IRC log of mw4d on 2009-10-29

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logging to
11:32:42 [steph]
zakim, this will be mw4d
11:32:42 [Zakim]
ok, steph; I see MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM scheduled to start in 28 minutes
11:33:00 [steph]
Meeting: MW4D IG Call
11:33:03 [steph]
11:33:06 [steph]
11:33:30 [steph]
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11:56:03 [steph]
zakim, code ?
11:56:05 [Zakim]
the conference code is 6493 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), steph
11:56:30 [Zakim]
MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM has now started
11:56:37 [Zakim]
11:59:42 [Adesina]
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12:00:17 [MiraS]
12:00:47 [Zakim]
+ +41.22.730.aaaa
12:01:26 [Renjish]
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12:01:28 [steph]
zakim, aaaa is raphael
12:01:28 [Zakim]
+raphael; got it
12:02:13 [Zakim]
+ +0795602aabb
12:02:29 [steph]
zakim, aabb is adesina
12:02:29 [Zakim]
+adesina; got it
12:02:32 [Zakim]
+ +1.312.799.aacc
12:02:43 [steph]
zakim, aacc is Renjish
12:02:43 [Zakim]
+Renjish; got it
12:02:43 [kiwanja]
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12:03:10 [Zakim]
+ +03592997aadd
12:03:14 [steph]
12:03:21 [kiwanja]
hey steph - keep getting kicked out of the conference call. will keep trying...
12:03:23 [kiwanja]
put in the 6493# and it hangs up. :(
12:03:25 [steph]
zakim, aadd is mira
12:03:25 [Zakim]
+mira; got it
12:03:30 [steph]
12:03:33 [steph]
12:03:36 [steph]
12:03:41 [steph]
12:03:52 [steph]
ken, what is the problem ?
12:04:12 [kiwanja]
get kicked out after entering the code. just hangs up on me....
12:04:20 [kiwanja]
will keep trying
12:04:31 [steph]
using the uk number ?
12:04:43 [kiwanja]
12:05:02 [kiwanja]
will try mobile. been using skype
12:05:55 [steph]
12:06:11 [Zakim]
+ +0777590aaee
12:06:20 [steph]
zakim, aaee is ken
12:06:20 [Zakim]
+ken; got it
12:06:25 [steph]
12:06:58 [steph]
12:09:50 [MiraS]
no q's
12:11:37 [steph]
12:11:49 [steph]
12:11:58 [Renjish]
4th section
12:12:16 [Renjish]
and also in the exec summary
12:14:50 [raphael]
Last parag. of Content and Infrastructure, you use "channel"
12:15:24 [raphael]
4 times
12:16:50 [raphael]
I agree with Steph
12:17:03 [raphael]
we should be less techno oriented
12:17:14 [raphael]
enabling more people to "access" the doc
12:18:03 [raphael]
Maybe we could say somewhere that "bearer" could be used too, for channel
12:18:12 [raphael]
in brackets
12:18:43 [raphael]
it's the content / container concept, no?
12:21:30 [steph]
resolution: adding a channel and putting defintion as bearer at the first appearance
12:21:47 [steph]
action: steph to fix the bearer :channel and proof-read
12:21:51 [Adesina]
12:21:56 [MiraS]
12:22:15 [raphael]
12:25:50 [steph]
steph: people happy with the doc . any objection ?
12:26:00 [steph]
ken: no objection
12:26:08 [Renjish]
no objection
12:26:12 [steph]
adesina: no objection
12:26:17 [raphael]
no objection
12:26:20 [MiraS]
no objection
12:26:56 [steph]
Resolution: MW4D group agreed to move to the publication of the roadmap
12:31:06 [raphael]
Next call, Nov. 9. ok with me - what time?
12:31:29 [steph]
Action: stephane to start discussion on the mailing-list on the next charter
12:31:30 [MiraS]
ok with me too
12:31:46 [Renjish]
ok. Thanks
12:31:46 [raphael]
12:31:51 [Zakim]
12:31:52 [Zakim]
12:31:54 [Zakim]
12:31:54 [Zakim]
12:31:56 [Zakim]
12:31:58 [kiwanja]
thanks, steph
12:32:03 [Zakim]
12:32:05 [steph]
thank to you !
12:32:05 [Zakim]
MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM has ended
12:32:07 [Zakim]
Attendees were steph, +41.22.730.aaaa, raphael, +0795602aabb, adesina, +1.312.799.aacc, Renjish, +03592997aadd, mira, +0777590aaee, ken
12:32:13 [steph]
rrsagent, makes minutes
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I'm logging. I don't understand 'makes minutes', steph. Try /msg RRSAgent help
12:32:19 [steph]
rrsagent, makes minute
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I'm logging. I don't understand 'makes minute', steph. Try /msg RRSAgent help
12:32:22 [steph]
rrsagent, make minute
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rrsagent, draft minute
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12:32:38 [steph]
zakim, make log public
12:32:38 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'make log public', steph
12:32:43 [steph]
rrsagent, make log public
12:32:46 [steph]
rrsagent, draft minute
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I'm logging. I don't understand 'draft minute', steph. Try /msg RRSAgent help
12:32:50 [steph]
rrsagent, draft minutes
12:32:50 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate steph
12:32:55 [steph]
rrsagent, make minutes
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I have made the request to generate steph
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