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ok, ericP; the call is being made
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13:07:56 [ericP]
scribenick: ericP
13:08:14 [ericP]
vipul: Rachel gave talk at AMIA -- big success
13:08:31 [ericP]
... also submitted for anual symposium and @@1
13:08:42 [ericP]
... Helen is sketching out patient privacy
13:08:45 [Zakim]
13:08:49 [ericP]
... need to coord with John Madden
13:09:25 [ericP]
... patient privacy crosses task forces
13:10:15 [ericP]
ericP: we were supposed to have sent an abstract a month before
13:10:58 [ericP]
Susie: and other tracks, like in-use?
13:11:22 [ericP]
ericP: in-use seemed to be (according to the chair) more deployed stuff
13:11:44 [ericP]
vipul: i expect security/policy will get a life of its own
13:11:55 [ericP]
... (just by the size of it)
13:12:21 [ericP]
... i would be participating from the payer perspective
13:12:42 [ericP]
... key issue is rallying the momentum
13:13:07 [ericP]
susie: so ericP's techy presentation during the main call was related
13:13:27 [ericP]
vipul: like with COI, we need to give ericP real use cases to give them more impact
13:13:43 [ericP]
susie: CIO of lilly is interested, but timing was off for the call
13:14:03 [ericP]
... he was meant to be writing use cases, worth prodding him
13:14:29 [ericP]
mscottm: COI has a great demo for pharma
13:15:21 [ericP]
vipul: it would be great to make sure everyone can use the demo
13:16:06 [ericP]
mscottm: i've been focusing my 1.5min demo on AIDA, but should demo COI
13:16:24 [ericP]
... any chance of getting an intrest group note out?
13:16:48 [ericP]
vipul: good point, with feedback, questions from the audience...
13:18:19 [ericP]
ACTION: Susie to forward relevent invites to adrian sechum
13:18:32 [ericP]
topic: Terminology [JohnM]
13:19:01 [ericP]
John: SKOS on a bit of a haietus (SP?)
13:19:16 [ericP]
... but progress with mscottm which i haven't seen
13:19:28 [ericP]
... interest and progress on privacy front
13:20:11 [ericP]
... we have permission to reveal some of our patient pathology data via d2r if we have appropriate protection
13:20:33 [ericP]
... have to install ericP's software and hook it up to our database
13:20:59 [ericP]
... did a poster at AMIA spring meeting in Orlando
13:21:12 [ericP]
... big emphasis on GRDDL and transforms
13:21:28 [ericP]
... attendance was thin -- only got attention from Peter Elkin
13:22:20 [ericP]
... Rachel said that kent spackman and ohter ihdo folks are releasing an OWL-ized version of SNOMED
13:23:21 [ericP]
ericP: would be good to connect Peter @@2 (Kaiser) with IHDO initiative
13:23:45 [ericP]
Susie: a paper with pro's (above) and con's (from JohnM) would be good
13:24:23 [ericP]
JohnM: HHS secretary asked a bunch of us to write a use cases in pathology white paper
13:24:57 [ericP]
... Mary Kennedy and I wrote up the paper. in editing cycle now
13:25:31 [ericP]
... tried to emphasize the benefits of common identifiers in health care field, specifically IRIs
13:25:41 [ericP]
... + chapter on SNOMED and OWL
13:25:53 [ericP]
... + chapter on higher levels of interop
13:26:06 [ericP]
... can consider it a contribution of W3C
13:26:24 [ericP]
mscottm: at f2f, harold solbrig showed interest
13:26:46 [ericP]
JohnM: expect he's really busy, need to chase him down
13:27:00 [ericP]
mscottm: randy raymond right called once
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13:28:28 [ericP]
mscottm: if folks remember other folks like these, let's put them in a list
13:29:17 [ericP]
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13:29:28 [ericP]
topic: BioRDF [kei]
13:29:48 [mscottm]
13:29:50 [ericP]
kei: Data Integration in Life Science paper submitted
13:29:56 [mscottm]
Data Integration in the Life Sciences
13:30:02 [ericP]
... collab between LODD and BioRDF task forces
13:30:10 [ericP]
... submitted a poster
13:30:30 [ericP]
... ania, june, matthias have been working on this poster
13:30:47 [ericP]
... converted the @@3 database into RDF
13:31:00 [ericP]
... june will release it when it's clean
13:31:08 [ericP]
... couple weeks before the deadline arrives
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13:32:07 [mscottm]
huajun chen
13:32:34 [ericP]
... hujun chen's keen to integrate western med data and easter herbal
13:33:16 [ericP]
... hard for him to participate (time zone) - may need to accomodate
13:33:30 [ericP]
... </update on TCM>
13:33:43 [ericP]
... considering extension of Query Federation
13:34:00 [ericP]
... have a paper BioInformatics - editor is working on it
13:34:09 [ericP]
... don't have final pub date
13:34:30 [ericP]
... could continue with more data
13:34:43 [ericP]
... discussed image data, microarray data...
