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logging to
12:51:15 [steph]
zakim, this will be MW4D
12:51:15 [Zakim]
ok, steph; I see MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM scheduled to start in 9 minutes
12:51:35 [steph]
Meeting:MW4D IG bi-monthly meeting
12:51:45 [steph]
12:51:52 [steph]
12:51:56 [steph]
present: steph
12:52:07 [steph]
Scribe: steph
12:58:35 [steph]
zakim, coe ?
12:58:35 [Zakim]
I don't understand your question, steph.
12:58:38 [steph]
zakim, code ?
12:58:38 [Zakim]
the conference code is 6493 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), steph
12:58:41 [Zakim]
MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM has now started
12:58:48 [Zakim]
13:00:05 [betty]
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13:01:20 [Zakim]
13:01:50 [steph]
betty, is it you on line ?
13:01:53 [Zakim]
13:02:17 [betty]
Yup. It's Betty.
13:02:59 [betty]
I need to check the microphone.
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13:04:58 [steph]
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13:06:05 [Zakim]
+ +999976aaaa
13:06:16 [steph]
zakim, aaaa is Arun
13:06:16 [Zakim]
+Arun; got it
13:06:26 [Zakim]
+ +31.31.2799.aabb
13:06:34 [steph]
zakim, aabb is renjish
13:06:34 [Zakim]
+renjish; got it
13:06:39 [steph]
13:06:42 [steph]
13:06:47 [steph]
13:07:41 [Zakim]
13:07:52 [Zakim]
13:07:55 [steph]
zakim, ??P3 is Betty
13:07:55 [Zakim]
+Betty; got it
13:08:06 [steph]
zakim, ??P4 is Ken*
13:08:06 [Zakim]
+Ken*; got it
13:08:11 [steph]
13:08:43 [steph]
13:08:58 [steph]
Topic: approval of last meeting minutes
13:09:10 [steph]
13:09:30 [steph]
13:09:44 [steph]
Topic: update on roadmap publication
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13:10:56 [steph]
13:11:11 [steph]
13:11:21 [steph]
republished as dec 8 with pdf version
13:12:06 [steph]
13:13:14 [steph]
13:13:34 [steph]
Topic: discussion on the future of MW4D
13:14:40 [steph]
renjish: extension ?
13:14:55 [steph]
steph: yes the group has been extended till of february
13:18:53 [steph]
steph: current charter til the end of feb and then new charter for another 12 months
13:19:07 [steph]
13:25:28 [ArunKumar]
13:25:56 [steph]
ken: ok pretty good
13:26:28 [steph]
you did a great great job
13:26:36 [steph]
ack arunkumar
13:26:55 [steph]
arun: 2 things missing
13:27:16 [steph]
how do we link with the goals of the Web Foundation
13:27:47 [steph]
what is the concrete outcome we are expecting
13:30:50 [nicolas]
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13:31:39 [nicolas]
hi all, nicolas here, will follow via IRC
13:32:14 [steph]
hi nicolas
13:34:50 [steph]
renhish: add value to what exists already
13:35:01 [steph]
13:35:13 [steph]
renjish: what is our goal exactly
13:38:10 [steph]
steph: objectives not a repository but a landscaoe analysis
13:38:17 [steph]
renjish: should be clarified
13:38:36 [steph]
we should mention it somethwere
13:38:43 [steph]
avoid discussion that there is nothing new
13:39:02 [steph]
differencing information from insight
13:39:27 [steph]
ken: we should clarify exactly how we differ from others
13:39:43 [steph]
should be clear how we differentiate
13:40:13 [steph]
ken: analysis of the landscape and decide how to measure them
13:40:18 [kiwanja]
13:41:20 [steph]
few people answering the poll
13:41:50 [steph]
this would open the domain
13:42:02 [steph]
not sure you would get cooperation from others
13:42:08 [betty]
13:42:22 [steph]
13:42:25 [steph]
ack betty
13:42:29 [steph]
betty: agreed
13:42:35 [betty]
How to grow & maintain community of MW4D application developers & other actors. Most of them may not join the MW4D group. How to encourage them to share their knowledge. Ken is very good at it :) But developers in developing countries tend not to write documentation. If they write, they usually write in their mother tongues, which are mostly not well-known la
13:42:41 [kiwanja]
(sorry, didn't add myself to the queue!)
