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zakim, this will be INC_SSN
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ok, Holger; I see INC_SSN()3:00PM scheduled to start in 19 minutes
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Meeting: SSN XG 24-November-2009
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Chair: Holger
19:42:19 [Holger]
Regrets: Manfred, David
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agenda+ Roll call
19:42:30 [Holger]
agenda+ Comments on f2f minutes
19:42:37 [Holger]
agenda+ Use cases
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agenda+ AOB
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20:08:53 [Holger]
ScribeNick: krp
20:09:18 [Holger]
20:11:54 [krp]
Holger: it has been looked into where WebProtege could run
20:12:08 [krp]
... but haven't heard back from Manfred/DERI
20:12:25 [rgarcia]
20:12:32 [krp]
Luis: We shouldn't be held back on getting going by waiting on any particular tool
20:13:31 [krp]
Holger: of those working on the ontology it would be useful to use a common tool
20:14:06 [krp]
Luis: agree. We should use one tool. How about Topbraid (there's now a free version)?
20:14:18 [krp]
... and using SVN, as done in the OGC
20:14:37 [Holger]
ack rgarcia
20:15:41 [krp]
rgarcia: UPM will see if they can run Web Protege; then we can look at if we can host SVN
20:16:11 [krp]
ACTION: Luis will check about setting up SVN, possibly at sourceforge
20:16:15 [Holger]
20:17:10 [krp]
TOPIC: Use cases
20:17:28 [ocorcho]
20:17:34 [krp]
Holger: has put the winning use cases on the wiki
20:18:00 [laurent_oz]
20:18:16 [Holger]
ack ocorcho
20:18:22 [krp]
... suggest these winning use cases are presented in more detail if needed
20:18:39 [krp]
Oscar: 1 and 6 are device oriented
20:19:05 [krp]
... 2 is focussed on data, and 5 is in the middle
20:20:54 [krp]
laurent:add to 5 some element of composition problems
20:21:01 [Holger]
ack laurent_oz
20:21:52 [krp]
holger: So we might categorise as: device, data, and process oriented
20:23:00 [krp]
... and use these broader use cases
20:23:15 [laurent_oz]
20:23:16 [Arthur]
20:23:18 [Luis_Bermudez]
20:23:19 [ocorcho]
20:23:22 [rgarcia]
20:23:23 [michael]
20:23:26 [krp]
laurent: and we could re-attach some of the previous use cases
20:23:29 [cory]
20:26:01 [krp]
holger: do we need to focus within each category?
20:26:30 [krp]
michael: some specific examples within each
20:27:16 [laurent_oz]
I can take the provenance one
20:27:21 [krp]
holger: for each use category have someone lead selecting specific examples in each
20:28:30 [krp]
holger: I can take devices
20:30:48 [krp]
Oscar and Kevin: we are interested, but have time problems in the immediate weeks
20:32:09 [krp]
ACTION: Laurent will lead the process use cases, Holger the devices, and Oscar (Kevin will help) data
20:33:00 [Holger]
20:33:12 [laurent_oz]
20:33:25 [krp]
Sorry Lauren, didn't catch that, was that a specific paper you were mentioning?
20:33:46 [Holger]
ack laurent_oz
20:34:11 [krp]
Laurent: was there any paper/references to cover the use cases brought up at the f2f?
20:34:28 [krp]
ACTION: Laurent will survey the literature for the use cases
20:35:27 [krp]
Laurent: has added some material to the semantic annotation
20:35:45 [krp]
cory: this is mostly on services, but is in scope and valid
20:36:08 [krp]
... laurent has also added information on other techniques (e.g. microformats)
20:36:44 [krp]
... also about specific lifting scripts - this might not be such an issue if we're lifting to a known, specific, ontology
20:37:49 [krp]
Laurent: who has done work on using lifting?
20:38:04 [krp]
cory: we've done this in O&M
20:39:06 [krp]
cory: next, maybe we can focus on use cases to prioritise mechanisms
20:42:57 [laurent_oz]
20:43:03 [krp]
holger: focus on annotation use cases first, then as the ontology hardens the annotation can be applied to this
20:43:17 [Holger]
ack laurent_oz
20:44:20 [krp]
laurent: we can also see where the markup use cases fit into the ontology use cases
20:45:20 [krp]
holger: develop use cases separately but keep in mind they'll probably have dependencies as
20:45:56 [krp]
luis: what is the next step? Develop some specific solutions? (xslt etc.)
20:47:01 [krp]
cory: develop the framework first generically before tying to specific technologies
20:47:58 [krp]
cory: take the general use case categories, and come up with a specific question in each one
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zakim, bye
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leaving. As of this point the attendees were Holger, +1.202.408.aabb, Arthur, rgarcia, [IPcaller], Prateek, krp, +34.91.633.aadd, ocorcho
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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rrsagent, bye
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ACTION: Luis will check about setting up SVN, possibly at sourceforge [1]
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ACTION: Laurent will lead the process use cases, Holger the devices, and Oscar (Kevin will help) data [2]
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ACTION: Laurent will survey the literature for the use cases [3]
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