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Meeting: Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 16 December 2009
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 3724 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), jackjansen
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regrets: raphael, michael
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10:05:48 [erik]
scribe: jack
10:07:37 [jackjansen]
topic: 1 admin
10:07:55 [Zakim]
10:08:01 [jackjansen]
erik: accept minutes
10:08:12 [jackjansen]
erik: postpone f2f discussion until next call
10:08:16 [erik]
10:08:49 [silvia]
10:08:54 [Yves]
10:08:57 [jackjansen]
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10:09:32 [jackjansen]
topic: 2 specification
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10:10:43 [jackjansen]
erik: first details as pointed out by Thierry
10:10:53 [jackjansen]
Yves: don't worry, I will do that.
10:11:01 [Yves]
10:11:01 [jackjansen]
... boilerplate, uri, etc.
10:11:57 [jackjansen]
... have also communicated with Philippe
10:12:49 [jackjansen]
erik: I will send draft email (to chairs), please comment
10:13:22 [jackjansen]
Thierry: that email can go out next morning
10:13:25 [jackjansen]
erik: ok
10:13:30 [silvia]
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10:13:57 [jackjansen]
erik: that is spec document. How about note?
10:14:16 [jackjansen]
Thierry: much simpler, already exists, so no transition needed
10:15:04 [Yves]
10:15:06 [jackjansen]
... But need to cater for pubrules, there are currently soe broken URIs.
10:15:10 [Yves]
10:15:59 [jackjansen]
erik: ok, I will take care of it.
10:16:22 [silvia]
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10:16:24 [jackjansen]
erik: On to the spec. Silvia, can you explain section 5?
10:16:57 [davy]
10:18:22 [jackjansen]
silvia: goes over section naming and content (for 5.1)
10:18:41 [Yves]
I would note that error handling might get in the way of future upgrades/other use of similar syntax
10:19:09 [jackjansen]
... 5.2 has more substantial changes, is now in line with section 3
10:20:25 [jackjansen]
10:21:10 [conrad]
yes i have lots of issues but i won't delay publication with them, they can wait for a future revision
10:21:17 [jackjansen]
... Finally 5.3 is in sync with 3.5
10:21:47 [jackjansen]
... 5.3 needs work, but this should delay publication
10:23:53 [jackjansen]
erik: are the ABNF errors fixed?
10:24:13 [silvia]
npttime = ( 1*DIGIT [ "." 1*DIGIT ] [timeunit] ) /
10:24:14 [silvia]
( 1*DIGIT ":" 2DIGIT ":" 2DIGIT [ "." 1*DIGIT] )
10:24:32 [silvia]
"." 1*DIGIT -> RTSP: "." *DIGIT
10:25:07 [Yves]
the change can wait after publication
10:25:15 [jackjansen]
silvia: I think it is fixed
10:25:29 [Yves]
we need to check other definitions as well
10:26:04 [davy]
FYI:, section 3.6
10:27:08 [Yves]
agree with Jack section 5.3 is just not needed. It's a normal GET on a URI
10:28:10 [Yves]
ah jack was talking about 5.1.3
10:30:05 [silvia]
zakim, mute me
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10:30:06 [davy]
I agree with Jack too
10:30:18 [jackjansen]
jack: hates 5.1.3, handling of over-specified dimensions
10:30:40 [jackjansen]
yves: agrees.
10:31:41 [jackjansen]
jack: should we add a note to this section, saying that we are rethinking this section?
10:31:44 [silvia]
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10:31:46 [jackjansen]
yves: can do.
10:33:05 [silvia]
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10:33:33 [jackjansen]
silvia: ok, will add a note that this is contentious.
10:33:52 [jackjansen]
erik: more comments?
10:33:53 [jackjansen]
10:34:14 [jackjansen]
yves: some issues with header syntax
10:34:34 [tmichel]
Sylvia, let me know when you are done with the editing. Then We freeze the document.
10:34:43 [jackjansen]
... but: difficult to do without f2f
10:35:12 [jackjansen]
conrad: Silvia, Davy and me are going to be at ??? in NZ in January
10:35:25 [davy]
10:35:28 [conrad]
10:36:13 [jackjansen]
erik: conrad, comments on state of the document?
10:36:20 [jackjansen]
conrad: nothing in particular
10:36:49 [jackjansen]
erik: should we have a f2f soon?
10:36:52 [jackjansen]
yves: yes
10:37:12 [jackjansen]
eri: action points
10:37:40 [davy]
10:37:40 [trackbot]
ACTION-123 -- Yves Lafon to come up with ABNF for header syntax -- due 2009-12-09 -- OPEN
10:37:40 [trackbot]
10:38:36 [jackjansen]
Yves: keep 123 open for now
10:38:47 [jackjansen]
erik: 123 can close
10:38:55 [jackjansen]
close ACTION-124
10:38:56 [trackbot]
ACTION-124 Rework section 5 according to Raphael's restructuration plan due 2009-12-15 closed
10:39:02 [jackjansen]
erik: and 125 is still open
10:39:24 [jackjansen]
topic: 2.1 MF URI Syntax
10:39:38 [jackjansen]
TOPIC: 2.1 MF URI Syntax
10:40:23 [jackjansen]
action: Yves to follow up on error in ABFN for npt
10:40:23 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-126 - Follow up on error in ABFN for npt [on Yves Lafon - due 2009-12-23].
