Editorial Resources


A WG must publish its documents in accordance with the W3C Publication Rules. At heart, that is just some HTML with specific constraints. However maintaining the basics of a document can be cumbersome, so that tools have sprung up to help with the work of editing specifications.

This is a tool by Robin Berjon that allows one to edit some very simple HTML with almost nothing specific, and to view it in the browser without having to run an extra external tool (it uses Javascript). It has specialised support for WebIDL (in development).
The approach of the ancients. Recommended if you think that SGML was great and all those kids are doing today is reinventing Architectural Forms, badly.
CSS3 Module PostProcessor
A simple HTML-based processor that will generate ToCs and a limited number of cross-references.
Some extensions on top of the Bert Bos processor. This tools is slightly broken in that its output needs to be munged further to make it PubRules okay, but is otherwise fine.
A useful toolbox, notably in Web IDL generation, but poorly documented.
Whichever way that makes the editor happy and productive is, at the end of the day, fine. But keep in mind that editors change and have to take over from one another — so think of who comes next.