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Meeting: Web Services Resource Access Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 21 July 2009
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Meeting: Web Services Resource Access Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 21 July 2009
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chair: Bob Freund
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zakim, aaaa is Vikas
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zakim, aabb is Sreed
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zakim, aacc Paul
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I don't understand 'aacc Paul', Bob
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zakim, aacc is Paul
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+Paul; got it
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19:34:46 [Bob]
scribe: Paul Nolan
19:35:15 [Bob]
19:35:34 [Bob]
scribenick: paul
19:36:08 [Paul]
Agenda accepted
19:36:33 [Paul]
Minutes approved for July14th
19:38:16 [gpilz]
19:38:28 [Bob]
ack gpil
19:38:33 [Paul]
Wu: proposal for 6401 will be ready for F2F
19:39:50 [Paul]
gpilz: feels the proposal is not quite complete
19:40:03 [gpilz]
s/not quite/far from/
19:40:49 [Geoff]
19:41:10 [Bob]
ack geoff
19:41:20 [Paul]
Bob: F2F. Please register before 28th July
19:41:47 [Wu]
welcome to drop us an email and we will try to address it.
19:41:51 [Paul]
Geoff: Shall we have a group dinner?
19:42:19 [Paul]
All: depends on wine list
19:42:20 [dug]
I assume breakfast will be served, right?
19:42:38 [Geoff]
19:42:45 [dug]
great -thanks
19:42:58 [dug]
+1 to all of us at your photo shoot
19:43:17 [Paul]
Topic: New issue 7122
19:44:07 [Paul]
No objetions
19:44:41 [Zakim]
19:44:47 [asir]
7 seconds
19:45:27 [Zakim]
19:45:29 [Paul]
RESOLUTION: proposal in Bugzilla
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19:48:11 [Wu]
19:48:56 [gpilz]
19:49:03 [Paul]
TOPIC: 6980
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19:49:31 [Bob]
ack wu
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+ +1.408.970.aaee
19:49:48 [Wu]
19:49:49 [fmaciel]
zakim, aaee is fmaciel
19:49:50 [Zakim]
+fmaciel; got it
19:50:30 [Bob]
ack tom
19:50:34 [dug]
We should mandate wsdl2.0 :-)
19:50:43 [Yves]
19:50:51 [Bob]
I hope not
19:50:56 [Geoff]
19:51:05 [Paul]
Tom: multi-part messages should not be included
19:51:18 [Bob]
ack gp
19:51:21 [Bob]
ack wu
19:52:05 [Paul]
Wu: suggested change to Dougs proposal should only be small
19:52:30 [Wu]
19:53:00 [DaveS]
19:53:04 [Bob]
ack geo
19:53:49 [DaveS]
19:53:56 [DaveS]
Dave agrees with Geoff
19:54:00 [dug]
+1 to Geoff
19:54:26 [Paul]
Geoff: Shall we agree to the proposal and open a new issue for Wu's concern
19:54:52 [gpilz]
+1 to Geoff
19:55:09 [Tom_Rutt]
19:55:59 [Paul]
Wu: agrees with proposal in principle.
19:56:12 [gpilz]
19:56:20 [Bob]
ack wu
19:56:27 [Paul]
Wu: minor alteration was discussed
19:56:30 [Bob]
ack tom
19:56:53 [Wu]
19:57:02 [Bob]
ack gpi
19:57:13 [Paul]
Tom: feels Wu's issue should be handled sperately
19:58:17 [Paul]
Gil: agrees with Geoff. Lets not hold up the proposal over this new concern
19:58:35 [gpilz]
19:58:41 [gpilz]
19:59:12 [Tom_Rutt]
19:59:43 [gpilz]
19:59:48 [Paul]
Wu: woul rather agree to the proposal and deal with multi-part messages later
19:59:48 [Wu]
19:59:53 [Bob]
ack wu
20:00:08 [DaveS]
20:00:11 [Geoff]
20:00:12 [DaveS]
20:00:14 [Bob]
ack tom
20:00:23 [Bob]
ack tom
20:00:32 [Bob]
ack gpi
20:00:47 [DaveS]
20:01:19 [Paul]
Tom: we need to discuss whether multi-part messages should be raised as an issue
20:01:22 [Wu]
20:02:52 [Paul]
Bob: any objections to accepting the proposal and opening a new issue for multi-part messages
20:03:01 [Tom_Rutt]
20:03:06 [DaveS]
+1 to not expanding the scope of the issue.
