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rrsagent, make logs public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate PhilA2
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i hope its ok to invite RRSagent after the fact
14:08:44 [mischat]
FabGandon: the metrics you pointed to seem to be about the network as a whole, which would require the social network itself to be up for sharing this information. Or am I wrong? I guess of business wouldn't share this info.
14:09:41 [rreck]
businesses that arent on top benefit by putting their own spin on the "measurements" they DO provide
14:10:08 [mischat]
but I see how the information is needed to normalise data about peoples involvement in various social networks. Which make this task of metrics a hard one.
14:15:30 [PhilA2]
scribe: rreck
14:15:30 [PhilA2]
rreck: DKA: requests speakers announce themselves for my benefit
14:15:30 [PhilA2]
PhilA2: scribeNick:rreck
14:15:30 [PhilA2]
14:15:30 [PhilA2]
mischat: I have to apologise I have not finished my actions. But I have found time to work on them today and tomorrow. Will mail the list when I think I am done with the work.
14:15:32 [PhilA2]
Zakim: +hhalpin
14:15:34 [PhilA2]
FabGandon: Zakim, +49.238.aadd is me
14:15:36 [PhilA2]
Zakim: +FabGandon; got it
14:15:38 [PhilA2]
rreck: DKA: review the minutes from last week's call
14:15:40 [PhilA2]
cperey: I cannot attend
14:15:42 [PhilA2]
cperey: yes, it is 29 july
14:15:44 [PhilA2]
rreck: DKA: cannot attend the next meeting
14:15:46 [PhilA2]
danbri: regrets from me (at least start of the call; will try to join later)
14:15:48 [PhilA2]
rreck: DKA: today's call is about metrics
14:15:50 [PhilA2]
danbri: i am away next 3 weeks also, but will update the Invites page before i leave
14:15:52 [PhilA2]
14:15:54 [PhilA2]
PhilA2: Agenda:
14:15:56 [PhilA2]
PhilA2: Chair: DKA
14:15:58 [PhilA2]
rreck: DKA: any volunteers for the actions listed on the agenda?
14:16:00 [PhilA2]
rreck: rreck: i entered a user story
14:16:02 [PhilA2]
PhilA2: q+
14:16:04 [PhilA2]
: Zakim sees PhilA on the speaker queue
14:16:06 [PhilA2]
cperey: context task force is very vague
14:16:07 [PhilA2]
rreck: harry: please finish actions they have left so that next meetings are more productive
14:16:10 [PhilA2]
mischat: I have not completed my actions either. I have 2 actions to complete. One summarise our chats, and the second one was to set up a git repo of T&Cs.
14:16:13 [PhilA2]
DKA: ack phila
14:16:15 [PhilA2]
: Zakim sees no one on the speaker queue
14:16:17 [PhilA2]
mischat: i will get them done soon.
14:16:19 [PhilA2]
14:16:21 [PhilA2]
rreck: phil: charter under development for working group about context awareness
14:16:23 [PhilA2]
rreck: DKA: very relevant effort
14:16:25 [PhilA2]
rreck: w
14:16:27 [PhilA2]
cperey: are they aware of what is happening in this XG?
14:16:27 [AlexKorth]
someone's pasting a lot
14:16:29 [PhilA2]
rreck: DKA: claudio should be interested in this
14:16:31 [PhilA2]
rreck: DKA: unbiquious web domain
14:16:33 [PhilA2]
mischat: no mention of the SWXG on the wiki
14:16:35 [PhilA2]
cperey: this is important
14:16:37 [PhilA2]
rreck: phil: let's not take too much time today talking about this since we have guests
14:16:39 [PhilA2]
mischat: agreed this is important work. And there is talk of actual output
14:16:41 [PhilA2]
rreck: DKA: recommends phil to invite <someone> to the next meeting
14:16:43 [PhilA2]
rreck: s /<someone>/dave
14:16:45 [PhilA2]
cperey: nope
14:16:47 [PhilA2]
PhilA2: action: PhilA to contact Dave Ragget and invite him to talk to the XG
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trackbot: Sorry, couldn't find user - PhilA
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14:16:53 [PhilA2]
PhilA2: action: Phil_Archer to contact Dave Ragget and invite him to talk to the XG
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14:16:57 [PhilA2]
trackbot: Sorry, couldn't find user - Phil_Archer
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14:16:59 [PhilA2]
cperey: 1
14:17:01 [PhilA2]
rreck: DKA: let move on to the speaker SAm
14:17:03 [PhilA2]
mischat: yes
14:17:05 [PhilA2]
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PhilA2: action: Archer to contact Dave Ragget and invite him to talk to the XG
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trackbot: Created ACTION-60 - Contact Dave Ragget and invite him to talk to the XG [on Phil Archer - due 2009-07-29].
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14:17:14 [PhilA2]
14:17:16 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: i have slides to supplement my talk
14:17:18 [PhilA2]
Zakim: + +1.781.273.aaee
14:17:20 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: can everyone see the PDF?
