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Meeting: Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 24 November 2009
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On the phone I see SeanP, achuter, DKA, miguel
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On IRC I see DKA, adam, achuter, SeanP, miguel, Zakim, RRSAgent, francois, trackbot, matt
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Present- Matt
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Scribe: Sean
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ScribeNick: SeanP
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Topic: London F2F
14:39:25 [Zakim]
14:39:43 [SeanP]
DKA: The F2F meeting is at the Paddington office.
14:40:14 [SeanP]
DKA: I will get the information together for a logistics page to Francois.
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DKA: We can reuse of the WebApps WG logistics.
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14:41:35 [SeanP]
DKA: Do we have enough material for 3 days of meetings. Should we shorten the agenda?
14:41:36 [Zakim]
14:41:56 [Zakim]
14:41:58 [SeanP]
...We have 3 days of meeting space. So far we only 6 participants.
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14:42:25 [SeanP]
...If there is anyone on the call that hasn't said they are going to participate, please sign up.
14:42:29 [SeanP]
14:42:34 [DKA]
ack seanp
14:43:21 [SeanP]
SeanP: I'll miss the Wed. F2F day. Be there for Thurs. and Fri.
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14:45:21 [SeanP]
Francois: If we only have 6 participants, maybe we should only use 2 days instead of 3.
14:45:51 [SeanP]
DKA: It would be useful to turn one of the days into an editorial session, even with a limited number participants.
14:46:00 [francois]
14:46:07 [DKA]
ack fra
14:46:13 [SeanP]
DKA: We can get closer to finishing the documents.
14:46:42 [SeanP]
Francois: I'm not saying we can't fill the three days. I'm just hearing complaints that we may not need the 3 days.
14:47:02 [SeanP]
DKA: I think we could spend the time to finish the documents.
14:47:19 [DKA]
Topic: MWABP Status Update
14:48:12 [francois]
-> Last comments from Robin Berjon on MWABP
14:48:21 [SeanP]
Adam: Going through the edits. We can make come editorial changes to clarify things.
14:48:41 [SeanP]
Adam: The edited version will be ready by the end of the week.
14:49:03 [SeanP]
DKA: What does that mean for our schedule? Will there be a draft for the F2F?
14:49:19 [SeanP]
Adam: Should have version out this week.
14:49:49 [SeanP]
DKA: I'm thinking about comments. If we could use the F2F time to respond to comments, then we'll be in good position.
14:50:32 [SeanP]
Adam: All of the changes to be made are editorial changes and tweaks.
14:50:59 [SeanP]
...We should be in good shape when that gets done.
14:51:37 [SeanP]
Francois: I think it is a good idea to go back to the commenters as soon as possible. I think it is possible to release the document before the end of the year.
14:51:44 [Zakim]
14:51:55 [SeanP]
...If there are no major changes, it is possible to move to CR.
14:52:13 [Zakim]
14:52:20 [SeanP]
...Thanks Adam. Everyone should review the comments.
14:53:19 [SeanP]
Adam: In Robin's comments, he asks that we be more specific on BONDY(??).
14:53:29 [francois]
14:53:36 [SeanP]
DKA: I can take an action to review that.
14:54:29 [SeanP]
Adam: What is the specific reference you are talking about.
14:54:33 [francois]
ACTION: dan to review comment from Robin on on storage and BONDI, HTML5, and Opera Widgets
14:54:33 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-1026 - Review comment from Robin on on storage and BONDI, HTML5, and Opera Widgets [on Daniel Appelquist - due 2009-12-01].
14:54:40 [SeanP]
...It is
14:55:20 [SeanP]
Adam: In, there is a reference to 406. I don't have a strong opinion on that.
14:56:54 [francois]
14:57:01 [SeanP]
DKA: What have discussed in the past on the 406 issue? Have we discussed sending Human read able text.
14:57:25 [DKA]
ack francois
14:57:30 [SeanP]
Adam: Jo may have a comment on
14:58:06 [SeanP]
Francois: This is applicable to the CTG as well.