10:40:37 [Yves]
s/error/misalignment with RTSP/
10:41:39 [jackjansen]
erik: skipping topic 2.2, done or postponed
10:41:57 [jackjansen]
TOPIC: 2.3 MF processing
10:42:29 [jackjansen]
erik: also skipping, either done or postponed
10:42:52 [jackjansen]
TOPIC: 2.4 Discovery of 'Track' and 'Named' fragment
10:44:31 [jackjansen]
Davy: did a quick implementation to experiment.
10:44:47 [jackjansen]
... but: agree with mailinglist comments that we don't need to standardise this
10:44:59 [silvia]
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10:45:57 [jackjansen]
silvia: Something like ROE is needed
10:45:59 [jackjansen]
10:47:11 [davy]
10:47:22 [silvia]
zakim, mute me
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10:47:57 [Yves]
+1 to jack
10:48:05 [silvia]
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10:48:19 [jackjansen]
jack: don't want to discuss merits of ROE right now, but think it's outside our charter
10:48:59 [silvia]
zakim, mute me
10:48:59 [Zakim]
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10:49:07 [jackjansen]
silvia: agrees. But should point out it exists
10:49:33 [jackjansen]
davy: agrees.
10:50:13 [jackjansen]
... Clients could also use Media Annotations work to interface to it
10:50:26 [jackjansen]
10:50:28 [davy]
10:51:00 [silvia]
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10:51:37 [jackjansen]
erik: Jack, did you write up on distinction?
10:51:44 [jackjansen]
jaack: uhm...
10:51:58 [jackjansen]
silvia: I think that was never intended. Just reaction to my post.
10:52:03 [silvia]
zakim, mute me
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10:52:05 [jackjansen]
erik: ok, let's close this then
10:52:13 [jackjansen]
10:52:29 [jackjansen]
TOPIC: 3.5 Handling of 'Track' and 'ID':
10:52:36 [silvia]
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10:53:18 [jackjansen]
silvia: COnrad suggests handling track an id completely different from rest.
10:53:27 [jackjansen]
... I don't agree.
10:54:18 [jackjansen]
I have given an example. I think this issue is contentious, need to discuss.
10:55:18 [jackjansen]
silvia: I have given an example. I think this issue is contentious, need to discuss.
10:55:35 [jackjansen]
... There is an ednote at the end of section 5.2.2 poitning this out
10:55:45 [jackjansen]
10:55:57 [jackjansen]
Conrad: I won't block pub on this
10:56:29 [silvia]
zakim, mute me
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10:56:29 [jackjansen]
TOPIC: Publication of first public draft
10:56:33 [Yves]
10:56:38 [silvia]
10:56:39 [erik]
10:56:40 [conrad]
10:56:41 [jackjansen]
erik: does the group agree that we want to publish the first public draft?
10:56:45 [jackjansen]
10:56:45 [davy]
10:56:51 [tmichel]
Resolution: The Media Frag WG agrees (with no objections) to Publish Media Fragments 1.0 to First Public WD.
10:57:17 [jackjansen]
erik: does the group agree we puibpish the use cases document?
10:57:19 [conrad]
10:57:20 [silvia]
10:57:23 [davy]
10:57:25 [jackjansen]
10:57:27 [erik]
10:57:28 [jackjansen]
10:57:34 [tmichel]
Resolution: The Media Frag WG agrees (with no objections) to publish Use cases and requirements for Media Fragments, to Ordinary WD.
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10:58:07 [jackjansen]
erik: ok, thank you all!
10:58:21 [silvia]
one sec
10:58:25 [jackjansen]
... Only thing left to do is two little adjustments by Silvia
10:59:13 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate Yves
10:59:26 [silvia] has conrad's fragment objection now as an ed note
10:59:30 [silvia]
editing finished
10:59:41 [jackjansen]
silvia: no more:-)
10:59:42 [tmichel]
Very good thanks Sylvia
10:59:48 [silvia]
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11:00:00 [Yves]
Present: Erik, Jack_Jansen, Thierry, Yves, silvia, Conrad
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11:00:20 [jackjansen]
erik: ok,thanks everyone, happy new year, see you next year!
11:00:38 [Yves]
Chair: Erik
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11:01:05 [Zakim]
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11:01:13 [Zakim]
11:01:14 [Zakim]
IA_MFWG()5:00AM has ended
11:01:16 [Zakim]
Attendees were Erik, Jack_Jansen, Thierry, Yves, silvia, [IPcaller]
11:02:49 [davy]
Present+ Davy
11:03:17 [erik]
Present+ Conrad
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zakim, please part
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