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Device APIs Working Group Implementation Status

This document includes Implementation data regarding the W3C's DAP Specifications.

Disclaimers regarding the data in this document:

  • The contents of this document are subject to change without warning.
  • Neither the W3C nor the DAP Working Group has verified the data in this document.
  • Implementations cited in this document may or may not implement the latest version of the related specification.

Please send reports of other implementations, corrections, and related information to

Recommendation Track Deliverables

This section contains implementations that the group plans to use for interop testing as defined in the Success Criteria section of the group Charter.

For pointers to the specifications below, please refer to the Roadmap.

Battery Status API

W3C Candidate Recommendation 08 May 2012:

HTML Media Capture

W3C Candidate Recommendation 09 May 2013:

Media Stream Recording

  • TBD

Media Capture and Streams

  • TBD

MediaStream Image Capture

  • TBD

Ambient Light Events

W3C Candidate Recommendation 01 October 2013:

Proximity Events

W3C Candidate Recommendation 01 October 2013:

Vibration API

W3C Last Call Working Draft 11 February 2014:

W3C Candidate Recommendation 23 July 2013:

  • Firefox (Gecko) - needs to be confirmed whether the implementation is as per the CR or the latest LCWD

Network Service Discovery

  • TBD

Other Resources

Active Work

This section includes pointers to implementations related to the specification that may not conform to the spec, are partial, or just related.

Shelved Work

This section contains resources related to specifications that have been shelved.