IRC log of pling on 2009-07-08

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11:58:23 [renato]
zakim, this will be pling
11:58:23 [Zakim]
ok, renato; I see P3P_PLING()8:00AM scheduled to start in 2 minutes
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12:03:54 [renato]
Chair: Mike
12:04:03 [renato]
Chair: Marco
12:04:36 [renato]
Scribe: Renato
12:05:25 [renato]
topic: actions
12:05:49 [renato]
reminder to HT
12:07:24 [renato]
action: RI &RW to followup with MA WG actions
12:08:48 [renato]
Topic: Device APIs and Policy Working Group
12:09:05 [renato]
marco: use cases would be interesting
12:09:14 [renato]
Topic: NESSI
12:10:19 [renato]
12:10:27 [renato]
Topic: GeoPriv Use Case
12:10:48 [renato]
ashok: the question is....
12:11:19 [renato]
TAG asked what the GeoLocation WG about GeoPriv
12:14:00 [renato]
Why the GeoLocation WG felt the IETF use case to be inappropriate
12:14:17 [renato]
defer topic to next week
12:14:25 [renato]
need RW to discuss
12:15:07 [renato]
Topic: Review of Wiki Activities
12:15:21 [renato]
no major changes
12:16:33 [renato]
IEE Policy Workshop added
12:16:36 [renato]
12:17:00 [renato]
Topic: Liaisons and Outreach
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12:18:41 [renato]
project now live...use case, architectures etc
12:18:45 [renato]
12:20:30 [renato]
new task force looking at ODRL and RDFa
12:20:39 [renato]
12:22:08 [renato]
still working on Task Force mini-charter
12:22:15 [renato]
Topic: Events
12:22:24 [renato]
no major agenda driving a F2F
12:22:30 [renato]
no F2F recommended
12:23:14 [renato]
Update of the Identity Management Conference
12:23:27 [renato]
topics: ID, access control, privacy
12:23:42 [renato]
impact on policy mgt and cloud computing
12:24:16 [renato]
CC will introduce new challenges to policy/identity mgt
12:25:56 [renato]
interesting use cases
12:26:17 [renato]
add to wiki (MCM)
12:26:48 [renato]
Topic: AOB
12:26:51 [renato]
12:27:10 [renato]
Next meeting 12 Aug 2009
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Attendees were
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zakim, bye
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate renato
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rrsagent, bye
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ACTION: RI &RW to followup with MA WG actions [1]
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