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hi thierry!
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chair: Daniel
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meeting: MAWG
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Meeting: Media Annotations Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 08 September 2009
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I am not sure Daniel can make it to the call
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ok, joakim; that matches IA_MAWG()8:00AM
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I can do it
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Joakim can you Chair on behalf of Daniel ?
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present: joakim, chris, tobias, wonsuk, raphael, fsasaki, tmichel, florian, wbailer
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Thanks for Chairing at last minute, Joakim
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12:04:28 [fsasaki]
topic: agenda
12:04:39 [fsasaki]
chair: joakim
12:04:58 [joakim]
12:05:18 [fsasaki]
last weeks minutes approved
12:05:26 [raphael]
+1 for accepting the minutes
12:05:44 [raphael]
I can scribe it
12:05:56 [joakim]
zakim, pick a victim
12:05:56 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose +49.300.aabb
12:06:08 [fsasaki]
scribe for next meeting will be raphael
12:06:20 [joakim]
12:06:26 [tmichel]
raphael to scribe next week
12:06:49 [fsasaki]
topic: action items
12:07:21 [fsasaki]
ai 124 pending
12:07:54 [fsasaki]
ACTION-134, ACTION-135 pending
12:08:44 [joakim]
12:08:54 [fsasaki]
ACTION-136 . Joakim looked at tvanytime document, seems to be useful. Question: can we us it?
12:09:05 [fsasaki]
werner: we should just reference the document
12:09:06 [Zakim]
- +
12:09:31 [fsasaki]
werner: question: are the subtypes normative or just a recommended list?
12:09:41 [Zakim]
+ +
12:10:28 [fsasaki]
s/us it/use it/
12:10:53 [raphael]
Which type of list we are talking about ? the genre ?
12:11:03 [fsasaki]
werner: EBU-list is quite comprehensive, people could use just a subset of these
12:11:04 [wbailer]
12:11:25 [raphael]
is TV Anytime defining these roles as MPEG-7 CS as in the old time ?
12:11:31 [fsasaki]
joakim: keep ACTION-136 open for now
12:11:39 [fsasaki]
12:11:55 [wbailer]
raphael, ebu has these lists also as skos now
12:11:58 [raphael]
12:11:58 [trackbot]
ACTION-147 -- Thierry Michel to check status of Web IDL for web api's -- due 2009-07-03 -- OPEN
12:11:58 [trackbot]
12:11:58 [fsasaki]
thierry: sent a message to doug from webapp WG
12:12:18 [raphael]
wow, great move for EBU :-)
12:12:42 [fsasaki]
thierry: webIDL is just a working draft so far, they need us and other working groups who use it
12:13:05 [fsasaki]
.. doug says currently webIDL is used by HTML5, plan is to use it also for DOM3 events
12:13:31 [fsasaki]
.. summary: status is still unclear, but it is being used
12:14:05 [fsasaki]
.. webIDL provides ecmascript and javascript bindings and it is easier to user than IDL. My conclusion is that we should investigate into that spec
12:14:11 [chris]
12:14:17 [florian]
12:14:21 [fsasaki]
12:14:24 [wbailer]
12:14:27 [wonsuk]
12:15:03 [fsasaki]
thierry: only drawback is that web IDL is not fully stable yet
12:15:20 [raphael]
isnt't that a chicken-egg problem?
12:16:13 [fsasaki]
thierry: I could check how much HTML5 is using web IDL
12:17:12 [fsasaki]
joakim: who knows web IDL or IDL ?
12:17:29 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: I don't know web IDL, it could be a problem for preparing the API draft
12:17:48 [chris]
Victor has come up with an IDL version of the API some weeks ago
12:17:49 [tobias]
I don't have knowledge about WebIDL either.
12:18:04 [florian]
yes he should be familiar with it
12:18:15 [chris]
I don't have knowledge on it but plan to go through the spec
12:19:50 [raphael]
12:20:07 [florian]
i can also look into it and help specifying
12:20:35 [fsasaki]
thierry: two or three people should look into web IDL before we decide about using it
12:21:09 [fsasaki]
florian: victor has a good knowledge about IDL
12:21:24 [fsasaki]
thierry: yes, victor should be in this task group
12:21:44 [fsasaki]
action: thierry to look into web idl with victor and others
12:21:44 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-152 - Look into web idl with victor and others [on Thierry Michel - due 2009-09-15].
12:22:15 [fsasaki]
12:22:27 [fsasaki]
12:22:41 [fsasaki]
12:23:00 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: big issue is that we have to decide what kind of API is better
12:23:32 [fsasaki]
... the related issues are on our agenda, want to discuss about them later
12:23:58 [fsasaki]
joakim: I think style a), very simple, is an advantage
12:24:40 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: would like to know other people thinking who were not at the f2f
12:25:11 [joakim]
we need to have a decision on this soon
12:26:34 [fsasaki]
chris: not clear to everybody what the API is that we have in mind
12:26:41 [florian]
+1 @ chris
12:26:43 [fsasaki]
.. the strawman API on the wiki is a bit fuzzy
12:27:03 [fsasaki]
.. maybe we can come up with a first version of the API document and see what the other people think of it
12:27:09 [raphael]
I would support Chris/Florian proposal for the API document, see
12:27:19 [fsasaki]
joakim: so we need it more concrete before making a decision
12:27:21 [fsasaki]
chris: yes
12:27:40 [florian]
also Tobias and Vero made comments to the document
12:27:42 [raphael]
I thought Victor worked on that? Should we ask him on the list what is the status of his work?
