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logging to
16:00:28 [ChrisW]
zakim, this will be rif
16:00:29 [Zakim]
I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, ChrisW
16:00:40 [ChrisW]
zakim, this is rif
16:00:41 [Zakim]
sorry, ChrisW, I do not see a conference named 'rif' in progress or scheduled at this time
16:01:12 [sandro]
16:01:28 [sandro]
zakim, this will be rif?
16:01:28 [Zakim]
I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, sandro
16:01:33 [sandro]
zakim, this is rif?
16:01:33 [Zakim]
sorry, sandro, I do not see a conference named 'rif?' in progress or scheduled at this time
16:01:42 [ChrisW]
uh oh
16:01:45 [sandro]
16:01:47 [ChrisW]
zakim, room for 10?
16:01:49 [Zakim]
ok, ChrisW; conference Team_(rif)16:01Z scheduled with code 7431 (RIF1) for 60 minutes until 1701Z; however, please note that capacity is now overbooked
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16:02:48 [Zakim]
Team_(rif)16:01Z has now started
16:02:54 [Zakim]
16:03:06 [ChrisW]
we are on #7431 dave
16:03:26 [ChrisW]
zakim, ibm is temporarily me
16:03:58 [ChrisW]
16:04:01 [ChrisW]
16:04:01 [LeoraMorgenstern]
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16:04:19 [ChrisW]
leora, we are at 7431# today
16:04:25 [Zakim]
+ChrisW; got it
16:05:00 [LeoraMorgenstern]
Oh, the password is different?
16:05:30 [ChrisW]
Meeting: RIF Telecon 8-Dec-2009
16:05:38 [ChrisW]
Chair: Chris Welty
16:06:02 [Zakim]
16:06:03 [Zakim]
16:06:05 [Zakim]
16:06:20 [ChrisW]
zakim, ipcaller is LeoraMorgenstern
16:06:41 [Zakim]
+LeoraMorgenstern; got it
16:07:01 [sandro]
Chris, I got the regular passcode working. Shall we switch over?
16:07:14 [ChrisW]
16:07:32 [Zakim]
16:07:39 [Zakim]
16:07:40 [Zakim]
Team_(rif)16:01Z has ended
16:07:42 [Zakim]
Attendees were ChrisW, LeoraMorgenstern
16:08:06 [sandro]
zakim, this is rif
16:08:06 [Zakim]
ok, sandro; that matches SW_RIF()11:00AM
16:08:19 [ChrisW]
zakim, who is on the phone?
16:08:19 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Sandro, [IBM], ??P4
16:08:28 [ChrisW]
zakim, ibm is temporarily me
16:08:28 [Zakim]
+ChrisW; got it
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16:08:54 [Zakim]
16:08:54 [ChrisW]
zakim, ??p4 is josb
16:08:55 [Zakim]
+josb; got it
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16:09:15 [sandro]
zakim, who is one the call?
16:09:15 [Zakim]
I don't understand your question, sandro.
16:09:20 [sandro]
zakim, who is talking?
16:09:23 [Zakim]
16:09:34 [Zakim]
sandro, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: ChrisW (25%)
16:09:50 [Zakim]
+ +1.503.533.aaaa
16:10:02 [Gary]
zakim, aaaa is me
16:10:03 [Zakim]
+Gary; got it
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16:10:14 [Zakim]
16:10:38 [ChrisW]
zakim, ??p32 is LeoraMorgenstern
16:10:38 [Zakim]
+LeoraMorgenstern; got it
16:10:41 [Zakim]
+ +1.631.833.aabb
16:10:52 [MichaelKifer]
zakim, aabb is me
16:10:52 [Zakim]
+MichaelKifer; got it
16:10:59 [LeoraMorgenstern]
zakim, mute me
16:10:59 [Zakim]
LeoraMorgenstern should now be muted
16:11:38 [ChrisW]
scribe: Gary
16:11:50 [ChrisW]
rrsagent, make minutes public
16:11:50 [RRSAgent]
I'm logging. I don't understand 'make minutes public', ChrisW. Try /msg RRSAgent help
16:11:58 [ChrisW]
rrsagent, make logs public
16:12:26 [ChrisW]
Last meeting minutes:
16:12:34 [ChrisW]
Proposed: accept last meeting minutes
16:12:41 [ChrisW]
Resolved: accept last meeting minutes
16:12:59 [ChrisW]
TOPIC: Liason
16:13:18 [ChrisW]
TOPIC: Action Review
16:13:37 [josb]
16:13:45 [ChrisW]
close action-955
16:13:45 [trackbot]
ACTION-955 Contact Adrian Marte at STI2 about test cases and DTB support closed
16:14:15 [Zakim]
16:14:52 [sandro]
zakim, ipcaller is Dave_Reynolds
16:14:52 [Zakim]
+Dave_Reynolds; got it
16:15:02 [sandro]
indeed, we didn't hear anything. :-(
16:15:32 [Gary]
close action-939
16:15:32 [trackbot]
ACTION-939 Draft reply to public comment CD3 closed
16:15:41 [josb]
16:16:01 [ChrisW]
TOPIC: Public Comments
16:16:14 [ChrisW]
16:16:31 [csma]
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16:17:47 [ChrisW]
csma, are you coming to the call?
