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Meeting: Web Services Resource Access Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 18 August 2009
19:18:20 [Bob]
19:18:35 [Bob]
chair: Bob Freund
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+ +25625660aaaa
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Zakim, aaaa is PaulN
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+PaulN; got it
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zakim, aacc is Sreed
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sorry, Bob, I do not recognize a party named 'aacc'
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zakim aacc is Sreed
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19:35:08 [dug]
Ashok - your pretty tough!
19:35:28 [dug]
Bob is looking to cause more divorces
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zakim, aaee is vikas
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do you see that?
19:38:52 [dug]
I think Ram just asked to scribe :-)
19:39:01 [Bob]
scribe: Paul Nolan
19:39:10 [Bob]
scribenick: PaulN
19:39:17 [dug]
19:39:41 [Bob]
ack dug
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Agenda is accepted
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19:41:30 [Ram]
19:41:39 [Bob]
ack ram
19:42:45 [PaulN]
RESOLUTION: All three sets of minutes from F2F are accepted
19:43:58 [PaulN]
Bob: need chair for 8th Sept - Yves?
19:44:23 [dug]
you skipped a few topics
19:44:28 [PaulN]
Bob: Yves will let group know if he can not make it.
19:45:40 [PaulN]
Yves: Partial put will be done by end Aygust
19:45:44 [Zakim]
19:47:06 [PaulN]
Bob: 6724 Doug will complete 28th August
19:47:40 [Zakim]
19:48:47 [gpilz]
zakim, vikas.a is gpilz
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+gpilz; got it
19:49:40 [PaulN]
Bob has reviewed the expected completion dats of outstanding issues
19:49:57 [PaulN]
TOPIC: Hursley Face to Face
19:51:17 [dug]
I've fixed ALL of the typos that Ram noticed.
19:51:27 [PaulN]
Paul will post details for travel
19:51:45 [dug]
do people prefer WS-Fragment or WS-Fragments ?
19:51:52 [PaulN]
TOPIC: July Snapshot
19:51:59 [Yves]
19:52:09 [Bob]
+1 Yves
19:52:16 [Wu]
19:52:53 [Ram]
19:52:55 [PaulN]
Bob: "WS-Fragment" will be used
19:53:00 [Bob]
ack ram
19:53:33 [PaulN]
Ram: more time requested
19:53:51 [Bob]
for MEX and RT
19:54:20 [PaulN]
TOPIC: initial draft of WS-Fragment spec
19:54:59 [PaulN]
Doug: can people plese review
19:55:48 [PaulN]
Bob: should we accept the spec and raise issues for open questions?
19:56:06 [dug]
19:57:17 [PaulN]
Bob: next week we will review this proposed draft
19:57:30 [PaulN]
TOPIC: new issues
19:58:14 [Bob]
zakim, whi is making noise
19:58:14 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'whi is making noise', Bob
19:58:20 [Bob]
zakim, who is making noise
19:58:20 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'who is making noise', Bob
19:59:19 [PaulN]
Bob: no objections to opening new issue 7235
20:00:29 [Zakim]
20:00:59 [dug]
Unless otherwise noted, all URIs are absolute URIs and URI comparison MUST be
20:01:01 [dug]
performed according to [RFC 3986] section 6.2.1.
20:01:21 [PaulN]
Doug: new issue 7270. Specs consistency issue
20:01:36 [PaulN]
Bob: new issue accepted
20:02:08 [PaulN]
TOPIC: issue-6403
20:02:56 [dug]
20:03:11 [PaulN]
Bob: we need to resolve an important question before going too far
20:06:14 [PaulN]
Ashok: reviewed two points he has raised
20:06:24 [Wu]
20:06:33 [Bob]
ack wu
20:07:43 [PaulN]
wu: should only EP related policies will be attached inside the EPR
20:09:02 [PaulN]
Ashok: only EPR related policies should be attached in the proposed way
20:09:17 [PaulN]
20:09:28 [Bob]
ack paul
20:10:44 [dug]
20:11:00 [Wu]
20:11:11 [Bob]
ack dug
20:11:42 [Bob]
ack wu
20:12:34 [Bob]
20:12:36 [PaulN]
wu: to clarify. we will define a namespace?
20:13:25 [Ram]
20:13:27 [PaulN]
Wu: one namespace fo all specs?
20:13:35 [Bob]
ack bob
20:13:45 [dug]
+1 one NS per spec
20:13:50 [Yves]
20:13:50 [gpilz]
20:13:53 [Wu]
+1 Bob
20:13:57 [PaulN]
Bob: should we do one namespace per spec?
