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zakim, this will be INC_SSN
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ok, Holger; I see INC_SSN()4:00PM scheduled to start in 16 minutes
19:44:25 [Holger]
agenda+ Roll call
19:44:36 [Holger]
agenda+ Actions from last meeting
19:44:43 [Holger]
agenda+ Ontology - presentation/explanation/discussion
19:44:50 [Holger]
agenda+ Meeting time after change in daylight saving
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agenda+ AOB
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zakim ??P4 is me
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zakim, ??P4 is me
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+Payam; got it
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zakim, who's on the phone?
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On the phone I see Holger, Payam, +1.202.408.aaaa
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zakim, who's on the phone?
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On the phone I see Holger, Payam, +1.202.408.aaaa, +1.650.450.aabb, krp, Prateek
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zakim, who's on the phone?
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On the phone I see Holger, Payam, +1.202.408.aaaa, +1.650.450.aabb, krp, Prateek, michael
20:06:54 [asheth2]
Zakim sees me (Amit Sheth) as Prateek
20:07:23 [asheth2]
do we have URL for minutes?
20:07:46 [Holger]
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+michael; got it
20:11:03 [Holger]
ScribeNick: Payam
20:12:42 [Payam]
Holger, we will wait til we have something represantable for the ontology
20:12:51 [Holger]
20:14:57 [Payam]
on page 4, you have a figure, is that the core ontology?
20:18:52 [Payam]
Michael explaining the core ontology from the paper (page 4)
20:20:17 [Payam]
Amit, we can add other ontologies to the core; e.g OWL-time, geo-location
20:20:56 [Payam]
Amit, main dometions are spatial, temporal, and theme
20:22:47 [JohnGraybeal]
I'm confused -- If we get sufficiently atomic, we don't have to model anything -- everything that describes a sensor can be found in some other ontology. ?
20:23:50 [Payam]
Amit, discussing need for an upper ontology and mapping to other concepts
20:24:22 [krp]
No that's right!
20:24:41 [asheth2]
Key issue is how to use an uppoer ontology and specific ontologies that bring in sensor, time, locaction and thematic dimensions-- the framework for this
20:25:45 [Payam]
John, there are multiple ontolgies which are contradictory; depending which ontology we choose, relations between cpncepts will be different
20:25:53 [michael]
20:26:24 [Holger]
ack michael
20:28:09 [Payam]
Michael, the are Unit of measurments, location, etc. ontologies ... which are core aspects which need to there
20:29:55 [Payam]
20:30:23 [michael]
20:30:28 [michael]
20:31:09 [Holger]
ack Payam
20:31:14 [Holger]
ack michael
20:31:59 [Payam]
Action Michael to add a page to wiki regarding the ontology
20:32:19 [Payam]
Action: Michael to add a page to wiki regarding the ontology
20:32:43 [krp]
Sounds right for the EU
20:33:45 [Holger]
20:34:13 [Payam]
Holger: Timeslot(s) for telephone conferences
20:45:51 [Payam]
discussion on the timeslot to continue on the mailing list
20:49:24 [Payam]
before discussing extenstion packages on the ontologies; we need to discuss the current status of the ontology
20:51:37 [Payam]
John, whether this core satisfies the use case, and everybody should comment on this - it is on the wiki
20:52:40 [Payam]
Holger: one solution is having a dedicated phone call to discuss this, another solution discussing it in f2f meeting
20:52:49 [JohnGraybeal]
the link is
20:53:05 [JohnGraybeal]
instructions are at the top...
20:53:44 [michael]
20:53:57 [JohnGraybeal]
20:54:02 [krp]
20:54:02 [Payam]
[Action] all to discuss the usecase in two weeks
20:54:36 [Payam]
[Action] all to discuss the core concepts of the ontology
20:54:54 [Payam]
[Action]: all to discuss the usecase in two weeks
20:54:59 [michael]
I'm putting up a wiki page aswell
20:55:06 [Payam]
[Action]: all to discuss the core concepts of the ontology
20:56:34 [michael]
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20:57:35 [Holger]
zakim, bye
20:57:35 [Zakim]
leaving. As of this point the attendees were Holger, Payam, +1.202.408.aaaa, +1.650.450.aabb, krp, Prateek, michael
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate Holger
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rrsagent, bye
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ACTION: Michael to add a page to wiki regarding the ontology [1]
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