20:03:13 [gpilz]
20:03:46 [Paul]
Geoff: lets see the proposal for the multi-part messages first
20:03:46 [Bob]
ack geo
20:03:52 [Bob]
ack wu
20:03:53 [dug]
as issue owner, I disagree this is just about XPath over the raw event data itself - single part
20:04:10 [Bob]
ack tom
20:04:16 [dug]
s/I disagree/I disagree,/
20:04:22 [Geoff]
20:04:51 [gpilz]
+1 to Tom
20:04:59 [DaveS]
+1 to Tom
20:05:10 [Bob]
ack geo
20:05:12 [Ashok]
+1 to Tom
20:05:17 [dug]
20:05:59 [gpilz]
20:06:50 [Wu]
20:06:50 [Bob]
ack dug
20:07:40 [Paul]
Tom: this multi-part extension is a bigger issue than implied
20:08:57 [Paul]
Doug: there has been plently of time to raise this issue
20:09:49 [Tom_Rutt]
20:11:01 [Bob]
ack gpi
20:11:26 [Paul]
Bob: if Wu's concern is contravertial we should perhaps not wait another week before deciding whether to raise it as a new issue
20:11:59 [Paul]
Gil: why not close the main issue?
20:12:24 [dug]
And that same member has asked for a week, got that week - so let's move on
20:12:34 [Bob]
ack wu
20:13:39 [Paul]
Bob: if we had straw poll would this help ?
20:13:46 [Tom_Rutt]
If we add a statement "if multipart notifications are used" implies that we agree to support multi part notificaitons. This impacts other issues (e.g., 6401) and other text, so I do not want this issue to have a resolution which implies support for multipart
20:13:51 [Bob]
ack tom
20:13:56 [dug]
we're discussing an unknown friendly amendment - don't see what the straw poll will solve?
20:14:26 [gpilz]
+1 to Tom; I object to anything that indicates an Event Source might emit multi-part messages
20:15:17 [Paul]
Tom: Wu's change implies support for multi-part
20:16:02 [Zakim]
20:16:34 [Tom_Rutt]
20:17:03 [Paul]
Bob: will anyone impplement multi-part?
20:17:06 [Bob]
ack tom
20:17:15 [dug]
20:17:58 [Wu]
20:18:17 [Bob]
ack dug
20:18:58 [DaveS]
20:19:07 [Bob]
ack wu
20:19:09 [DaveS]
20:19:10 [Tom_Rutt]
20:19:13 [Paul]
Doug: lets please split these issues
20:19:30 [dug]
may I respond?
20:19:33 [dug]
20:20:28 [Paul]
Wu: is Doug's proposal implying single part?
20:20:32 [DaveS]
20:21:37 [Paul]
Doug: it implies neither single or multi-part
20:21:45 [DaveS]
20:22:06 [Tom_Rutt]
my major concern about multipart, allowing some of the notification content to be in header severly impacts any implementations of federation with other implementation choices to relay notifications (e.g. JMS) It will severly impact such implementations (outside the scope of ws-eventing)
20:22:09 [Bob]
ack tom
20:22:30 [Wu]
20:22:40 [Paul]
WWu: acceots that since Dougs proposal does not address XX-part messages he can accept it and raise a new issue
20:23:42 [Bob]
ack wu
20:23:44 [Paul]
RESOLUTION: pproposal in bugzilla. New issue may be opened for multi-part messages
20:24:12 [Paul]
TOPIC: issue-6711
20:24:23 [dug]
+1 to cwna
20:24:45 [Paul]
Geoff: perhaps this can be closed with no action
20:24:59 [Paul]
RESOLUTION: closed with no action
20:26:24 [Paul]
TOPIC: issue-6500
20:26:34 [dug]
20:26:55 [Bob]
ack dug
20:26:55 [Paul]
Geoff: we are happy to close with no action
20:27:39 [Paul]
Doug: likes wrapper, it adds etensibility point
20:27:45 [gpilz]
20:27:51 [dug]
20:27:53 [asir]
20:27:59 [Paul]
Geoff: this issue depends on 7015?