13:35:08 [ericP]
... can also consider upper-level meta-data to guide query federation
13:35:25 [ericP]
... in our last attempted, we hard-coded the query plan
13:35:57 [ericP]
... so extensions could use meta-data to generate that plan automatically
13:36:15 [ericP]
... can extend AIDA or FeDeRate to use this meta-data
13:36:51 [ericP]
Zakim, who is here?
13:36:51 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Scott_Marshall, +1.609.730.aaaa, +1.860.226.aabb, John_Madden, EricP, Kei_Cheung
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On IRC I see johnM, mscottm, RRSAgent, ericP, Zakim
13:37:29 [ericP]
mscottm: do you see opportunites for an interest group note?
13:37:43 [ericP]
kei: perhaps in terms of query federation
13:39:43 [ericP]
ericP: i expet that most fora don't want papers to have dual-submission so may have to choose between IG note vs. peer-reviewed paper
13:40:00 [ericP]
mscottm: hclskb note is a counter-example
13:40:38 [ericP]
topic: LODD
13:40:43 [Zakim]
+ +1.617.947.aacc
13:41:29 [ericP]
Susie: workign with jun and anya to add TCM data source
13:41:54 [ericP]
... also working on Slider
13:42:05 [ericP]
... have the joint poster with BioRDF at DILS
13:42:19 [ericP]
... working on a paper for iTriplify challenge
13:42:37 [ericP]
... Bosse and I [Susie] working on the use case
13:42:58 [ericP]
... e.g. what drug targets do these herbs work against vs. conventional medication
13:43:17 [ericP]
... e.g. comparing side-effects
13:43:35 [ericP]
topic: translational medicine ont
13:44:02 [ericP]
... goal was to create this high-level domain which one could plug data into so we could ask questions
13:44:51 [ericP]
... based upon the questions, we have 113 entities that could be in the ont -- weeding out duplications and subtle overlaps (e.g. compound vs. entire drug)
13:45:10 [ericP]
... we're defining used cases in Xgenomics
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+ +1.617.947.aadd
13:46:46 [ericP]
... once we select a use case, we'll roll out a demo based on those use cases
13:47:00 [ericP]
... so we're likely to want to include some pharma data
13:47:14 [ericP]
topic: scientific discourse
13:47:30 [ericP]
timC: lots of side collaborations
13:48:34 [ericP]
... paolo and alex will be posting IG notes for SWAN/SIOC integration
13:48:54 [ericP]
... expect to talk with peter buckingham about it
13:49:07 [ericP]
... now discussing the semantics of annotation
13:49:19 [ericP]
... e.g. asserted links to terminology
13:49:27 [ericP]
... need to be open and available in RDF as well
13:49:44 [ericP]
... working with mary ann martone on aligning with the model
13:50:02 [ericP]
mscottm: touches with matthias's work on aTags
13:50:19 [ericP]
... other tasks where annotation is the next step
13:50:33 [ericP]
... want to create different provenance models when you create the annotation
13:50:45 [ericP]
... e.g. who said it when
13:51:36 [ericP]
timC: would be interested to work on this as a joint task
13:52:09 [ericP]
... depends on where matthias wants to work on aTags
13:52:52 [ericP]
... i think matthias is cautious about getting to theoretical
13:54:45 [ericP]
mscottm: need to find out if matthias is intersted in the non-manual annotations (or stuff supplied by wikiprofessional)
13:54:57 [ericP]
kei: can we integrate this with federation
13:55:12 [ericP]
timC: our core job is to get the model right
13:55:22 [ericP]
... then folks can apply what ever processing they want
13:55:42 [ericP]
... my interest is semi-automatic annotation of web content
13:55:53 [ericP]
mscottm: one unifying app would be:
13:56:02 [ericP]
... .. create an aTag
13:57:11 [ericP]
... .. federate that with the SWAN data so you can view it as an assertion by the asserter
13:57:40 [ericP]
timC: i think there a few intersting apps
13:57:56 [ericP]
... would like to create an uber-task around september
13:58:07 [ericP]
topic: TPAC
13:58:29 [ericP]
... 2-6 Nov in Santa Clara
13:59:25 [ericP]
... we meet 2-3 Nov
13:59:37 [ericP]
... need agendas from the task force leads
14:00:42 [ericP]
... captured the main ideas for future work on the wiki (6 bullets)
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