14:17:22 [PhilA2]
MacTed: Zakim, aaee is OpenLink_Software
14:17:24 [PhilA2]
Zakim: +OpenLink_Software; got it
14:17:26 [PhilA2]
MacTed: Zakim, OpenLink_Software is temporarily MacTed
14:17:28 [PhilA2]
Zakim: +MacTed; got it
14:17:29 [PhilA2]
: -> lkagal has joined swxg
14:17:32 [PhilA2]
MacTed: Zakim, mute me
14:17:34 [PhilA2]
Zakim: MacTed should now be muted
14:17:36 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: gypsy is introduced since iphone and googlephone
14:17:38 [PhilA2]
cperey: GyPSii was PRIOR to iPhone and Android
14:17:40 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: location based app on Windows mobile in 2003
14:17:42 [PhilA2]
rreck: sorry i got that backwards
14:17:44 [PhilA2]
Zakim: -cperey
14:17:46 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: focus is around recording your life
14:17:48 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: and publishing thereof, facebook and twitter
14:17:50 [PhilA2]
mischat: lifelogging, audio, video, image based recording of your life
14:17:52 [PhilA2]
Zakim: +cperey
14:17:54 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: user generated content is key
14:17:56 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: finding and making friends and where they are and have been
14:17:58 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: and what is around you
14:18:00 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: see where things are on a map, museums, gas stations
14:18:02 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: transport information
14:18:04 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: messages and newsfeed
14:18:06 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: business model is advertising based, location based
14:18:09 [PhilA2]
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14:18:10 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: content that is nearby. its in China and US
14:18:12 [PhilA2]
AndreaP: zakim, code
14:18:14 [PhilA2]
Zakim: I don't understand 'code', AndreaP
14:18:16 [PhilA2]
AndreaP: zakim, code?
14:18:18 [PhilA2]
Zakim: the conference code is 7994 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), AndreaP
14:18:20 [PhilA2]
mischat: video of gypsii:
14:18:22 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: available on app stores. blackberry
14:18:24 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: Mobile Apps ? store, download & pre-installed. S60, BB, iPhone, J2ME
14:18:26 [PhilA2]
Zakim: +csma
14:18:28 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: we havent focused on mobile website in western areas
14:18:30 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: future technologies will change this
14:18:32 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: partners can use an API
14:18:34 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: supports 18 languages
14:18:36 [PhilA2]
Zakim: + +1.617.800.aaff
14:18:38 [PhilA2]
karl: zakim, +1.617.800.aaff is karl
14:18:38 [DKA]
Phil what are you doing? :)
14:18:40 [PhilA2]
Zakim: +karl; got it
14:18:42 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: China is the busiest. cannot disclose the user numbers ATM
14:18:44 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: not the size of the largest networks
14:18:46 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: slides 3 & 4 are screenshots
14:18:48 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: slide 5 is about security
14:18:50 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: default is not show location
14:18:52 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: everyone can see profile
14:18:54 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: Western areas are more concerned about this
14:18:57 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: content visibility default allows everyone to see it
14:18:58 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: these settings can be changed
14:19:00 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: friend of friend setting is being considered for the future
14:19:02 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: identification standard is important
14:19:05 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: since advertising is the business model. knowing the member is important to perpetuate this
14:19:06 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: importing and exporting media would be nice
14:19:09 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: there are potential conflicts of interest in developing this further
14:19:10 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: future sensor information would be useful
14:19:12 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: metrics are useful for investors
14:19:14 [PhilA2]
AlexKorth: until how many members?
14:19:16 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: opt in feature for adding comments
14:19:18 [PhilA2]
mischat: q+
14:19:20 [PhilA2]
: Zakim sees mischat on the speaker queue
14:19:21 [PhilA2]
mischat: zakim, unmute me
14:19:24 [PhilA2]
Zakim: mischat should no longer be muted
14:19:26 [PhilA2]
DKA: q?
14:19:28 [PhilA2]
: Zakim sees mischat on the speaker queue
14:19:30 [PhilA2]
DKA: ack misc
14:19:32 [PhilA2]
: Zakim sees no one on the speaker queue
14:19:34 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: determining the impact of these features would be helpful
14:19:36 [PhilA2]
rreck: mischat: how much information do you need from users aside from that provided by openID
14:19:39 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: email and mobile phone number is requested
14:19:40 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: we contact people through those vectors
14:19:42 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: we ask for name but cannot verify it
14:19:44 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: we hope to collect additional information
14:19:46 [PhilA2]
rreck: mischat: are you allowing people to comment on locations?
14:19:48 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: this requires identification of a place at a location. comments about that place is then possible
14:19:50 [PhilA2]
rreck: mischat: i believe the information you request is available through openID
14:19:52 [PhilA2]
rreck: Sam: can we retain that information?
14:19:54 [PhilA2]
PhilA2: zakim, close action-60
14:19:56 [PhilA2]
Zakim: I don't understand 'close action-60', PhilA2
14:19:58 [PhilA2]
rreck: mischat: yes, through an unique identifier. A URI
14:20:00 [PhilA2]
14:20:41 [AlexKorth]
dont we have a better flood protection here?
14:21:27 [AlexKorth]
where have all the hyper-sensitive IRC bots gone? ;)
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