Internationalization Core Teleconference

12 Aug 2009

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Addison Phillips
Addison Phillips




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discussion of language subtag registry

Working with Time Zones


need to still work on the "real stuff" (the guidelines)


richard: implemented changes in bidi doc
... need to send out now to winter list to ask for last call comments
... also redone webfonts tests
... largely done, but struggling with some of the .EOT test issues
... also saying something about the font licenses
... removed some of the fonts
... rewrote the results pages, etc. etc.
... results are more up to date and smaller than they were

addison and dan planned a ws-i18n handoff for next thursday, 20 august

Action Items

Richard: respond on our behalf to CSS on ruby issue
... look at framework for i18n guidelines and suggest actions to take on document

waiting on Ian

and/or webmaster

richard: publish i18n-guide-frameword as (retired, obsolete) WD

<scribe> DONE

<r12a> http://rishida.net/scripts/uniview/


Summary of Action Items

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