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11:56:54 [steph]
zakim, this will be mw4d
11:56:54 [Zakim]
ok, steph; I see MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM scheduled to start in 4 minutes
11:57:09 [steph]
MEETING:MW4D IG Teleconference
11:57:32 [steph]
11:57:38 [steph]
Present: stephane
11:57:52 [steph]
zakim, code ?
11:57:52 [Zakim]
the conference code is 6493 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), steph
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MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM has now started
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+ +58160aaaa
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Hello Everybody, Lauri's vacation is over and now in IRC for cc
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+ +7.956.02.aabb
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zakim, aaaa is Adesina
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+Adesina; got it
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zakim, Arun is Raphael
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+Raphael; got it
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Adesina is here
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zakim, MiraS is Mira
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sorry, MiraS, I do not recognize a party named 'MiraS'
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zakim, ??P4 is Mira
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+Mira; got it
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zakim, who is here
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steph, you need to end that query with '?'
12:05:38 [steph]
zakim, who is here ?
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On the phone I see Adesina, Lauri, +7.956.02.aabb, Raphael, Mira
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On IRC I see Raphael, Lauri, RRSAgent, Zakim, steph, Adesna, MiraS
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zakim, aabb is me
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+steph; got it
12:05:56 [Adesna]
12:06:12 [steph]
12:06:22 [steph]
ack adesna
12:07:05 [Raphael]
Yoshiko is on leave but will join us in other teleconferences
12:07:06 [steph]
Topic: approval of last week minutes
12:07:16 [steph]
12:07:19 [Raphael]
Lauri proposes approval
12:07:21 [steph]
12:07:34 [Adesna]
12:07:36 [Raphael]
seconded by 3
12:07:47 [steph]
12:08:01 [MiraS]
12:08:04 [steph]
Topic:review of action items
12:08:28 [steph]
stephane to update the roadmap and the issue 5 in the discussion
12:08:28 [steph]
doc about accessibility
12:08:36 [steph]
12:08:55 [steph]
steph to contact mike best
12:09:01 [steph]
12:09:01 [Raphael]
I can contact Mike Best if you wish
12:09:21 [Raphael]
OK, I take this action.
12:09:39 [Raphael]
For feedback and/or to join our group
12:10:08 [steph]
Topic:Discussion on roadmap
12:10:46 [Raphael]
steph: wishes to accelerate the release of the roadmap
12:11:08 [Raphael]
more than a year on and we need to share content with the community
12:11:19 [Raphael]
in order to receive feedback
12:12:04 [Raphael]
Event coming end of Sept. Steph shared info on it via the mailing list
12:13:13 [Raphael]
steph: read the doc and provide feedback
12:13:36 [Raphael]
some people write private feedback but Steph would prefer to have them shared with all the group
12:13:53 [Raphael]
so we can build concensus
12:14:08 [Raphael]
12:14:31 [steph]
ack raphael
12:17:12 [Raphael]
Raphael to do the glossary
12:17:15 [MiraS]
12:17:38 [Raphael]
Lauri mentions that the doc date has not changed, but the content has
12:18:06 [steph]
ack mira
12:18:24 [Raphael]
Mira offers help for reviewing and editing
12:18:56 [Raphael]
Steph: OK for helping on this
12:19:13 [Adesna]
12:20:09 [steph]
12:20:11 [Raphael]
Adesina: are we focusing on mobile phones only?
12:20:23 [Raphael]
are we including tech such as WiMax?
12:20:40 [Adesna]
other devices lke PDA,
12:21:55 [Raphael]
Steph: gives the background why certain technological choices were made for the roadmap content
12:22:04 [Adesna]
12:22:47 [MiraS]
12:23:40 [Lauri]
12:23:58 [Raphael]
Steph: not in favor of looking at all technologies in this document, but open to discuss it, including today
12:24:05 [Adesna]
12:24:32 [Raphael]
Mira: brought the issue of WiMax due to cost for the end users
12:24:56 [Raphael]
Steph: started to draft the cost section and it may be extended
12:24:58 [Adesna]
12:25:21 [Raphael]
ack Adesna
12:25:42 [steph]
ack Miras
12:26:09 [Raphael]
Lauri: shares what Steph said, that we should focus on what has been done and not what could be done
12:26:51 [Raphael]
we should look at practical applications
12:29:04 [Raphael]
Adesina: GSM coverage is often very poor in rural villages while wifi does a good job in giving access to ICTs
12:29:09 [Raphael]
12:29:18 [Adesna]
12:29:21 [Lauri]
12:29:30 [Lauri]
12:30:05 [Raphael]
12:30:50 [Adesna]
12:30:54 [Raphael]
Adesina, do you have examples at hand? for wifi/wimax usage, well documented?
