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Meeting: Web Services Resource Access Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 30 June 2009
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+ +984999aabb
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zakim, aabb is Sreed
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+Sreed; got it
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19:36:01 [Bob]
Scribe: Wu Chou
19:36:27 [Bob]
19:37:12 [Wu]
Agenda agreed
19:37:35 [Wu]
minutes approved
19:37:57 [Zakim]
19:38:35 [Wu]
August F2F hosted by Microsoft
19:39:20 [Wu]
asir: need the list of people who attend and will provide local information
19:40:22 [dug]
LOL firm maybe - I love it
19:40:23 [Wu]
bob: England F2F meeting - who thinks to attend - a quick call
19:40:58 [Wu]
Asir: yes
19:41:17 [Wu]
dug: someone will be there from IBM
19:41:22 [Wu]
dave: yes
19:41:30 [Wu]
fred: No
19:41:36 [Wu]
Gil: yes
19:41:45 [Wu]
Li: no
19:42:12 [Wu]
Mark: will you attend?
19:42:36 [Wu]
Ram: yes
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19:42:48 [Wu]
tom: no
19:42:54 [Wu]
wu: yes
19:42:55 [Yves]
Yves: yes
19:43:15 [DaveS]
Dave: Yes
19:43:18 [dug]
zakim, who is making noise?
19:43:32 [Zakim]
dug, listening for 13 seconds I heard sound from the following: Bob_Freund (26%), Gilbert (77%), Yves (11%)
19:43:37 [dug]
19:43:40 [gpilz]
sorry my headset
19:44:04 [Wu]
10 or more will attend F2F at England
19:44:18 [gpilz]
zakim, unmute gil
19:44:18 [Zakim]
Gilbert should no longer be muted
19:44:43 [Wu]
19:45:48 [Wu]
issue 7068 accepted and Doug is the owner
19:46:16 [Wu]
19:46:18 [dug]
This specification defines one ContentDescription URI,
19:46:20 [dug]
http://.../ContentDescription/Literal, which can be used to convey to the
19:46:22 [dug]
service that the children of the wst:Create element are not instructions
19:46:23 [dug]
but rather are to be taken as the literal resource representation of the
19:46:24 [dug]
new resource.
19:47:38 [Wu]
asir: there is another issue related to literal representation, what is the relation?
19:47:50 [Wu]
dug: this another issue
19:47:55 [Wu]
asir: no dependency
19:47:58 [Wu]
dug: yes
19:48:13 [Wu]
asir: would like more time
19:49:03 [Bob]
Topic: 6699
19:49:23 [Wu]
19:50:44 [Wu]
dug: remove this feature from RT
19:50:47 [asir]
19:51:19 [Bob]
ack asir
19:51:27 [Wu]
ashok: this feature is abou resource not fragment.
19:51:48 [Wu]
asir: we are fine to drop this feature from RT.
19:52:01 [Wu]
Bob: this feature will be droped from RT (resolution)
19:52:26 [gpilz]
zakim, who is making noise?
19:52:36 [Zakim]
gpilz, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Doug_Davis (9%), Bob_Freund (70%), Ashok_Malhotra (5%)
19:52:55 [Wu]
19:52:58 [Bob]
Topic: 7039
19:53:55 [Wu]
dug: examing inside EPR is problem. The identifier should be removed.
19:53:57 [gpilz]
19:54:15 [Bob]
ack gp
19:54:47 [asir]
19:54:47 [dug]
19:54:59 [dug]
Implementations of Event Sources, or Subscription Managers, MUST NOT assume that this reference parameter will be used.
19:55:06 [Wu]
gpilz: prefer to address this issue with some clarifying text in addition to remove it
19:55:15 [Bob]
ack asir
19:55:28 [gpilz]
s/in addition/as opposed/
19:55:28 [DaveS]
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19:55:30 [Bob]
ack dug
19:55:38 [Wu]
asir: my suggestion is in line with Gil to clarifying it.
19:56:16 [asir]
19:56:17 [Wu]
dug: add some text e.g. implementation ...
19:56:18 [DaveS]
19:56:21 [DaveS]
19:56:24 [Bob]
ack asir
19:56:41 [dug]
I can live with #2 but I reserve the right to say "I told you so" later :-)
19:56:46 [Wu]
asir: close it with some email if all agree with clarifying text
19:56:55 [Bob]
ack dave
19:57:23 [dug]
19:57:33 [Bob]
ack dug
19:57:41 [Wu]
dave: would like to live option 1
19:57:59 [chad]
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19:59:19 [Wu]
bob: two choices - remove+some clarifying text (thumb up) or delete it (down)
19:59:28 [Wu]
asir: up
19:59:32 [Wu]
dug: down
19:59:35 [Wu]
dave: down
19:59:40 [Wu]
fred: abstain
19:59:45 [Wu]
gil: down
20:00:00 [dug]
20:00:14 [Wu]
li: down
20:00:23 [Wu]
ram: up
20:00:48 [Wu]
reed: down
20:01:01 [Wu]
tom: down
20:01:16 [Ashok]
20:01:19 [Wu]
yeve: abstain
20:01:33 [Wu]
bob: more down than up
20:02:01 [Wu]
asir: my suggestion looking at proposal more
20:02:22 [DaveS]
20:02:35 [Bob]
ack dave
20:03:06 [gpilz]
20:03:07 [Wu]
DaveS: like to know the value to bother proposal up
20:04:25 [Bob]
ack gp
20:04:26 [Wu]
asir: Iook at the Primer example
20:04:28 [DaveS]
Do we have a link for the primer?