13:42:54 [kiwanja]
13:43:22 [steph]
betty: issue people are not joining
13:43:31 [kiwanja]
not everyone joins MW4D group, so we need to bring others in somehow
13:43:58 [kiwanja]
not all mobile/development people are good at sharing and explaining their work
13:44:11 [kiwanja]
(both via betty)
13:44:45 [kiwanja]
i think we need to figure out how me motivate people to engage - what's in it for them? etc
13:45:34 [kiwanja]
may also need to engage users, rather than just developers/development 'experts'
13:45:46 [kiwanja]
(via steph)
13:46:00 [steph]
ken: motivation is key
13:46:26 [steph]
not that much group which are successfull
13:46:29 [nicolas]
might be also in the way we develop these apps (co-design, co-creation)
13:46:37 [steph]
even mobileactive, lots of follower few contributors
13:46:49 [steph]
no real successful community
13:47:39 [kiwanja]
13:47:43 [kiwanja]
13:47:49 [steph]
ack steph
13:48:04 [kiwanja]
13:48:09 [steph]
ack ken
13:48:15 [steph]
ack kiwanja
13:49:25 [kiwanja]
13:49:31 [steph]
ken: very few people are publicly meeting
13:49:58 [nicolas2]
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13:50:35 [steph]
ken: nobody is supporting it
13:50:45 [steph]
so it collapses
13:50:56 [steph]
only technical community are active
13:51:03 [kiwanja]
13:51:42 [steph]
this is where your go for support
13:51:46 [steph]
or getting info
13:52:05 [steph]
ken: mobile community
13:52:16 [steph]
how active it is is the point
13:52:49 [steph]
building a community around tools better than around mobile
13:54:00 [steph]
renjish: a discussion forum might be better
13:54:29 [steph]
maybe people woulod be more active
13:54:54 [steph]
having more than 10 people to contribute
13:55:10 [steph]
is a challenge
13:55:15 [kiwanja]
the best forums put out controversial subjects which then encourages people to argue their point. general discussions have little motivation for many people...
13:55:26 [steph]
good to have a better involvment of the people on the mailig-list
13:55:27 [kiwanja]
13:55:39 [steph]
ken: agreed
13:56:11 [kiwanja]
13:57:19 [steph]
renjish: critical mass needed to create value to the discussion
13:57:38 [steph]
ken: look at others how they work
13:58:35 [steph]
ken: you have to be provocative
13:59:17 [kiwanja]
14:00:43 [steph]
renjish: coming to the community with discussions
14:00:54 [steph]
not being informative only
14:01:41 [steph]
lively debate on the phone
14:01:44 [betty]
14:01:56 [betty]
Motivation to keep a community alive: provide specific technical supports, be provocative or controversial.
14:02:12 [steph]
rrsagent, make log public
14:02:56 [nicolas2]
extend also to non-technical topics? business model? scaling up strategy?
14:03:32 [steph]
Topic: NExt meeting
14:03:42 [betty]
Jan 4 will be OK.
14:03:42 [Renjish]
14:03:44 [steph]
January 4
14:03:45 [ArunKumar]
Fine with me
14:03:48 [nicolas2]
14:04:09 [betty]
Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holiday :)
14:04:22 [ArunKumar]
New Year and Merry Christmas to all !
14:04:22 [Zakim]
14:04:24 [ArunKumar]
14:04:25 [Zakim]
14:04:27 [Renjish]
wishing all a very happy xmas and new year 2010
14:04:28 [Zakim]
14:04:28 [Renjish]
14:04:29 [betty]
14:04:33 [steph]
Nicolas: feel free to send a mail to the list
14:04:34 [Zakim]
14:04:42 [steph]
with some ideas along the lines you mentionned
14:04:48 [nicolas2]
14:04:54 [steph]
(buseiness model, scaling up)
14:04:56 [steph]
14:05:02 [steph]
we could discuss it during next conf
14:05:10 [steph]
rrsagent, make minutes
14:05:10 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate steph
14:05:11 [nicolas2]
will do
14:05:21 [Zakim]
14:05:23 [Zakim]
MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM has ended
14:05:24 [Zakim]
Attendees were steph, +999976aaaa, Arun, +31.31.2799.aabb, renjish, Betty, Ken*
14:05:25 [kiwanja]
joyeaux noel steph!
14:05:41 [steph]
joyeux noel !
14:06:02 [nicolas2]
de meme a l'annee prochaine
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