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logging to
10:59:46 [steph]
Chair: Stephane
10:59:58 [steph]
Meeting: MW4D IG Teleconference
11:00:33 [steph]
11:00:44 [steph]
Present: stephane
11:46:11 [steph]
zakim, this will be MW4D
11:46:11 [Zakim]
ok, steph; I see UW_MW4D IG()8:00AM scheduled to start in 14 minutes
11:55:35 [steph]
zakim, code ?
11:55:35 [Zakim]
the conference code is 6493 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), steph
11:55:56 [Zakim]
UW_MW4D IG()8:00AM has now started
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+ +58160aaaa
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zakim, aaaa is me
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+steph; got it
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Hello Steph, will only join on chat. Can't do voice today
11:58:12 [Adesina]
Noticed that a lot of work has been put into the docv
11:58:44 [steph]
hi Adesina
11:58:46 [steph]
11:58:56 [steph]
yes lots of work !
12:01:16 [Adesina]
Just came back from South Africa on Saturday
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+ +41.22.800.aabb
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zakim, aabb is yoshiko
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+yoshiko; got it
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+ +035850558aacc
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zakim, aacc is Lauri
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+Lauri; got it
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12:17:21 [steph]
comments from renjish
12:17:23 [Lauri]
Hello, Lauri is now on-line in IRC channel
12:17:27 [steph]
ToC reorg: postponed
12:18:51 [steph]
2nd comment: add mobile web definition in the scope of the doc
12:19:11 [steph]
yoshiko: we should add a definition section
12:19:31 [steph]
12:19:47 [Yoshiko]
definition of mw
12:22:04 [steph]
steph: second paragraph of the intro ?
12:22:06 [steph]
12:22:48 [steph]
Action: steph to move mobile web definition from the last paragraph f the intro as a note to a full paragraph in the second position
12:24:17 [Lauri]
Here is the link to the new Nokia Magazine (for emerging markets)
12:24:32 [steph]
3rd comment: audience: 2 major categories
12:24:32 [steph]
<steph> people workingin the field
12:24:32 [steph]
<steph> and enabler/supporter
12:24:32 [steph]
<steph> oops
12:24:48 [Lauri]
Latest issue is number 3/2009.
12:24:59 [Yoshiko]
12:25:56 [steph]
yoshiko: categorization is not a big problem
12:26:01 [steph]
we should not bother
12:26:22 [steph]
i prefer the current setup which is more open
12:26:27 [steph]
further work not worth
12:26:29 [steph]
12:26:33 [steph]
steph: agree
12:26:39 [steph]
Resolution: reject this comment
12:27:33 [steph]
Resolution: we prefer to keep the door more widely open and not focus on the categorization: so we keep as it is
12:27:46 [Lauri]
The issue number 1 / 2009 is a summary of many application done by Nokia for developing markets, note 100 pages long.
12:28:29 [steph]
comments by arun:
12:28:37 [steph]
&st comment: accessibility
12:30:28 [steph]
postpone discussion when Arun is on the call
12:30:30 [Lauri]
12:31:02 [steph]
2nd comment: cost of voice of applications
12:31:03 [Yoshiko]
12:31:29 [steph]
Lauri: timeline ?
12:33:56 [steph]
steph: process: distribute the current document as a draft and make an official W3C publication after september meeting
12:34:08 [steph]
lauri: agreed
12:34:09 [Lauri]
Lauri is OK with the time line for the document
12:34:20 [steph]
yoshiko: you should tell participant about the timeline
12:34:39 [steph]
ACTION: steph to send a mail to announce the timeline for the W3C publication
12:34:56 [steph]
ack lauri
12:35:00 [steph]
ack yoshiko
12:35:21 [steph]
2nd comment: cost of voice of applications
12:36:53 [steph]
yoshiko: agree with Arun
12:36:57 [steph]
we should refine the text
12:37:12 [steph]
voice cost is not fix, we could be more percise
12:37:31 [steph]
say that gov. or phone operator could be removed by policy or by companies
12:37:41 [steph]
steph: agreed
12:38:43 [steph]
action: steph to refine the text to cover these cases of low cost of voice calls
12:39:17 [steph]
steph: should also add that to data services
12:39:37 [steph]
action: steph to refine the text to cover the case of low-cost flate rate plan for data services
12:40:08 [steph]
yoshiko: you should reflect that in the text
12:40:52 [steph]
4th comments: lowering required expertise for voice applications
12:42:12 [steph]
Action: steph to mention this possiblity as an extra layer to voice apps
12:42:49 [steph]
5th comments: directory of voice apps
12:44:04 [steph]
action: steph to add a paragraph to mention the possibility to create portals, easier with voicexml, more complicated with traditionnal voice apps and phone call transfer, but ot as a feature of the techno
12:44:49 [steph]
6th comments: non-lasting info
12:46:08 [steph]
Action: steph to mention this possiblity as an extra layer but not as a feature of the techno
12:46:25 [steph]
yoshiko: it takes also more time to convey of information
12:46:34 [steph]
and this is realted to costs
12:47:16 [Lauri]
Here is the link to the weather forecast service for all around the Globe:
12:47:42 [Yoshiko]
what's this?
12:47:47 [steph]
7th comments: package low-cost voice solution
12:48:16 [steph]
Action: steph to mention the need for packaged solution for individual voice service setup
12:48:45 [Lauri]
Here is weather in Lagos, Nigeria:
12:48:50 [steph]
action: steph to respond to Arun with the proposed resolution to all his points
12:49:47 [steph]
adding examples in the appendix
12:50:20 [steph]
steph: didn't receive any contribution
12:50:24 [steph]
should we pursue the idea ?
12:51:29 [Lauri]
Please note, the wheather service is free to use.
12:52:04 [steph]
yoshiko: let people contribute by the end of the week and see if we receive any contributions
12:52:11 [Yoshiko]
12:52:45 [steph]
action: steph to send a mail to the list to seed contributions and remind people what is expected (ilustrating pro and cons of each technology)
12:53:30 [steph]
new contribution about adding co-design references: see
12:53:30 [steph]
12:54:58 [steph]
steph: propose to put in in section 6.2.5 after trust and training
12:56:46 [steph]
action: steph to add definition of discoverability and usability when they first appear
12:57:09 [steph]
action: steph to add co-design contribution in section 6.2.5
12:57:39 [steph]
update on ussd and cell broadcast from Phillip:
12:57:39 [steph]
12:57:56 [steph]
steph: ok to update the current wording with the new one which is more complete
12:58:04 [steph]
12:58:15 [steph]
action: steph to include philip contribution in the roadmap
12:59:00 [steph]
comments: COST 6.1.5 -> COST FOR END USERS
12:59:00 [steph]
12:59:09 [steph]
steph: agreed
12:59:45 [steph]
yoshiko: my contribution, i agree good to facilitate reader work
13:00:01 [steph]
action: steph to update 6.1.5 and 6.2.4 section name
13:00:41 [steph]
yoshiko: another comments: there are inconsistencies in the number
13:00:52 [steph]
should be double checked
13:01:06 [steph]
section numbers particularly
13:01:09 [steph]
and data refered
13:01:50 [steph]
particularly when section are refered from another section, someitmes it is not updated
13:02:14 [steph]
action: steph to check section references and numbering
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13:02:53 [Zakim]
13:02:55 [Zakim]
13:02:56 [Zakim]
13:02:56 [Zakim]
UW_MW4D IG()8:00AM has ended
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Attendees were +58160aaaa, steph, +41.22.800.aabb, yoshiko, +035850558aacc, Lauri
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, make minutes
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