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logging to
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18:50:58 [aphillip]
zakim, this will be I18N
18:50:58 [Zakim]
ok, aphillip; I see I18N_CoreWG()3:00PM scheduled to start in 10 minutes
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RRSAgent, set logs world-visible
18:51:16 [aphillip]
Meeting: Internationalization Core Teleconference
18:51:22 [aphillip]
Chair: Addison Phillips
18:51:28 [aphillip]
Scribe: Addison Phillips
18:51:32 [aphillip]
ScribeNick: aphillip
18:51:57 [aphillip]
18:52:03 [aphillip]
RRSAgent, make minutes
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I have made the request to generate aphillip
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Good evening/afternoon/morning
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I18N_CoreWG()3:00PM has now started
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19:03:37 [r12a]
zakim, dial richard please
19:03:37 [Zakim]
ok, r12a; the call is being made
19:03:39 [Zakim]
19:04:17 [aphillip]
Regrets: Felix
19:04:41 [r12a]
zakim, who's here ?
19:04:41 [Zakim]
On the phone I see aphillips, andrewc, David, Richard
19:04:42 [Zakim]
On IRC I see r12a, David, Zakim, RRSAgent, aphillip, andrewc
19:04:44 [aphillip]
Topic: Minutes and Agenda review
19:04:58 [aphillip]
Topic: Action Items
19:05:10 [aphillip]
Richard: respond on our behalf to CSS on ruby issue
19:05:15 [aphillip]
not yet
19:05:26 [aphillip]
addison: set up document edit transition with dan for ws-i18n
19:05:35 [aphillip]
David: coordinate getting new dst scheduling
19:05:43 [aphillip]
topic for today
19:06:28 [aphillip]
all: review HTML5 (rolling action item to be reviewed weekly)
19:06:47 [aphillip]
Topic: Info Share
19:07:27 [r12a]
•Phil Arko passed away peacefully on 9.23 after battling cancer for 2 years. For information on services
19:07:30 [aphillip]
richard: phil a. has passed
19:07:39 [aphillip]
... a former member of this WG
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19:08:57 [aphillip]
richard: ... numerous speakers said standards were important
19:09:07 [aphillip]
... although they were non-specific about which ones
19:09:14 [aphillip]
... including certain large companies
19:09:42 [Zakim]
19:09:51 [aphillip]
zakim, [Orac is dchiba
19:09:51 [Zakim]
+dchiba; got it
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I have made the request to generate aphillip
19:10:40 [aphillip]
Topic: HTML5 Review
19:11:09 [aphillip]
addison: starting to look into doc but won't have comments for another week?
19:12:07 [aphillip]
Topic: Working with Time Zones
19:12:33 [aphillip]
addison: will work on this again today
19:12:38 [aphillip]
... thanks dan for comments
19:13:20 [aphillip]
Topic: DOM3 KeyEvents Redux
19:13:27 [aphillip]
19:16:09 [aphillip]
We also want to allow people to test the Unicode range of the key identifier, to see if it falls into a certain orthography, general category, etc..
19:19:30 [r12a]
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19:24:27 [aphillip]
suggest a phone call to start?
19:24:46 [aphillip]
Action: addison: set up an introductory call or meeting with DOM Events folks to discuss
19:25:14 [aphillip]
Topic: IRI WG at IETF?
19:25:33 [aphillip]
richard has been mute for awhile....
19:26:05 [aphillip]
keyevent stuff maybe set up at TPAC to discuss
19:28:16 [aphillip]
19:29:31 [aphillip]
19:33:25 [aphillip]
we may have some mailings lists, etc. plh maintains public-iri
19:33:58 [aphillip]
action: addison: ping martin about iri wg activity
19:34:18 [aphillip]
Topic: TPAC planning
19:34:28 [aphillip]
Accessibility Workshop
19:35:39 [aphillip]
spawned by need to select langauge/locale for timed media elements
19:36:08 [aphillip]
ECMAScript TC-39
19:37:15 [aphillip]
addison: locale facet?
19:37:21 [aphillip]
richard: good if they had normalization functions too
19:37:45 [aphillip]
A/V needs
19:38:11 [aphillip]
andrew might be able to dial in
19:38:18 [aphillip]
... so need a phone
19:39:00 [aphillip]
please register if you are coming
19:40:30 [aphillip]
Topic: UAX #46 (deferred until next week per Mark Davis's request)
19:41:10 [aphillip]
19:41:41 [aphillip]
Topic: Upcoming Last Calls
19:41:52 [aphillip]
XML Entity definitions for Characters (from MathML)
19:42:37 [aphillip]
Topic: AOB?
19:43:06 [aphillip]
richard: plh asked about XForms 1.1
19:43:14 [aphillip]
... some issues surrounding input modes
19:43:37 [aphillip]
... has status of PR
19:43:43 [aphillip]
... going for Rec
19:43:53 [r12a]
XForms 1.1 is a Proposed Recommendation
19:44:01 [aphillip]
... plh reluctant to advance it without our approval
19:44:05 [r12a]
Martin indicates that he is more or less ok to move forward
19:44:22 [r12a]
enough reason to bring that to the attention of the Director ?
19:44:54 [aphillip]
(searching for email links)
19:45:17 [aphillip]
fast look at XF... schedule for next week
19:45:43 [aphillip]
action: all: look at XForms 1.1 PR for internationalization issues, especially "input mode" at the back
19:46:11 [aphillip]
19:46:21 [aphillip]
19:46:51 [r12a]
Thu 20/08/2009 12:10
19:47:44 [r12a]
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19:50:24 [aphillip]
Topic: what time do we meet?
19:50:30 [David]
19:51:08 [aphillip]
two top vote getters: 19:00 Wednesday followed by 21:00 Wednesday
19:51:52 [aphillip]
none opposed
19:53:25 [aphillip]
US changes 1 November (last of all)
19:54:10 [David]
(B) 19:00 UTC (Current Time)
19:54:10 [David]
19:54:10 [David]
> 11:00 California (Wed)
19:54:10 [David]
19:54:10 [David]
> 19:00 London (Wed)
19:54:11 [David]
19:54:13 [David]
> 06:00 Sydney (Thu)
19:54:22 [aphillip]
action: addison: make a table of date changes for DST
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I have made the request to generate aphillip
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I18N_CoreWG()3:00PM has ended
19:56:31 [Zakim]
Attendees were aphillips, andrewc, David, Richard, [Oracle], dchiba
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