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Scribe: Art
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ScribeNick: ArtB
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14:01:46 [ArtB]
Meeting: Widgets Voice Conference
14:01:47 [ArtB]
Date: 17 December 2009
14:01:49 [ArtB]
Chair: Art
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Regrets: Marcin
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Present: Art, Arve, Josh, Marcos, Frederick, AndyB
14:03:26 [ArtB]
Topic: Review and tweak agenda
14:03:35 [ArtB]
AB: yesterday I submitted the draft agenda for today ( ). The meeting will end at the end of this hour at the latest. Any change requests?
14:04:11 [ArtB]
[ no ]
14:04:17 [ArtB]
Topic: Announcements
14:04:24 [ArtB]
AB: the only announcement I have is the next call is 7 January 2010. Any other short annoucements?
14:04:47 [ArtB]
AB: any others?
14:04:49 [ArtB]
[ no ]
14:05:06 [ArtB]
Topic: Widget DigSig spec: test suite status
14:05:21 [ArtB]
AB: the Test Suite wiki ( ) contains some info about DigSig. What is the status of the DigSig test suite?
14:05:35 [Zakim]
14:06:03 [ArtB]
MC: I have not been working on it
14:06:08 [ArtB]
... Kai and Dom started
14:06:19 [ArtB]
... but they haven't done anything in the last two months
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14:06:40 [ArtB]
AB: does any anticipate participating in this test suite?
14:06:54 [ArtB]
MC: yes; expect Opera to contribute tests next year
14:07:02 [ArtB]
... but there is a lot of work to do
14:07:12 [ArtB]
... must go thru ever assertion in the spec
14:07:17 [ArtB]
... and create a test case
14:07:43 [ArtB]
... Not sure how much has been done by Kai and Dom
14:07:59 [ArtB]
... perhaps they have discussed it in the MWTS WG
14:08:38 [ArtB]
... The spec isn't written the same way P&C is so it's a bit more work to generate test assertions
14:09:03 [ArtB]
ACTION: barstow to follow-up with MWTS WG re the Widget DigSig test suite re their plans, status, etc.
14:09:04 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-471 - Follow-up with MWTS WG re the Widget DigSig test suite re their plans, status, etc. [on Arthur Barstow - due 2009-12-24].
14:09:45 [Zakim]
14:10:06 [ArtB]
AB: I'll plan to provide an update re MWTS on Jan 7
14:10:14 [ArtB]
MC: I'll also follow-up with Kai
14:10:21 [ArtB]
Present+ Robin
14:10:40 [ArtB]
AB: anyone else on DigSig test suite for today?
14:10:48 [ArtB]
Topic: Widget DigSig spec: implementation status
14:11:00 [ArtB]
AB: the Implementation wiki ( ) contains some info about DigSig. Is there any other Public info about DigSig implementations we can add?
14:11:58 [ArtB]
AB: is there anything else to add here?
14:12:04 [ArtB]
[ silence ]
14:12:15 [fjh]
what do we need to do with andreas?
14:12:25 [ArtB]
AB: anything else on this topic for today?
14:12:35 [ArtB]
FH: I think Andreas is asking for some help
14:12:41 [ArtB]
... he is looking for a CA
14:12:49 [ArtB]
... perhaps there is some process that needs to start
14:13:01 [ArtB]
... I'm not quite sure how W3C would work with him
14:13:26 [ArtB]
AB: is there anything from previoius XML DigSig interop that can be used?
14:13:36 [ArtB]
FH: just use openssl
14:13:49 [ArtB]
... perhaps he can move his stuff into the WG's space
14:14:06 [ArtB]
MC: have you looked at Andreas' work?
14:14:18 [ArtB]
FH: perhaps he's just offering the service
14:14:29 [ArtB]
... and we need to wait for another impl
14:15:17 [ArtB]
ACTION: barstow respond to the 21-Oct-2009 email from Andreas re Widget Dig Sig
14:15:17 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-472 - Respond to the 21-Oct-2009 email from Andreas re Widget Dig Sig [on Arthur Barstow - due 2009-12-24].
14:16:09 [ArtB]
AB: anything else on DigSig for today?
14:16:11 [ArtB]
[ no ]
14:16:27 [ArtB]
Topic: URI spec: status of LC comments
14:16:40 [ArtB]
AB: comment tracking document is ( ). What is the status of Larry Masinter's replies to your responses Robin?
14:17:04 [ArtB]
RB: LM has accepted 1 clearly
14:17:10 [ArtB]
... not replied to some
14:17:27 [ArtB]
... a few appear to be disagreements and I replied to those
14:18:05 [ArtB]
AB: I suspect we may not get closure here until January; is that your take too?
14:18:17 [ArtB]
RB: yes. We need more discussion.
14:18:28 [ArtB]
AB: anything you need from the WG?
14:18:32 [ArtB]
RB: nothing specific
14:18:39 [ArtB]
... everyone should feel to respond
14:18:50 [darobin]
s/feel/feel free/
14:19:13 [ArtB]
AB: anyone have any comments about the exchanges so far?
14:19:15 [ArtB]
[ no ]
14:19:25 [ArtB]
Topic: URI spec: scheme registration
14:19:34 [ArtB]
AB: Robin, what's the status of registering the widget: URI scheme?
14:20:05 [ArtB]
RB: I believe we should wait until we are in CR before making the registration request
14:20:11 [ArtB]
... must have a stable spec
14:20:23 [ArtB]
... We will have some process to follow
14:20:34 [ArtB]
... specific mail list for discussion in IETF, etc.
