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zakim, this is egov
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ok, johnlsheridan; that matches T&S_EGOV()9:00AM
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see ??P0, +1.202.449.aaaa, +1.202.731.aacc, +1.509.464.aadd, +1.410.992.aaee
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On IRC I see RRSAgent, Zakim, joec, Rachel, Daniel_Bennett, AdamHarvey, Owen, johnlsheridan, ChrisBeer, hughb, sandro, trackbot
13:40:44 [johnlsheridan]
13:41:39 [Daniel_Bennett]
in lieu of an agenda, Kevin sent an email yesterday to the group
13:42:13 [johnlsheridan]
OK, thanks Daniel
13:42:14 [Daniel_Bennett]
We will be meeting. I will only be able to Chair from 9am EST to 10 am EST given some other meetings. John S is scheduled to scribe.
13:42:16 [Daniel_Bennett]
Major topic to discuss will be the work items listed below. The Chairs met a couple weeks ago and crafted the five major buckets below as we work through developing the activity plan to bridge the new charter. Please review and we will discuss on the call. We want to get group input and feedback on whether these are the right buckets, contain the right direction and product, and do they...
13:42:18 [Daniel_Bennett]
...allow us to move forward with an achievable work plan. If we agree on the following, we would suggest to the group to begin building task groups focused on the individual areas to best take advantage of the varied expertise that we have in the group. The below are in addition to the current activities including Editorial Task Force.
13:42:33 [Daniel_Bennett]
1. Government Linked Data: Techniques and Technologies
13:42:42 [Daniel_Bennett]
2. Government Linked Data: Strategies and Success Stories
13:42:52 [Daniel_Bennett]
3. Best Practices for Using Web Technologies to Deliver Government Services.
13:43:02 [Daniel_Bennett]
4. Best Practices for Long-Term Government Data Management.
13:43:10 [Daniel_Bennett]
5. Issues and Best Practices in Government Use of Social Media.
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+ +39.080.408.aaff
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aaff is johnlsheridan
13:48:05 [Daniel_Bennett]
(above 8 from me is copied from Kevin N. email)
13:48:27 [johnlsheridan]
zakim aaff is johnlsheridan
13:48:59 [johnlsheridan]
zakim, +39.080.408.aaff is johnlsheridan
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+johnlsheridan; got it
13:50:18 [johnlsheridan]
chair, Kevin
13:50:29 [johnlsheridan]
zakim, chair is Kevin
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sorry, johnlsheridan, I do not recognize a party named 'chair'
13:52:29 [johnlsheridan]
agenda 1 = Current Activities
13:53:03 [johnlsheridan]
agenda+ Current Activities
13:53:39 [Daniel_Bennett]
fyi link from ISWC that is about
13:53:56 [johnlsheridan]
take up 1
13:54:19 [johnlsheridan]
zakim, open agendum 1
13:54:19 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Current Activities" taken up [from johnlsheridan]
13:54:53 [johnlsheridan]
Discussion around linked data and government
13:55:55 [johnlsheridan]
13:57:03 [johnlsheridan]
Kevin: government needs to provide context, so people understand what the data is *about*
13:58:03 [johnlsheridan]
Rachel: highlighting the comms gap between policy folk and web publishing folk inside a gov agency / dept
13:58:21 [johnlsheridan]
13:58:25 [ChrisBeer]
13:59:06 [johnlsheridan]
Daniel: working on XBRL, we already have standards for financial information, but the data is locked up in the systems that produce the data
13:59:37 [johnlsheridan]
Daniel: a lot of what has to be done is to understand the systems that are processing the data on a day to day basis - where is the data coming from?
14:00:13 [johnlsheridan]
Daniel, havve you seen: ?
14:00:42 [johnlsheridan]
Linked data affords us the opportunity to express provenance information, in a way we've not done before
14:01:16 [johnlsheridan]
Kevin: what we're looking for are volunteers of people to lead the taskforces
14:01:58 [Zakim]
- +1.202.731.aacc
14:02:35 [Daniel_Bennett]
John, I havent read this. thanks
14:02:57 [johnlsheridan]
ack chrisbeer
14:03:31 [ChrisBeer]
Comment to Rachels last - Add Techs in there - neither policy or web pubs tend to deal with datasets perse
14:03:40 [Daniel_Bennett]
you may have missed that the Provenance Incubator Group wants to liaison
14:03:50 [Daniel_Bennett]
14:05:13 [ChrisBeer]
@ Kevin - happy to be involved in Task 3 - let me know if you find no one to head the group as well.
14:06:13 [Daniel_Bennett]
@Interested in Task3 as well
14:07:40 [johnlsheridan]
Thanks Chris, I think we'll be taking you up on that :)
14:07:54 [AdamHarvey]
Wasn't there also a Communications Task Force? I'll help with that in addtion to being on the ETF
14:10:35 [ChrisBeer]
@Task 5 - can we advise on ethics as a standards based org?
14:12:03 [johnlsheridan]
Rachel: just throwing out data is not enough
14:12:51 [johnlsheridan]
Rachel: we have to explain using forms that work for people, how they learn and understand
14:13:18 [johnlsheridan]
Jo: should the government's role be to provide visualisations of the data?
14:13:40 [johnlsheridan]
Rachel: yes, we should, also how people can do this for themselves
14:14:30 [johnlsheridan]
Daniel: sometimes its a good idea to help people see how the data can be used, also there is context that can / should be presented as well (eg when the legislation that requires the data is passed
14:14:52 [johnlsheridan]
Daniel: no simple way to link back to underlying data
14:15:27 [ChrisBeer]
@ prehaps encourage "Developers Blogs" for Visualisations by Govt. Agencies for public use as guides?
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14:20:35 [ChrisBeer]
(Apologies all - must go afk for night - will stay in channel to collect breakfast reading. I look forward to the minutes. Till next!)
14:20:45 [johnlsheridan]
Cheers Chris!
14:21:25 [johnlsheridan]
Daniel: gov has a role in presenting its data, so can others too
14:22:03 [ChrisBeer]
(@John - nps - and feel free to take me up on offer above. @ Rachel - add me to edit group ;) if only so I can edit my user page)
14:22:35 [Rachel]
@ChrisBeer I responded to your email w/next steps :)
14:24:16 [ChrisBeer]
@Rachel thanks. @ Daniel - thought - some sort of .org to host presentations of data, Govt. visualisations or other, to remove bias/promote public access angle? (ok - really going now)
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zakim, mute me
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14:27:14 [johnlsheridan]
discussion around visualisation jo: would prefer more data, daniel: svg, provides standards, means we don't have to work so hard to create visualisations
14:28:00 [joec]
14:28:19 [johnlsheridan]
My question is this: how do you incentive a data holder in government, to publish their data. Ans: do something cool with it, that they would like to be done, that tells a story
14:28:29 [johnlsheridan]
unmute me
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zakim, unmute me please
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johnlsheridan should no longer be muted
14:30:00 [johnlsheridan]
daniel: favours less formal agendas - have a series of themed telephone conferences to discuss each of the five areas
14:30:14 [johnlsheridan]
I think that's a good idea :)
14:30:34 [johnlsheridan]
but I'm not known for structured organisation....
14:30:53 [johnlsheridan]
Daniel: this would allow us to shape activity around the interest level
14:32:16 [johnlsheridan]
John: I'll take this point back and discuss at the next chairs call
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zakim, adjourn
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I don't understand 'adjourn', johnlsheridan
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close this agendum
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zakim help
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