20:28:03 [Bob]
ack dug
20:28:40 [Bob]
ack asir
20:28:44 [Paul]
Geoff: resolution will need to be consistent across these issues
20:29:20 [Paul]
Doug: it just needs to be right
20:29:43 [gpilz]
20:30:10 [Bob]
ack gpr
20:30:15 [Bob]
ack gpi
20:30:17 [asir]
Not understanding the difference
20:31:05 [DaveS]
20:31:39 [Bob]
ack dave
20:32:02 [Paul]
Dave: what is use case for request extensibility?
20:32:41 [Zakim]
20:33:06 [Zakim]
+ +984999aaff
20:33:15 [Paul]
Doug: types of data perhaps or information about the metadata
20:34:45 [Paul]
Bob: can ww close by adopting the proposal?
20:35:13 [Paul]
RESOLUTION: close by accepting proposal
20:35:31 [Paul]
TOPIC: issue-6719
20:35:37 [asir]
20:37:21 [Paul]
Asir: deals with mex dialect and recursive links
20:37:46 [Bob]
20:37:57 [Bob]
ack asir
20:38:00 [dug]
20:39:04 [Paul]
Asir: there is a good example for this dialect
20:39:24 [dug]
"This value indicates the type of the metadata contained within the Metadata Section. When used in conjunction with Metadata Reference or Location, this allows the inclusion of metadata by reference."
20:39:59 [Bob]
ack dug
20:40:02 [asir]
20:40:29 [Bob]
ack asir
20:41:02 [Paul]
Doug: the wording of the issue does not metion mex dialect
20:41:06 [asir]
Here is the full text
20:41:07 [asir]
This value indicates the type of the metadata contained within the Metadata Section. When used in conjunction with Metadata Reference or Location, this allows the inclusion of metadata by reference.
20:41:44 [dug]
.. /mex:Metadata/mex:MetadataSection/@Dialect =""
20:42:18 [asir]
20:43:10 [Bob]
ack asir
20:43:55 [Paul]
Asir: this text needs clarification
20:44:04 [dug]
can we get an ETA?
20:44:38 [Paul]
ACTION: asir and Ashok to modify test by 07/28
20:44:38 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-84 - And Ashok to modify test by 07/28 [on Asir Vedamuthu - due 2009-07-28].
20:45:56 [dug]
20:46:30 [Paul]
Yves: to address 5533 by mid august
20:47:39 [Paul]
Geoff: 6551 no progress
20:48:18 [Paul]
Doug: shall we close with no action
20:48:25 [Paul]
Geoff: agree
20:48:46 [Paul]
RESOLUTION: 6551 closed with no action
20:49:43 [asir]
20:50:05 [Bob]
ack asir
20:51:20 [Paul]
Doug: will address 6694 by F2F
20:53:50 [Paul]
Yves 7013 partial put and versioning. Will address by mid August
20:54:27 [Paul]
ACTION: Doug 7068 addressed by F2F
20:54:27 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-85 - 7068 addressed by F2F [on Doug Davis - due 2009-07-28].
20:54:56 [Bob]
6403 ai re-assign to Asir
20:56:29 [Paul]
ACTION: Asir to address 6403 by mid August
20:56:29 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-86 - Address 6403 by mid August [on Asir Vedamuthu - due 2009-07-28].
20:58:33 [dug]
what's that noise? sounds like a kid talking
20:58:39 [dug]
20:59:37 [Paul]
Bob: How are we on 7088?
21:00:07 [Zakim]
21:00:08 [Zakim]
21:00:08 [Zakim]
21:00:09 [Zakim]
- +984999aaff
21:00:09 [Zakim]
21:00:11 [Zakim]
21:00:11 [Zakim]
21:00:12 [Zakim]
21:00:14 [Zakim]
21:00:16 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate Yves
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21:00:18 [Zakim]
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- +1.408.642.aadd
21:00:24 [Bob]
rrsagent, generate minutes
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I have made the request to generate Bob
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21:00:37 [Zakim]
WS_WSRA()3:30PM has ended
21:00:38 [Zakim]
Attendees were Bob_Freund, +1.571.262.aaaa, Doug_Davis, Vikas, +, Sreed, +0208234aacc, [Microsoft], Wu_Chou, Paul, Mark_Little, Yves, Ashok_Malhotra, [Garlik],
21:00:41 [Zakim]
... Tom_Rutt, +1.408.642.aadd, +1.408.970.aaee, fmaciel, +984999aaff
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