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zakim, this will be pling
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I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, rigo
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zakim, this will be PLING
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I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, rigo
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:( Renato forgot to change the reservation
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When I enter the conference code, Zakim tells me "The conference is restricted at this time"
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zakim, room for 10?
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ok, rigo; conference Team_(pling)13:03Z scheduled with code 26631 (CONF1) for 60 minutes until 1403Z
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zakim, this will be conf1
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ok, rigo; I see Team_(pling)13:03Z scheduled to start now
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13:07:48 [rigo]
carine, will you join the phone call?
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rrsagent, please set log public
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chair: Rigo
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scribe: Rigo
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13:11:52 [rigo]
DONE-- ACTION: Renato to send suggested wording to PLING mailing-list and wait for comments and objections for 4 days, if nothing received send to media annotations WG [recorded in]
13:12:39 [rigo]
AM: we need more orientation and a clearer scope to get people interested
13:12:43 [rigo]
RW: agree
13:14:35 [rigo]
ACTION: Rigo to talk to chairs about scope and teleconference frequency
13:15:17 [rigo]
topic: Latest news from ACAS Workshop
13:15:19 [rigo]
13:15:47 [rigo]
we received 20 Papers
13:16:00 [rigo]
and so far we have 20 registrations for the workshop
13:16:12 [rigo]
PC has already done the agenda
13:16:20 [rigo]
it will be published soon
13:16:52 [rigo]
Position papers come academia, but also from big industry
13:17:03 [rigo]
not from SMEs
13:17:57 [rigo]
talked to Eduardo Gutentag at TPAC
13:18:20 [rigo]
EG said, he is concerned about fragmentation if we spin out semantics standardization to W3C
13:19:22 [rigo]
RW ack'ed will discuss that at the Workshop
13:20:03 [rigo]
AM: agree with possible problem on fragmentation, we should really think about it
13:20:39 [rigo]
... what has been the uptake of XACML
13:21:08 [rigo]
RW: industry partners tell me that's the default ACL for WS
13:23:25 [rigo]
... primelife uses XACML to connect to most of the commercial database engines and OS database engines
13:23:39 [rigo]
... PRIME used HP's jena engine
13:23:58 [rigo]
... one could imagine that primelife is implementable with Jena too
13:25:27 [rigo]
TOPIC: Multimedia Annotations Working Group Feedback
13:25:38 [rigo]
RW: attended their meeting at TPAC
13:26:03 [rigo]
... discussed about how to connect policy information to their ontology
13:26:32 [rigo]
... updated the wiki:
13:27:02 [rigo]
... we should be inspired by them
13:27:32 [rigo]
... have already things like ma: copyright (type URI)
13:27:49 [rigo]
... suggested ma:policy
13:28:18 [rigo]
...tasked me to come back with a paragraph with meaning/definition of ma:policy
13:28:46 [rigo]
... as ontology does only matching, just introduce another language
13:28:52 [rigo]
...suggested P3P and ODRL
13:29:26 [rigo]
AM: if they are only translating, where does policy come in
13:29:55 [rigo]
RW: one of the things we discussed, was whether they create some kind of superset language
13:30:04 [rigo]
...they said step for MA 2.0
13:30:33 [rigo]
...they have list of languages they match
13:30:48 [rigo]
... we just add and it will become part of the overall ontology
13:32:02 [rigo]
...were actually very accommodating to our request
13:33:20 [rigo]
TOPIC: Geolocation
13:34:04 [rigo]
AM: geoloc document has now requirements
13:34:42 [rigo]
...implementations have to guarantee privacy, it is a step forward, it is only requirements, but getting there
13:35:16 [rigo]
RW: talked to Arun about FF. 3.5 implementation and who to integrate Primelife results
13:35:24 [rigo]
...for geolocation interface
13:35:36 [rigo]
...mainly about usability studies
13:35:39 [Ashok]
Section 4 has been expanded in the latest WG drafr
13:36:41 [rigo]
Primelife found the working privacy icon, footprints
13:38:23 [rigo]
...talked about geolocation interface
13:38:32 [rigo]
...currently very crappy
13:39:53 [rigo]
...because one has to go to the page where location permission was given in order to revoke
13:40:03 [rigo] they have that interface open to fix anyway
13:41:05 [rigo]
13:41:16 [rigo]
13:41:56 [rigo]
AM: going to standardize several device APIs and they want to have the policy coordinated between the different APIs
13:42:03 [rigo]
...that is encouraging sign..
13:42:13 [rigo]
RW: looks better than geolocation
13:43:25 [rigo]
RW: suggest not to discuss charter today, as we are not enough people
13:43:44 [rigo]
...after workshop, discuss again and perhaps narrow down
13:45:01 [rigo]
AM: we have to have concrete deliverables in the new charter
13:45:05 [rigo]
RW: agree
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Team_(pling)13:03Z has ended
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Attendees were Rigo, Ashok_Malhotra
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rrsagent, please draft minutes
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zakim, bye
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ACTION: Rigo to talk to chairs about scope and teleconference frequency [1]
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