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zakim, code?
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Meeting: Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference
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the conference code is 3724 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), jackjansen
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Date: 25 November 2009
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chair: erik
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topic: 1 admin
10:16:31 [jackjansen]
erik: accept minutes
10:16:38 [mhausenblas]
10:16:41 [erik]
10:16:46 [jackjansen]
all: yes
10:16:55 [jackjansen]
erik: accept minutes
10:17:20 [erik]
10:17:28 [jackjansen]
all: yes
10:17:46 [jackjansen]
erik: Michael, will you be able to go to Seoul?
10:18:04 [jackjansen]
Michael: no, other obligation
10:18:42 [jackjansen]
erik: will get back to the f2f issue next week
10:19:14 [jackjansen]
erik: on action-92, postponed until spec is out
10:19:59 [jackjansen]
erik: philip said publication would be ok today or tomorrow. We wait.
10:20:08 [jackjansen]
10:20:38 [erik]
10:20:44 [jackjansen]
erik: what do you all think of current state of the spec?
10:21:39 [jackjansen]
michael: comment on section 5 needs addressing
10:23:25 [jackjansen]
jack: wants to think about forward compatibility.
10:24:02 [jackjansen]
... forward compatibility is tricky: should have a way whereby newer implementations can retroactively
10:24:17 [jackjansen]
... tell older implementations to fail or ignore new feature
10:24:40 [jackjansen]
erik: michael, did Yves suggest we need an implementation?
10:24:47 [jackjansen]
michael: right
10:25:02 [jackjansen]
michael: let's address in the next draft
10:25:03 [conrad]
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10:25:07 [jackjansen]
jack: +1
10:25:11 [erik]
10:25:25 [jackjansen]
conrad: yes, publish now
10:25:55 [jackjansen]
erik: how many implementations do we have? Ours
10:26:14 [jackjansen]
... yves has one
10:26:46 [jackjansen]
jack: mine is rusty. Will brush up in coming few weeks.
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10:27:52 [jackjansen]
erik: silvia? conrad? implementations?
10:28:10 [jackjansen]
conrad: have uri handling, not full syntax yet. In the next few months.
10:28:37 [jackjansen]
... will work with silvia and ogg community
10:28:46 [jackjansen]
erik: we have server-side implementation.
10:28:59 [conrad]
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10:29:16 [jackjansen]
erik: is up for testing, will post url.
10:30:03 [jackjansen]
action: erik to get URL for MF server, and post to group
10:30:03 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-120 - Get URL for MF server, and post to group [on Erik Mannens - due 2009-12-02].
10:30:31 [jackjansen]
TOPIC: 2 - short name issue
10:30:46 [jackjansen]
erik: should we omit -spec?
10:31:42 [jackjansen]
michael: yes
10:32:52 [silvia]
I have client side implementation with HTML5
10:33:08 [jackjansen]
jackjansen: so we use short name for spec, and add suffices for aux documents
10:33:11 [jackjansen]
all: yes.
10:33:27 [jackjansen]
ACTION on Raphael to fix document names
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10:33:50 [jackjansen]
ACTION Raphaël to fix document names
10:33:50 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-121 - Fix document names [on Raphaël Troncy - due 2009-12-02].
10:34:25 [erik]
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10:34:40 [jackjansen]
TOPIC 3.1 media fragment syntax
10:35:03 [jackjansen]
erik: lets keep for next week
10:35:21 [jackjansen]
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+ +61.2.801.2.aacc
10:35:26 [jackjansen]
erik: again, let's table
10:35:40 [jackjansen]
TOPIC: 3.3 - track and id handling
10:36:04 [jackjansen]
erik: COnrads proposal,
10:36:16 [silvia]
zakim, mute me
10:36:16 [Zakim]
sorry, silvia, I do not know which phone connection belongs to you
10:36:28 [silvia]
zakim, I am aacc
10:36:28 [Zakim]
+silvia; got it
10:37:20 [jackjansen]
silvia: need to wait on section 5 to be done.
10:37:48 [jackjansen]
... may jump in myself.
10:38:07 [jackjansen]
... Yves was working on section 3, don't think on 5 yet
10:38:24 [jackjansen]
10:38:53 [jackjansen]
... I will coordinate with him if I also start to edit.
10:39:42 [jackjansen]
erik: I will ping Raphaël.
10:40:32 [conrad]
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10:40:47 [jackjansen]
silvia: we are missing all our publishing windows.
10:41:10 [jackjansen]
... and section 5 really needs work before publishing, to reflect changes to 3.
10:41:39 [jackjansen]
michael: should we really wait until 5 is complete?
10:41:59 [jackjansen]
silvia: yes, it contradicts 3 at the moment, I will look over it.
10:44:03 [jackjansen]
... three sections in section 3 have no counterpart in section 5
10:44:11 [jackjansen]
... must be fixed.
10:45:38 [jackjansen]
silvia: cannot publish now, action-112 needs to be fixed.
10:46:25 [jackjansen]
michael: silvia, can you take this offline with Raphaël?
10:47:15 [jackjansen]
erik: I will call Raphaël today, tell that Silvia does not want to publish until action-112 and
10:47:24 [jackjansen]
... section 5 issues are resolved.
10:49:16 [jackjansen]
erik: I will send an email tonight on what the status is.
10:49:29 [jackjansen]
silvia: if it is needed I can put in time this weekend.
10:49:59 [jackjansen]
TOPIC: 3.4 discovery of track and named fragments
10:50:35 [jackjansen]
silvia: I wrote about this in my blog.
10:51:07 [jackjansen]
10:58:17 [erik]
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11:00:01 [jackjansen]
jack: not sure if the blog post doesn't need to be split into two: mechanism (roe, mpeg-21) versus
11:00:13 [jackjansen]
... application (semantics)
11:00:30 [jackjansen]
... thinks only mechanism is relevant to MF
11:00:38 [jackjansen]
... will try to write something up.
11:01:10 [jackjansen]
erik: will get back to it next week.
11:01:29 [jackjansen]
erik: Let's adjourn.
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11:03:27 [jackjansen]
11:03:32 [jackjansen]
see you next week!
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hm, seems Zakim didn't pick up the attendees
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present+ erik
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present+ conrad
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present+ silvia
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present+ Jack
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present+ Michael
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