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Meeting: Web Applications Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 14 October 2009
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IA_WebApps(DOM3)2:00PM has now started
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uh, only 1.47€ in my skype account
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I hope that is enough
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it should be
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Hi Travis
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Sorry, I'm late...
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scribeNick: Travis
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Topic: timestamps
18:29:12 [Travis]
scribe: Travis
18:29:32 [smaug]
18:30:23 [Travis]
All browsers (but perhaps Chrome?) use a number (rather than a Date object).
18:31:02 [shepazu]
18:31:04 [shepazu]
timeStamp of type DOMTimeStamp, readonly
18:31:04 [shepazu]
Used to specify the time (in milliseconds relative to the epoch) at which the event was created. Due to the fact that some systems may not provide this information the value of timeStamp may be not available for all events. When not available, a value of 0 will be returned. Examples of epoch time are the time of the system start or 0:0:0 UTC 1st January 1970.
18:31:05 [shepazu]
18:31:36 [shepazu]
18:31:38 [shepazu]
18:31:38 [shepazu]
This read-only property is a Date object.
18:31:39 [shepazu]
18:32:28 [Travis]
Probably relying on it as a sequence (for primitive ordering)
18:32:53 [Travis]
Can always new Date();
18:34:35 [Travis]
shepazu: Has been metioned that it's complicated for implementors to return a Date.
18:35:08 [smaug]
new Date(event.timeStamp);
18:35:12 [Travis]
smaug: Can always convert timeStamp to date.
18:36:55 [Travis]
shepazu: Since IE is not supporting this, there's likely little compat impact to tightening up the spec.
18:37:45 [Travis]
... Could strip out the clause that allows zero.
18:40:54 [Travis]
Action: shepazu to add "should" clause to make the timestamp an Epoch string of type Number (in the ECMAScript binding).
18:40:54 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-417 - Add "should" clause to make the timestamp an Epoch string of type Number (in the ECMAScript binding). [on Doug Schepers - due 2009-10-21].
18:41:26 [shepazu]
Topic: Defining Events in DOM3 Events
18:43:18 [Travis]
E.g., like the Progress Events 1.0 spec by Chaals?
18:45:42 [Travis]
shepazu: Sync and Async? SVG is just adding this concept.
18:48:33 [Travis]
I have to do this anyway... I may be able to provide this detail before November.
18:49:00 [Travis]
shepazu: Regarding the algorithms of when to fire, that seems very host-language specific.
18:49:16 [Travis]
shepazu: sync/async, seems like a good idea to add to the spec.
18:49:51 [Travis]
Action: Travis to provide async/ sync data based on browser testing
18:49:51 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-418 - Provide async/ sync data based on browser testing [on Travis Leithead - due 2009-10-21].
18:50:24 [Travis]
shepazu: Event flow diagrams to be added to spec soon.
18:50:58 [Travis]
... some combinations will be tricky.
18:52:46 [Travis]
Topic: WebIDL for DOM L3 Events.
18:53:30 [Travis]
Travis: Will DOM L3 Events support WebIDL syntax on its IDL blocks?
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19:00:22 [Travis]
shepazu: Sam Wenieg will be co-editing WebIDL as Cameron finishes his disseration.
19:00:41 [Travis]
er, dissertation
19:02:00 [Travis]
shepazu: Common myth that you can't go to Rec with a normative reference to a non-Rec spec. Actually not true, but requires greater scrutiny.
19:02:37 [Travis]
... We could "safely" use WebIDL in our spec.
19:05:59 [Travis]
Topic: Last Call Timeline?
19:06:28 [Travis]
shepazu: What do people think about targeting last call for November?
19:07:17 [Travis]
... Have solicited early comments from other working groups to try to mitigate issues at Last Call.
19:08:42 [Travis]
Topic: New sections to the spec
19:09:03 [Travis]
shepazu: Added a section on conformance criteria
19:09:49 [Travis]
... Also a section on feature detection based on hasFeature
19:10:06 [Travis]
... Can you folks look this over and give me feedback?
19:10:23 [Travis]
Cameron and other have already provided feedback. Seems OK so far.
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Attendees were Shepazu, smaug, Travis
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ACTION: Travis to provide async/ sync data based on browser testing [2]
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