20:14:05 [Bob]
ack ram
20:15:38 [PaulN]
Bob: do we more or less agree on the proposed direction?
20:16:37 [PaulN]
20:16:45 [Bob]
ack paul
20:17:22 [Wu]
Bob's point as I understand (agree) is to have one policy namespace per spec for ease maintenance.
20:17:37 [Wu]
20:17:45 [Bob]
ack wu
20:17:48 [Ashok]
I think that would be fine
20:19:29 [PaulN]
Bob: are we agreed on direction?
20:19:44 [PaulN]
20:20:03 [PaulN]
TOPIC: issue-7206
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20:20:23 [Bob]
s/no/no moved up a fe lines
20:21:20 [dug]
In cases where it is either desirable or necessary for the receiver of a request that has been extended to indicate that it has recognized and accepted the semantics associated with that extension, implementers are encouraged to add a corresponding extension to the response message.
20:21:41 [dug]
(that's Gil's text)
20:21:55 [dug]
Ram's text: In cases where it is either desirable or necessary for the receiver of a request that has been extended to indicate that it has recognized and accepted the semantics associated with that extension, it is recommended that the receiver add a corresponding extension to the response message. The definition of an extension should clearly specify how the extension that appears in the...
20:21:57 [dug]
...response correlates with that in the corresponding request.
20:22:05 [PaulN]
Gpilz: reviewed proposal
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20:23:52 [Wu]
20:24:19 [Bob]
ack wu
20:25:02 [dug]
20:25:11 [Bob]
ack dug
20:25:37 [PaulN]
Doug: is this issue specific to just the one spec?
20:25:57 [PaulN]
Gpilz: All specs affected
20:26:36 [PaulN]
no objections to proposal
20:26:56 [PaulN]
7206 will be extended to all specs
20:27:12 [PaulN]
RESOLUTION: proposal accepted
20:27:48 [PaulN]
TOPIC: issue-7204
20:28:41 [dug]
+1 to cwna
20:29:00 [Ram]
20:29:34 [gpilz]
+1 to cwna
20:30:29 [Bob]
ack ram
20:30:52 [Zakim]
20:31:44 [gpilz]
20:32:15 [Bob]
ack gp
20:32:26 [Wu]
20:33:45 [PaulN]
Gpilz: complexity is dealt with by explicity stating cobinations of extensions that are supported.
20:34:22 [Bob]
ack wu
20:34:50 [PaulN]
Wu: how do we advertise these extensions?
20:35:44 [PaulN]
Gpilz: each new extension defines itself
20:36:19 [PaulN]
Wu: should we use Policy?
20:38:13 [PaulN]
Wu: should we use WSDL to advertise?
20:41:45 [PaulN]
Bob: notes that WS-Policy should be used for extensions
20:42:13 [PaulN]
RESOLUTION: no action
20:42:33 [Ram]
20:42:44 [Bob]
ack ram
20:43:40 [PaulN]
TOPIC: isue-71??
20:44:07 [Bob]
20:44:08 [Ram]
-Issue-7160 Eventing:check 2119 terms -Davis
20:44:30 [PaulN]
TOPIC: isue-7191
20:44:53 [PaulN]
RESOLUTION: as proposed
20:45:07 [PaulN]
TOPIC: isue-7193
20:45:13 [PaulN]
RESOLUTION: as proposed
20:45:24 [PaulN]
TOPIC: isue-7195
20:45:32 [PaulN]
RESOLUTION: as proposed
20:46:02 [PaulN]
TOPIC: isue-7196
20:46:04 [dug]
20:46:13 [Bob]
ack dug
20:46:13 [PaulN]
RESOLUTION: as proposed
20:46:28 [PaulN]
TOPIC: isue-7197
20:46:50 [PaulN]
RESOLUTION: as proposed
20:47:33 [PaulN]
TOPIC: isue-6401
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20:48:49 [Zakim]
20:48:50 [Zakim]
20:48:51 [Zakim]
20:48:52 [Zakim]
20:48:53 [Zakim]
20:48:53 [Zakim]
20:48:54 [Zakim]
20:48:55 [Zakim]
20:48:57 [Zakim]
20:48:59 [Zakim]
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rrsagent, generate minutes
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WS_WSRA()3:30PM has ended
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Attendees were +25625660aaaa, Doug_Davis, PaulN, Bob_Freund, +984999aabb, Tom_Rutt, +1.408.970.aacc, +984999aadd, fmaciel, Wu_Chou, Vikas, Sreed, Yves, Ashok_Malhotra,
20:49:06 [Zakim]
... +1.408.642.aaee, [Microsoft], Mark_Little, gpilz
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rrsagent, generate minutes
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