20:05:20 [Wu]
gpilz: logically cannot be any interoperablity issue by removing this identifier.
20:05:30 [asir]
Please see section 6.3 in
20:06:03 [dug]
20:06:10 [Bob]
ack dug
20:06:17 [asir]
20:07:52 [Wu]
dug: agree with Gill
20:08:07 [Wu]
asir: posted the link to the use case to irc
20:08:26 [Bob]
ack asir
20:08:30 [dug]
20:08:38 [Wu]
asir: Section 6.3 use case
20:08:48 [Bob]
ack dug
20:09:27 [DaveS]
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20:09:37 [gpilz]
20:09:38 [Wu]
dug: use case does not say it must be this identifier. Otherwise, it will be a problem.
20:09:41 [DaveS]
20:09:44 [dug]
or a query param :-)
20:09:48 [Bob]
ack dave
20:09:49 [asir]
20:10:15 [Wu]
DaveS: it looks like a topic for Primer, not for the specs.
20:10:24 [Bob]
ack asir
20:10:55 [DaveS]
20:10:56 [dug]
+1 gil - it can't be about interop
20:11:02 [Bob]
20:11:41 [asir]
20:11:47 [Wu]
Bob: more discussion on this point?
20:11:52 [Bob]
ack asir
20:12:02 [Wu]
asir: I would like to look further
20:12:07 [Wu]
Bob: next week?
20:13:37 [Bob]
Topic: 6692
20:14:09 [Zakim]
20:14:54 [dug]
20:15:17 [DaveS]
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20:16:07 [DaveS]
[My network here in Japan keeps droping the IRC, so next time it goes, I'll just leave it.]
20:16:27 [gpilz]
is there a link to this doc?
20:16:32 [li]
20:16:33 [Wu]
asir: presenting the proposal based on F2F WG decision - using Qname and remove mode
20:22:20 [gpilz]
20:22:24 [Wu]
asir: At high level, retain the delivery element, delete mode, using Qname, etc.
20:23:08 [Bob]
ack dug
20:24:10 [asir]
20:24:21 [Wu]
dug: some sections are really nice. agree delivery element. Questions about delivery pattern.
20:26:08 [Wu]
dug: delivery pattern adding a level of complexity. I have a draft proposal.
20:26:20 [Bob]
ack gp
20:28:04 [Wu]
gpilz: ws-eventing may not have a lot of control on extension works.
20:28:23 [TomRutt]
20:28:32 [Bob]
ack asir
20:28:40 [dug]
20:29:39 [Wu]
asir: we are open to the name of delivery pattern.
20:30:00 [Bob]
ack tom
20:30:01 [Wu]
bob: Qname is the agreed direction at F2F
20:30:59 [Wu]
tom: dug rewording has a delivery element further down
20:31:25 [Wu]
20:32:41 [Zakim]
20:32:50 [Bob]
ack wu
20:33:07 [li]
wu: we need to read more about doug's proposal
20:33:23 [asir]
20:33:52 [Bob]
ack asir
20:34:04 [dug]
20:34:14 [Wu]
asir: push mode is gone in doug proposal
20:34:42 [Wu]
dug: present his proposal.
20:39:26 [asir]
20:39:59 [Bob]
ack dug
20:40:21 [li]
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20:41:06 [Wu]
bob: if Geoff and Doug can work together to address the differences
20:41:47 [dug]
orange armband?
20:42:47 [Wu]
bob: let's move on to issue 6413
20:43:09 [Bob]
20:45:48 [Wu]
bob: introduce his findings
20:46:03 [dug]
20:46:25 [Ram]
20:47:12 [Bob]
ack asir
20:47:22 [dug]
20:47:49 [Bob]
ack ram
20:47:59 [Wu]
DaveS: I am quite happy with this.
20:48:48 [asir]
20:49:00 [Wu]
ram: would like to see some concrete proposal
20:49:44 [Bob]
ack asir
20:49:47 [Wu]
dug: 1 and 3 may be o.k., 2 needs details. he can live with it
20:50:51 [Bob]
ack yves
20:50:58 [Wu]
asir: we are currently exploring these options, need concrete proposal
20:51:36 [Wu]
yeves: preferable for a separate specs
20:51:39 [asir]
+1 to separate spec for frags and link it to Transfer
20:52:18 [asir]
agree that we need a concrete proposal
20:52:24 [Wu]
yeves: need a better details to move forward
20:52:53 [Wu]
bob: can folk to live with point 1 and 3?
20:53:02 [Wu]
asir: we can live with 2 and 3.
20:53:52 [Wu]
asir: can we have one more week to look into these options?
20:53:57 [Wu]
bob: o.k.
20:54:33 [Wu]
bob: let's spend a little time talking 6917
20:56:51 [Wu]
gpilz: my proposal 6401 may help this issue.
20:57:08 [Wu]
bob: do we agree the problem statement?
20:58:03 [Wu]
bob: we should not preclude topic
20:58:19 [li]
i made some use cases here:
20:59:19 [Wu]
dug: i do not view this an optimization, may or may not be faster
21:00:02 [Wu]
bob: Li can you start to push forward on this?
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21:01:43 [Zakim]
21:01:53 [Zakim]
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21:01:54 [Zakim]
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... Yves