12:28:46 [fsasaki]
florian: victor plans more work on API document. Maybe he could give us some clues about in which direction we should go
12:29:43 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: propose that we prepare the API document and also contact victor, in parallel
12:30:05 [fsasaki]
joakim: yes, we don't have too much time, so good to continue working
12:31:21 [fsasaki]
joakim: need somebody to push the API document forward
12:31:37 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: I will contact victor, I am working with him in the MPEG WG too
12:31:51 [tobias]
Chris also volunteered in his email to contribute:
12:32:49 [chris]
and I shall
12:33:07 [tobias]
12:33:12 [florian]
+1 :)
12:33:23 [joakim]
12:34:27 [joakim]
or get-mawg-Creator
12:35:17 [fsasaki]
wonsuk describing different feedback about his proposals for API structure. not sure how to move forward, we need a decision which way to go
12:35:48 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: want to know vote of people on the call: what do they want?
12:36:17 [fsasaki]
.. prepare the abstract description of the API and make the concrete proposal later
12:36:20 [fsasaki]
.. is that right?
12:36:47 [fsasaki]
joakim: problem is that people are not quite sure about what we are taking a decision: a function for each property or not
12:37:13 [raphael]
I suggest to put himself in the body of the developer using MAWG API
12:37:53 [raphael]
... get-mawg-Creator (or a function for any annotation property) is useful, I can't see the use case for a get-mawg-unstructured-value function
12:38:33 [fsasaki]
raphael: API should be just useful for a common developer
12:38:53 [fsasaki]
.. for each function we should wonder how it would be useful for the developer
12:39:22 [fsasaki]
.. any function which is related to an annotation property in the ontology seems to be useful
12:40:31 [fsasaki]
joakim: an API with names of functions which are directly related to properties in the ontology are easy to understand, abstraction might be more difficult for finding out which property is meant
12:40:36 [fsasaki]
raphael: exactly
12:41:11 [fsasaki]
joakim: wonsuk, could you continue the work with the output of this discussion
12:42:48 [fsasaki]
joakim: wonsuk, could you try to formulate an API definition for the draft
12:42:50 [fsasaki]
wonsuk: yes
12:43:29 [fsasaki]
topic: API related questions
12:43:37 [fsasaki]
12:45:07 [veroniqueM]
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12:45:10 [fsasaki]
felix: happy with the discussion today, now waiting for how the draft from wonsuk will look. language tag issue will come up later
12:45:11 [raphael]
Thanks for the 3 reviews received from Felix, Werner, and Veronique
12:45:50 [fsasaki]
raphael: many thanks for the comments, the media fragments WG will discuss the comments tomorrow
12:46:10 [fsasaki]
.. the document has been split into use case part and the core specification
12:46:20 [fsasaki]
.. the later will be a Recommendation.
12:46:30 [fsasaki]
.. thanks for the comments again, we will provide answers soon
12:46:33 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-152
12:46:33 [trackbot]
ACTION-152 Look into web idl with victor and others closed
12:46:48 [fsasaki]
close ACTION-150
12:46:48 [trackbot]
ACTION-150 Review the Media Fragments WD closed
12:46:50 [wbailer]
12:47:44 [fsasaki]
12:48:07 [fsasaki]
werner: wrote some comments, any feedback?
12:48:24 [raphael]
I guess ACTION-152 should not have been closed right ?
12:48:25 [fsasaki]
action: joakim to look into comments from werner on PFWG review
12:48:25 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-153 - Look into comments from werner on PFWG review [on Joakim Söderberg - due 2009-09-15].
12:49:15 [fsasaki]
topic: Digital Data Exchange
12:49:39 [fsasaki]
werner: the work seems to be around music
12:49:56 [fsasaki]
.. maybe dave could give a comment about whether it makes sense to have a liaison
12:50:16 [raphael]
+1 to ask the relationship with Apple stuff, ID3, iTunesXML, etc
12:50:43 [fsasaki]
action: joakim to ask dave about the relationship of digital data exchange with Apple stuff, ID3, iTunesXML, etc
12:50:43 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-154 - Ask dave about the relationship of digital data exchange with Apple stuff, ID3, iTunesXML, etc [on Joakim Söderberg - due 2009-09-15].
12:51:40 [fsasaki]
meeting adjourned
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12:52:15 [Zakim]
12:52:28 [Zakim]
- +95385aaee
12:52:29 [Zakim]
IA_MAWG()8:00AM has ended
12:52:30 [Zakim]
Attendees were +49.300.aabb, +49.851.509.aacc, tobias, florian, Felix, +95385aaee, +43.316.876.aaff, wbailer, wonsuk, +, chris, Joakim
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bye bye
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