16:18:00 [csma]
yes, trying to call in
16:19:12 [Zakim]
16:20:39 [ChrisW]
action: csma to send cd3
16:20:40 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-957 - Send cd3 [on Christian de Sainte Marie - due 2009-12-15].
16:22:06 [josb]
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16:22:07 [ChrisW]
ack josb
16:22:34 [csma]
zakim, mute me
16:22:34 [Zakim]
sorry, csma, I do not know which phone connection belongs to you
16:22:48 [csma]
zakim, christian is me
16:22:48 [Zakim]
+csma; got it
16:22:50 [ChrisW]
action: josb to draft response to IH
16:22:50 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-958 - Draft response to IH [on Jos de Bruijn - due 2009-12-15].
16:22:55 [csma]
zakim, mute me
16:22:55 [Zakim]
csma should now be muted
16:24:02 [Gary]
chrisw: dave, did you respond to MS?
16:24:07 [ChrisW]
16:24:17 [ChrisW]
der are you still there?
16:25:35 [Gary]
... assumes Dave responded to MS
16:25:58 [Zakim]
16:26:07 [ChrisW]
TOPIC: Publication plan
16:26:08 [csma]
16:26:17 [csma]
zakim, unmute me
16:26:17 [Zakim]
csma should no longer be muted
16:27:21 [josb]
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16:28:05 [Gary]
csma: if we have another last call for PRD, what would be the schedule?
16:28:17 [DaveReynolds]
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16:28:53 [Zakim]
16:29:17 [Gary]
sandro: LC must be at least 3 weeks, can go from LC to CR, so can publish 2nd last call in Jan and "keep up" with the other specs
16:29:59 [sandro]
(was the sound okay when i was talking there?)
16:30:11 [DaveReynolds]
Yes, the Michael Schneider comments were the ones I responded to. He sent an "I am satisfied" response.
16:31:35 [Gary]
csma: not decided yet if the PRD refraction is a bug or requires a substantive change to the spec
16:32:05 [ChrisW]
TOPIC: XML syntax of import
16:32:09 [csma]
ack csma
16:32:17 [csma]
zakim, mute me
16:32:18 [Zakim]
csma should now be muted
16:33:43 [ChrisW]
TOPIC: implementations
16:33:48 [Gary]
michael: harold is in China and unavailable to discuss XML import
16:34:43 [ChrisW]
zakim, pick a victim
16:34:43 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose ChrisW
16:34:43 [csma]
currently doing the change on comments
16:34:46 [ChrisW]
zakim, pick a victim
16:34:46 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Sandro
16:34:53 [csma]
will do the update after
16:35:07 [csma]
zakim, unmute me
16:35:07 [Zakim]
csma should no longer be muted
16:35:37 [csma]
zakim, mute me
16:35:37 [Zakim]
csma should now be muted
16:36:01 [csma]
ack me
16:36:23 [csma]
zakim, mute me
16:36:23 [Zakim]
csma should now be muted
16:39:55 [Gary]
michael: will create a wiki page for FLD implementations
16:41:38 [Gary]
sandro: ensure style sheet for implementations is the basic one, not for W3C docs
16:41:45 [csma]
implementation page updated for ontobroker
16:42:09 [MichaelKifer]
Sandro, can you suggest the right style sheet?
16:42:50 [Gary]
chrisw: any impl of RDF or OWL import?
16:42:59 [Gary]
michael: silk probably supports RDF
16:43:33 [sandro]
MichaelKifer, this one should be good:
16:44:09 [ChrisW]
action: sandro to contact jderoo about rdf support in EYE
16:44:10 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-959 - Contact jderoo about rdf support in EYE [on Sandro Hawke - due 2009-12-15].
16:44:57 [Gary]
chrisw: need an OWL import implementation
16:45:59 [Zakim]
16:46:04 [sandro]
16:46:24 [Zakim]
16:46:59 [Gary]
chrisw: were there impl reports for OWL2 RL?
16:47:01 [sandro]
16:49:12 [Gary]
sandro: wiki shows Jena and Oracle have OWL RL impls
16:49:17 [ChrisW]
action: gary to contact Zhe Wu at oracle about whether the Oracle 11g Owl Reasoner could produce/consume RIF
16:49:17 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-960 - Contact Zhe Wu at oracle about whether the Oracle 11g Owl Reasoner could produce/consume RIF [on Gary Hallmark - due 2009-12-15].