14:58:30 [SeanP]
Francois: Sometime mobile browsers don't display the human readable text.
14:58:51 [francois]
-> MWABP 3.6.4 section
14:59:00 [SeanP]
14:59:17 [SeanP]
DKA: What does the MWABP say about it now?
14:59:45 [SeanP]
Francois: We could add the human readable text information.
14:59:49 [francois]
-> Ref. to 406 in CT
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15:00:12 [SeanP]
DKA: Is there text we can take from the CTG to put in the MWABP?
15:00:24 [achuter]
15:00:27 [francois]
zakim, who is making noise?
15:00:28 [SeanP]
Francois: There some text about mobile browsers not displaying the human readable text.
15:00:38 [Zakim]
francois, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: achuter (97%), DKA (5%)
15:00:56 [DKA]
Suggested text: "...along with a human readable content explaining the situation in more detail. However, some browsers do not display the content of HTTP 406 Status responses."
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15:01:52 [SeanP]
Alan: Need to handle the NOSCRIPT element..
15:02:10 [SeanP]
Adam: Should we reference the CTG?
15:02:29 [SeanP]
DKA: Shouldn't reference the CTG in the MWABP.
15:02:39 [Zakim]
15:02:47 [SeanP]
Adam: Have we dealt with NOSCRIPT before?
15:02:55 [SeanP]
DKA: I don't think so.
15:03:08 [SeanP]
Adam: We should get Jo's thoughts on NOSCRIPT.
15:03:18 [Zakim]
+ +03491121aaee
15:03:43 [SeanP]
Adam: Need to talk about CANVAS tag. When should SVG be used and when should CANVAS be used?
15:03:52 [achuter]
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15:04:31 [SeanP]
DKA: Doesn't it make it even more flakey, if we back away from our current tepid recommendations on this issue?
15:04:39 [SeanP]
Adam: I suppose so.
15:05:00 [SeanP]
DKA: Did Robin have specific recommendations?
15:05:21 [SeanP]
Adam: Just to say that SVG and CANVAS should be compared, just mentioned.
15:05:39 [SeanP]
DKA: Let me see if I can get Robin to give some recommendations.
15:06:08 [SeanP]
Adam: Could handle the comments on SVG and CANVAS and BONDI?
15:06:11 [SeanP]
DKA: Ok.
15:06:26 [SeanP]
DKA: We could get Robin to call into the F2F.
15:06:51 [SeanP]
Adam: There are some areas that I don't have strong feelings on, so I'd like the rest of the group to talk about it.
15:07:35 [SeanP]
Topic: CT
15:07:47 [SeanP]
DKA: Can we do anything without Jo?
15:08:03 [SeanP]
DKA: Can you help Francois?
15:08:25 [SeanP]
Francois: We have the usual issues with CT that we need to figure out how to resolve.
15:09:31 [SeanP]
...We got some more comments that were related to the first group of comments. The W3C had some problems with blocking of email, so that is why we didn't receive a lot of comments at first.
15:09:54 [SeanP]
...We received some comments from Luca Passani and Mark Nottingham, for example.
15:10:26 [SeanP]
DKA: We need to publish the CT document in a meaningful way. It is an important document.
15:10:53 [SeanP]
...We could organize a special editorial meeting at the end of this week?
15:11:15 [SeanP]
Francois: We should handle this on next weeks call when we have more CT participants.
15:12:37 [SeanP]
DKA: Jo will not be on next week's call. We're going to have to do the editorial meeting this Monday.
15:13:18 [SeanP]
...I'll try to organize a call on Monday morning (11/30).
15:13:37 [SeanP]
...Around 3:30 UTC.
15:14:00 [SeanP]
...need to get his done before the F2F.
15:14:08 [SeanP]
15:14:15 [SeanP]
Topic: AOB
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ACTION: dan to review comment from Robin on on storage and BONDI, HTML5, and Opera Widgets [1]
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