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Meeting: Web Applications Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 18 November 2009
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19:26:16 [Travis]
Travis: Talked to some folks about element-level resize (layout engineers) and based on layout complexity and potential spec vagueness (plus other browsers don't support this), I'd like to not spec this behavior as part of DOM L3 Events.
19:26:41 [Travis]
Travis: Suggested change to spec for resize: proximal event target = Window (only)
19:27:57 [Travis]
Travis: Wanting to ensure Wiki access to create strawman proposal for Faster Mutation Events (discussed with Jonas at TPAC 2009).
19:28:09 [Travis]
Travis: verified that I do have editing access :)
19:38:14 [Travis]
Travis: Got feedback from Microsoft's Office Web Companions: they wanted to have a keyboard language hint for internationalization features (spell/grammer).
19:41:30 [Travis]
... Makes more sense for compositionend events (which tend to be langauge specific).
19:44:04 [Travis]
shepazu: Side conversation on shortcomings of not having physical key layout information.
19:44:52 [Travis]
... (re-)discovered keyValues for copy/paste/cut, which solves some common use cases.
19:57:42 [Travis]
shepazu: 2 key down sequence: CTRL keyValue + C [key], results in a KeyDown{keyValue:"Control"}, KeyDown{keyValue:"Copy"}
20:00:49 [Travis]
Travis: "Labled keys" on my keyboard (Control Key combos): SelectAll, Find, Cut, Copy, Paste, Bold, Underline, Italic
20:02:48 [Travis]
... Non-Function keys (share keyspace as F1-F12): Help, Undo, Redo, New, Open, Close, Reply, Fwd, Send, Spell, Save, Print
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(Travis/Olli to think about this)
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Last topic: DOMActivate...
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20:15:10 [Travis]
Scenario-- user tabs to a link and press enter/space. Event sequence is {KeyboardEvent -> MouseEvent (click) -> Event (DOMActivate).
20:15:30 [Travis]
... So this is legacy behavior.
20:16:17 [Travis]
... We can't change this.
20:17:11 [Travis]
... It seems like DOMActivate and click have roughly the same meaning.
20:18:02 [Travis]
... I'll be radical: Let's consider deprecating (like the mutation events) DOMActivate. In its place, make 'click' the new DOMActivate!
20:18:28 [Travis]
shepazu: We need to run this by the accessibility community to make sure we're not missing anything.
20:19:43 [Travis]
... Intuition tells me that deprecating DOMActivate will simplify web application development and actually make it simpler to make accessible web applications.
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Attendees were [Microsoft], [IPcaller], Shepazu
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