12:31:07 [Raphael]
in rural villages
12:32:13 [Raphael]
Lauri: we focused, from the beginning on mobile applications and GSM
12:32:56 [Raphael]
wifi is often only the "last mile"
12:33:55 [MiraS]
12:34:24 [Raphael]
Adesina: wifi provides access, for end-users, to ITCs and therefore should be considered
12:34:50 [Raphael]
Mira: the problem comes from the definition of mobility
12:35:18 [Adesna]
The focus here is access to information to end-users over mobile/wireless platforms
12:35:20 [Lauri]
12:35:47 [Adesna]
There are wifi-mobile phones though not widely available
12:37:37 [Raphael]
Steph: the discussion on wifi/wimax technology does not seem relevant to our work. We should focus on communities' need in content, the underlying technology is not really the problem
12:38:13 [Raphael]
the available bandwidth is of interest, not the channels, here
12:39:05 [Raphael]
Adesina: fears that the roadmap is too focused on GSM technologies
12:39:42 [Adesna]
12:39:49 [Raphael]
12:39:54 [MiraS]
I agree
12:40:51 [Raphael]
Lauri: we said we should focus on widely available technologies
12:41:53 [Raphael]
we should focus on the "small screen" devices
12:42:02 [Adesna]
ok then
12:42:04 [Adesna]
12:42:22 [MiraS]
12:43:07 [Adesna]
12:43:08 [Raphael]
OK with me
12:43:16 [Lauri]
OK for Lauri
12:43:16 [MiraS]
12:45:40 [Raphael]
Steph: Discussion on the Technologies Section
12:46:42 [Raphael]
Huge range of applications and potential technologies. Scope very broad. Need to reduce it.
12:48:47 [Raphael]
12:49:09 [Adesna]
12:49:31 [Lauri]
12:49:59 [Adesna]
I agree with Raphael
12:52:53 [Raphael]
12:53:03 [MiraS]
12:54:58 [Lauri]
12:55:22 [Raphael]
I think we should take the opportunity of this road map to give an overview of what technologies exist, are used for applications for development, and make sense
12:55:53 [Raphael]
lot's of initiatives are taking place, the hard work is to go through them all and do the synthesis
12:56:03 [Raphael]
in a couple of pages
12:56:56 [Raphael]
Steph: should we go with other technologies or remain with the 3 main ones proposed
12:58:01 [Raphael]
Lauri: we need to also consider the application coverage objective, to better guide roadmap readers/users
12:58:23 [Raphael]
i.e. nation-wide application in Finland for tsunami alert
12:58:37 [Adesna]
Like Frontline SMS?
12:59:31 [Raphael]
Steph, I think that the three initial domains are good to start with
12:59:51 [Raphael]
we can see if we need more later
13:01:01 [Raphael]
13:01:09 [Adesna]
13:01:22 [Lauri]
13:02:31 [MiraS]
I agree to keeping the 3 main groups. I think USSD deserves a mention under the "signalling" title.
13:05:08 [Lauri]
13:06:17 [MiraS]
We could probably include examples without making it comprehensive.
13:06:26 [Adesna]
13:06:33 [Raphael]
13:06:48 [Zakim]
13:07:10 [MiraS]
13:08:49 [Raphael]
steph ??
13:08:53 [steph]
sorry i got disconnected
13:09:07 [steph]
don't what hapenned but i can't rejoin
13:09:33 [Raphael]
13:09:38 [Raphael]
we'll close
13:09:47 [steph]
sorry about that
13:09:50 [Adesna]
Sorry, I have to go
13:10:06 [steph]
so in order to to feed the discussion for next week
13:10:07 [Adesna]
I am still on
13:10:09 [Lauri]
Lauri explained the difference of several Mobile technologies with example of gas station price information database
13:10:10 [steph]
i will focus on
13:10:20 [Adesna]
Ltes ken ands steph take care of it
13:10:21 [steph]
developing the section 7
13:10:23 [Lauri]
13:10:24 [Zakim]
13:10:25 [Zakim]
13:10:29 [Zakim]
13:10:31 [Raphael]
13:10:32 [Zakim]
13:10:34 [Zakim]
MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM has ended
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13:10:36 [Zakim]
Attendees were +58160aaaa, Lauri, +7.956.02.aabb, Adesina, Raphael, Mira, steph
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, make minutes
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