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I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, trackbot
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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 29 September 2009
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Zakim, remind me in 8 hours to play some pool
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ok, ed
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RRSAgent, meeting spans midnight
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rrsagent, here
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topic: Publications
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scribenick: shepazu
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Topic: Publications
16:39:09 [shepazu]
DS: I'd like to propose that we publish the FPWD of SVG Integration
16:39:17 [shepazu]
... it's still rough, but it has information that would be useful for our discussions with the HTML WG
16:39:47 [shepazu]
Resoution: We will request publication for SVG Integration as FPWD
16:39:49 [ChrisL]
also, we previously resolved to publish svg color as fpwd but then I found some errors and needed to fix the marup, so I'd like another, more recent resolution on that one too, please
16:40:39 [shepazu]
Resolution: We will request publication for SVG Integration as FPWD
16:41:13 [shepazu]
Resoution: We will publish SVG Color as a FPWD
16:43:02 [shepazu]
Resoution: Pending a few final edits, we will request publication of SVG1.1 2nd Ed as a PER
16:44:04 [shepazu]
16:45:09 [shepazu]
Resolution: We will request publication for Filters module as an updated WD
16:50:58 [shepazu]
Topic: MIME Type registration
16:52:27 [shepazu]
CL: since I notice that the PER process requires that MIME registration be in process, I'd like to add an updated MIME registration appendix to SVG1.1
16:53:07 [ChrisL]
16:53:21 [ChrisL]
16:53:36 [ChrisL]
16:53:39 [shepazu]
... this would be the same as the one from SVGT1.2, except that it would add an option charset parameter for in accordance with the upcoming RFC3023bis
16:56:46 [shepazu]
CL: previously in RFC3023, the charset parameter was required, but because parsers are not tightly coupled with HTTP this was effectively ignored, especially since it was allowed to be different than the document's XML encoding declaration
16:57:34 [ChrisL]
s/was required/was strongly recommended/
16:57:53 [shepazu]
... so RFC3023bis says that if the charset is provided, it must be the same as the document's
17:01:39 [shepazu]
CL: in parallel to SVG1.1 PER being published, I can request registration from IETF-Types
17:02:25 [shepazu]
DS: what's the process for RFC3023bis
17:03:00 [shepazu]
CL: it just a 2-week review period, then we can request publication as an RFC
17:03:27 [shepazu]
s/just a 2-week/just needs a 2-week
17:08:38 [shepazu]
Action: ChrisL to update SVG1.1 SE with the MIME type registration appendix
17:08:38 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2677 - Update SVG1.1 SE with the MIME type registration appendix [on Chris Lilley - due 2009-10-06].
17:10:20 [ChrisL]
close ACTION-2677
17:10:20 [trackbot]
ACTION-2677 Update SVG1.1 SE with the MIME type registration appendix closed
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RRSAgent, make minutes
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17:33:42 [ChrisL]
In the field of optics, transparency is the physical property of allowing light to pass through a material. The opposite property is opacity. Transparent materials are clear (i.e. they can be seen through). Translucent materials allow light to pass through them only diffusely (i.e. they cannot be seen through clearly).
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19:10:59 [ed]
(work on getting implementation report for 1.1F2)
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(break for lunch)
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22:18:28 [shepazu]
Topic: bikeshed about aspect ratio with CSS WG
22:18:50 [shepazu]
(about a half an hour's "discussion")
22:18:56 [shepazu]
DS: gah!!!!
22:19:51 [shepazu]
Resolution: we propose changing image-fit and image-position to fit-aspect-ratio and fit-position
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RRSAgent, here
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22:28:26 [shepazu]
CM: or fit-resize
22:32:22 [shepazu]
AG: or fit-area
22:32:23 [ed]
(DS writing mail to CSSWG list)
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(discussion on css3-images and fallbacks)
23:01:08 [ed]
(discussion on html5/svg parsing and prefixes)
23:29:04 [shepazu]
(discussion with Jonas about cdata parsing)
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23:38:39 [ed]
(discussion on evt vs event in onfoo attributes)
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ed, you asked to be reminded at this time to play some pool
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Zakim, thanks, done
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I don't understand 'thanks, done', ed
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text-dom-02-f, types-dom-02-f, types-dom-05-b,
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styling-pres-02-f, painting-stroke-10-t
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anthony, just mailed you the element table
07:27:49 [heycam]
got the child elements filled in
07:27:57 [heycam]
also got the ticks and crosses for properties in the 1.1 column