SPARQL/Update Submission.


See the submission.

Existing Implementation(s)

Virtuoso : Extensions_Proposed_By_OpenLink#Updates.


Existing Specification / Documentation

SPARQL/Update, A language for updating RDF graphs


A list of issues surrounding update, and in particular its compatibility with features in the update lanugage can be found here: UpdateIssues

Links to postponed Issues

Issue 'update'.

Related Features


  • (this bullet is reserved for Andy, he was the first)
  • OpenLink
  • Kjetil Kjernsmo, Computas AS. We are using SPARQL Update in delivered applications.

Use cases

Please add a page to Category:UpdateUseCases for each Use Case.