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ISSUE-149 (edit) CLOSED handling of long vibration list - truncate or no vibration at all 2013-09-04 Vibration API 0
ISSUE-150 (edit) CLOSED Should vibration be additive when multiple instances, e.g. iframes 2013-09-04 Vibration API 0
ISSUE-171 (edit) RAISED Returning false if vibration hardware is not present or using hasVibration? (prefer promises) 2016-01-19 Vibration API 0
ISSUE-146 (edit) POSTPONED Add vibration strength control 2013-08-22 Vibration API 0
ISSUE-152 (edit) POSTPONED Vibration API events start/pause/resume/cancel and status listener start/pause/resume/cancel/finish 2013-10-02 Vibration API 0
ISSUE-155 (edit) POSTPONED Enable Feature Detection 2013-10-10 Vibration API 0
ISSUE-156 (edit) POSTPONED add the [Clamp] attribute to the argument of the vibrate method 2013-10-22 Vibration API 0

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