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Meeting: Timed Text Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 21 August 2009
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+ +41.22.717.aabb
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zakim, aaaa is Fran
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+Fran; got it
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zakim, Fran is really Glen
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+Glen; got it
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zakim, aabb is Glen
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+Glen; got it
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Topic: Open issues
14:06:44 [plh]
14:07:15 [plh]
Glen: I need to look it in the new few days.
14:07:24 [plh]
s/it/into it/
14:07:47 [plh]
Sean: one minor thing on the time codes.
14:08:34 [plh]
... in section 10.4, [...] we need to ban frames in that case there is no frame mode
14:08:59 [plh]
... "If the governing time mode is clock, then time expressions must be interpreted as equivalent to wallclock time expressions in [SMIL 2.1]"
14:09:07 [plh]
... frames wouldn't mean anything in that case
14:09:28 [plh]
Glen: if you specify a frame count, it could be interpreted that way
14:10:04 [plh]
ACTION: Glen to clarify last sentence in section 10.4 in the case of frames
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Sorry, couldn't find user - Glen
14:10:09 [plh]
ACTION: Glenn to clarify last sentence in section 10.4 in the case of frames
14:10:09 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-39 - Clarify last sentence in section 10.4 in the case of frames [on Glenn Adams - due 2009-08-28].
14:10:21 [plh]
14:10:56 [plh]
Sean: [brought an other issue. will create issue]
14:11:20 [plh]
Sean: anything else before moving to PR?
14:11:37 [plh]
Glenn: can we make technical changes during PR?
14:12:09 [plh]
plh: no substantial technical change during PR
14:12:50 [plh]
Glenn: we might need to make changes to the dynamic flow algorithm depending on feedback
14:13:18 [plh]
Andrew: our challenge is to ensure that we have dynamic flow support by having examples.
14:13:22 [plh]
... we're lacking tests
14:13:39 [plh]
... do we have additional examples?
14:14:13 [plh]
Glenn: my basic concern is whether to go to PR and what happens if we have some changes to be done.
14:15:49 [plh]
Glenn: we added a new parameter named time duration
14:18:09 [plh]
Philippe: I suggest to move to CR then
14:18:29 [plh]
... we'll get the test suite and test reports straight during CR
14:20:03 [plh]
... we're looking for REC in mid october
14:20:28 [sean]
Glenn and Andrew volunteer to produce tests
14:20:53 [plh]
Glenn: I'm updating the tests to add profile information
14:21:46 [plh]
... since basic profile is so minimal, we need to specify the features in use
14:23:28 [plh]
Andrew: would be nice to make the tests quicker as well, don't have to wait 10 seconds.
14:24:49 [plh]
Topic: Media fragments
14:24:59 [plh]
plh: [...]
14:25:16 [plh]
Sean: I'll review it. others should feel free as well.
14:25:23 [plh]
Topic: HTML5 video element
14:25:38 [plh]
Sean: captioning is still one of the issues that needs to be addressed.
14:27:01 [plh]
... we could treat timed text like a video codec, ie reference the file.
14:28:13 [plh]
... but since they don't have the smil features, there is no synchronization.
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Attendees were +1.417.671.aaaa, Andrew_Kirkpatrick, Plh, SeanHayes, +41.22.717.aabb, Glen
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