16:50:18 [Gary]
gary: issue is the many many RIF builtins
16:52:27 [ChrisW]
TOPIC: Test cases
16:53:17 [csma]
zakim, unmute me
16:53:17 [Zakim]
csma should no longer be muted
16:54:26 [ChrisW]
16:58:44 [Gary]
chrisw: assertRetract test case is ok
16:58:53 [Gary]
csma: yes but it is strange
16:59:08 [Gary]
... would like some more time to decide about it
16:59:18 [csma]
16:59:41 [Zakim]
16:59:55 [csma]
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17:00:28 [ChrisW]
17:02:19 [DaveReynolds]
Looks OK to me.
17:03:17 [Gary]
looks ok to me, but I'm glad I don't have to implement full equality :-)
17:04:50 [ChrisW]
17:04:53 [sandro]
17:04:57 [DaveReynolds]
17:04:57 [ChrisW]
17:05:10 [LeoraMorgenstern]
17:05:14 [ChrisW]
17:05:59 [ChrisW]
17:06:56 [ChrisW]
17:07:02 [DaveReynolds]
17:07:09 [sandro]
17:07:21 [josb]
17:07:23 [ChrisW]
17:07:25 [LeoraMorgenstern]
17:09:09 [ChrisW]
17:10:23 [ChrisW]
PROPOSED: accept
17:10:27 [josb]
17:10:37 [ChrisW]
RESOLVED: accept
17:11:25 [ChrisW]
17:12:39 [LeoraMorgenstern]
What is is-literal-not-plain-literal?
17:14:14 [ChrisW]
PROPOSED: accept
17:14:17 [DaveReynolds]
17:14:17 [LeoraMorgenstern]
17:14:21 [josb]
17:14:27 [ChrisW]
RESOLVED: accept
17:15:37 [DaveReynolds]
q+ (to go back to binary test case)
17:17:26 [ChrisW]
action: DaveReynolds to check base64Binary case
17:17:26 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - DaveReynolds
17:17:35 [ChrisW]
action: Dave to check base64Binary case
17:17:36 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-961 - Check base64Binary case [on Dave Reynolds - due 2009-12-15].
17:19:57 [ChrisW]
action: Chris to contact Stella about regenerating XML for BUiltins_string
17:19:57 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-962 - Contact Stella about regenerating XML for BUiltins_string [on Christopher Welty - due 2009-12-15].
17:20:15 [Gary]
josb: fixed some rdf: vs xs: prefixes in Builtins_String
17:20:25 [Gary]
chrisw: xml will need to be regenerated
17:24:07 [DaveReynolds]
17:25:19 [josb]
17:25:25 [Gary]
dave: 2nd substring looks wrong
17:25:51 [Gary]
sandro: is it a 0-based or 1-based index problem?
17:27:14 [sandro]
Note that, as in XPath-Functions, the first character of a string is located at position 1, not position 0.
17:27:15 [Gary]
chrisw: 3rd arg is length
17:27:52 [Gary]
... so strings start at 1 but Lists start at 0 (??)
17:29:26 [sandro]
fn:substring("12345", 0, 3) returns "12".
17:30:25 [Gary]
sandro: the starting index is 1, so starting at 0 is legal, just doesn't have a char
17:31:59 [Zakim]
17:32:16 [ChrisW]
action: Chris to put BUiltins-String on agenda next time
17:32:16 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-963 - Put BUiltins-String on agenda next time [on Christopher Welty - due 2009-12-15].
17:32:18 [MichaelKifer]
have to run
17:32:24 [Gary]
chrisw: check replace builtin, and try to pass next time
17:32:27 [Zakim]
17:32:29 [ChrisW]
zakim, list attendees
17:32:29 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been Sandro, ChrisW, josb, +1.503.533.aaaa, Gary, LeoraMorgenstern, +1.631.833.aabb, MichaelKifer, Dave_Reynolds, csma, DaveReynolds
17:32:33 [Zakim]
17:32:38 [Zakim]
17:32:47 [ChrisW]
Regrets: StellaMitchell Harold Boley HassanAitKaci
17:32:55 [ChrisW]
rrsagent, make minutes
17:32:55 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate ChrisW
17:32:57 [josb]
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17:33:11 [ChrisW]
rrsagent, make logs public
17:33:30 [Zakim]
17:33:31 [Zakim]
17:33:37 [Zakim]
17:33:39 [Zakim]
SW_RIF()11:00AM has ended
17:33:40 [Zakim]
Attendees were Sandro, ChrisW, josb, +1.503.533.aaaa, Gary, LeoraMorgenstern, +1.631.833.aabb, MichaelKifer, Dave_Reynolds, csma, DaveReynolds
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