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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 21 October 2009
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06:48:43 [shepazu]
scribenick: shepazu
06:48:49 [shepazu]
chair: ed
06:48:53 [ed]
06:50:44 [shepazu]
Topic: telcon times
06:51:27 [shepazu]
shepazu: since we don't have heycam around for a while, and DST is nearly here, we should pick a new time that is better for the europeans
06:52:24 [shepazu]
anthony: I'm fine with that, but would rather not do anything past midnight or before 5:30am
06:54:43 [shepazu]
Action: shepazu to send email about telcon time change, with link to planner
06:54:44 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2684 - Send email about telcon time change, with link to planner [on Doug Schepers - due 2009-10-28].
06:54:45 [shepazu]
06:58:02 [ed]
07:00:11 [shepazu]
shepazu: 2 meetings, or 1?
07:00:38 [shepazu]
ed: I'd like to have a focused working time, not necessarily a telcon... helps me get stuff done
07:00:43 [shepazu]
anthony: same here
07:00:55 [shepazu]
shepazu: me to
07:01:01 [shepazu]
07:01:15 [shepazu]
Topic: short descriptions for SVG specifications
07:01:46 [shepazu]
ed: Chris' descriptions seem fine to me... anything else needs doing?
07:02:10 [shepazu]
shepazu: I don't think so for right now.... going forward, we should tailor our abstracts for this view
07:02:41 [shepazu]
... have short one-sentence summary at the very beginning
07:03:26 [shepazu]
anthony: right... we don't normally but much up there
07:03:42 [shepazu]
shepazu: maybe something shorter and a bit less technical
07:04:43 [shepazu]
Topic: Java bindings appendix
07:04:54 [shepazu]
ed: saw cameron's work there
07:05:21 [shepazu]
... I think what needs doing now is for someone to take this over, so we can publish soon
07:05:34 [shepazu]
... we need to check that it matches what's in 1.1 already
07:06:16 [shepazu]
shepazu: I'm not very good at java
07:06:24 [shepazu]
ed: I'm not much better
07:06:34 [shepazu]
anthony: me either
07:06:56 [shepazu]
ed: I could give it a shot
07:07:33 [shepazu]
... I could hack on the scripts
07:08:05 [shepazu]
shepazu: you're pretty busy, though... is this the best use of your time?
07:08:11 [shepazu]
... who did it before?
07:08:32 [shepazu]
ed: no idea... but heycam did most of the work already
07:09:03 [shepazu]
... wouldn't be able to get to it earlier than next week
07:09:29 [shepazu]
anthony: when does it need to be done?
07:10:05 [shepazu]
ed: well, it's a publication blocker
07:10:11 [shepazu]
shepazu: could Vincent Hardy help us out?
07:10:19 [shepazu]
ed: I could ask him
07:10:59 [shepazu]
Topic: test suite scripts
07:11:07 [shepazu]
anthony: I've checked these in
07:11:51 [shepazu]
... sent an email out
07:12:06 [shepazu]
... will work on that this week
07:12:48 [anthony]
07:13:21 [shepazu]
anthony: I also recommitted Batik to the tools area as binary, rather than ascii
07:13:36 [shepazu]
... hope it works for everyone now
07:14:39 [shepazu]
... also added a new version of the test harness which uses svgweb for IE
07:15:57 [shepazu]
Action: ed to work on java bindings scripts
07:15:58 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2685 - Work on java bindings scripts [on Erik Dahlström - due 2009-10-28].
07:16:53 [shepazu]
Topic: canned filter effects
07:17:09 [shepazu]
shepazu: antoine was asking about these
07:17:19 [shepazu]
... blur, dropshadow, etc.
07:17:48 [shepazu]
... I thought we were going to do this in Filters module, but I don't see it
07:18:25 [shepazu]
ed: at the moment, there's only feDropShadow
07:18:51 [shepazu]
... I've been thinking that it would be easier as CSS properties
07:19:22 [shepazu]
... depending on how much control we want to give people, it could be easy or simple... want to keep it simple
07:20:05 [shepazu]
... though doing element notation would be good too
07:20:08 [shepazu]
... doing shorthand notation in CSS would be very similar to what IE does
07:20:31 [shepazu]
shepazu: we can define the filters in terms of their element structure, but give CSS shorthands for those
07:20:53 [shepazu]
ed: yup, that's possible
07:22:15 [shepazu]
... I told Antoine that we are still collecting requirements, and that he should email the list
07:22:41 [shepazu]
... I want to have nice examples in the primer
07:22:54 [shepazu]
... it might be too early to have language in the spec
07:23:00 [shepazu]
shepazu: I'm not sure of that
07:23:31 [shepazu]
ed: question is what things are suitable for having as shorthands
07:25:11 [shepazu]
shepazu: having functional notation with x, y, and fuzziness would suffice for dropshaow
07:25:50 [shepazu]
ed: we should use similar syntax as as text-shadow, which allows you to do color and stacking as well
07:27:41 [shepazu]
shepazu: so, what would be useful... dropshadow, blur, and maybe some color effects...
07:28:01 [shepazu]
... sepia-tone, grayscale, etc., for photos
07:28:42 [shepazu]
... just throw them in there, and let people give feedback on what they want
07:29:00 [shepazu]
ed: just a matter of finding the time
07:29:10 [shepazu]
... I enjoy experimenting with filters
07:33:45 [shepazu]
Topic: publishing SVG 1.1 SE
07:34:15 [shepazu]
shepazu: maybe we could meet next week one day to finish it off?
07:34:26 [shepazu]
... what's left?
07:34:35 [shepazu]
ed: Java bindings...
07:34:41 [ed]
07:34:42 [shepazu]
... heycam summarized it
07:36:13 [shepazu]
anthony: I'm happy to do a marathon
07:38:59 [shepazu]
trackbot, end telcon
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