14:20:50 [ArtB]
... I had hoped there was a "fast track" for scheme registration but there isn't
14:21:18 [ArtB]
AB: your proposal to wait until CR before making the registration request makes sense to me
14:21:40 [ArtB]
... so that will be our Plan of Record
14:21:47 [ArtB]
AB: anything else on this topic?
14:21:50 [ArtB]
[ no ]
14:22:06 [ArtB]
Topic: View Modes Media Features spec
14:22:26 [ArtB]
AB: one or two calls ago, Marcos mentioned a document by VF re the VM-MF spec ( ). What is the status of this spec vis-a-vis the WG?
14:23:10 [ArtB]
RB: this was developed as a suggestion
14:23:11 [Zakim]
+ +1.452.9.aacc
14:23:24 [ArtB]
... I think we should consider it as a WG input
14:23:35 [ArtB]
... we should accept what make sense
14:23:43 [ArtB]
... it comes from people that are using the technology
14:23:55 [ArtB]
... so it is based on real use case
14:24:02 [ArtB]
... think it's a good input
14:24:16 [ArtB]
... so I am in favor of integrating it
14:24:52 [ArtB]
AB: is the idea the interfaces would be added to the VM-MF spec?
14:25:05 [ArtB]
RB: no, I think those interfaces should be considered for VM-I
14:25:19 [ArtB]
... those interfaces are pretty simple
14:25:25 [ArtB]
... think we could add them to VM-I
14:25:56 [ArtB]
AB: clear message for the group is that this input is for both the VM-MF and VM-I specs
14:26:40 [ArtB]
AB: not sure how we want to handle this process-wise
14:27:00 [ArtB]
... if people don't comment otherwise, the Editors should feel free to take the good stuff
14:27:05 [ArtB]
... is this about right?
14:27:06 [ArtB]
RB: yes
14:27:21 [ArtB]
MC: yes; it's an input for discussion
14:27:38 [ArtB]
... we need to evaluate the input
14:27:56 [ArtB]
... it is indeed based on real use cases
14:28:15 [ArtB]
... yes, we should target them at the right specs
14:28:41 [ArtB]
AB: an action for everyone to review that input by Jan 7
14:29:11 [ArtB]
ACTION: barstow follow-up on the VF VM-MF thread and ask people to submit comments on the proposal
14:29:11 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-473 - Follow-up on the VF VM-MF thread and ask people to submit comments on the proposal [on Arthur Barstow - due 2009-12-24].
14:29:51 [ArtB]
AB: anything else on view modes for today?
14:29:53 [ArtB]
[ no ]
14:29:59 [ArtB]
Topic: Updates spec
14:30:08 [ArtB]
AB: last week Marcos said he was planning to have the Updates spec ready for a new WD publication and it would include all of the PAG's recommendation. Marcos, what's the status?
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14:30:35 [ArtB]
MC: I've done a lot of work on it but it isn't ready yet
14:30:51 [ArtB]
... still trying to work about some of the model
14:31:01 [ArtB]
... Robin and I have had some offlist discussions
14:31:19 [ArtB]
... One issue is where updates are done i.e. local disk or just from the Web
14:31:30 [ArtB]
... perhaps each should model should have its own spec
14:32:06 [ArtB]
MC: currently, the spec just covers updates over HTTP and a local storage medium
14:32:17 [ArtB]
... thinking about changing the scope to only cover the HTTP case
14:32:39 [ArtB]
AB: any comments about that?
14:32:54 [ArtB]
... I will need to get some internal feedback
14:33:22 [ArtB]
... but wrt the publication issue, I have no problem with delaying publication until we think we are ready
14:34:18 [ArtB]
MC: we've only done a FPWD so it's still not very well fleshed out
14:34:40 [ArtB]
... would prefer to have something more concrete before making a new pub
14:34:44 [ArtB]
AB: that's OK with me
14:35:14 [ArtB]
AB: so we can expect a proposal from you in early January?
14:35:17 [ArtB]
MC: yes
14:35:33 [ArtB]
AB: anything else on this spec for today?
14:35:37 [ArtB]
[ no ]
14:35:43 [ArtB]
Topic: AOB
14:36:08 [darobin]
14:36:48 [ArtB]
AB: any topics for AOB?
14:36:53 [ArtB]
AB: I don't have
14:37:00 [ArtB]
Present+ Benoit
14:37:27 [ArtB]
BS: as I mentioned to some of you already, I am changing jobs at Orange
14:37:39 [ArtB]
... consequently, I will not attend widget calls anymore
14:37:53 [ArtB]
... I am not sure yet who will be a permanent replacement
14:38:03 [ArtB]
... but we have identified a temporary replacement
14:38:38 [ArtB]
RB: we will miss you!
14:38:45 [timeless_mbp]
yeah, we'll miss you
14:38:52 [ArtB]
AB: thanks very much for your participation Benoit!
14:39:05 [ArtB]
... best of luck in your new job!
14:39:15 [ArtB]
BS: Best of Luck to you to get the specs DONE!
14:39:23 [ArtB]
Arve: yes, good luck Benoit
14:39:36 [ArtB]
AB: happy holidays and happy new year
14:39:48 [ArtB]
... Thanks very much for a very production 2009!
14:40:00 [ArtB]
BS: yes, it was a very productive year
14:40:14 [ArtB]
RB: we'll finish everything next year!
14:40:51 [timeless_mbp]
14:40:57 [Marcos]
14:41:21 [Zakim]
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14:41:22 [ArtB]
AB: meeting adjourned!
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ACTION: barstow respond to the 21-Oct-2009 email from Andreas re Widget Dig Sig [2]
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ACTION: barstow follow-up on the VF VM-MF thread and ask people to submit comments on the proposal [3]
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