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MEETING: MW4D IG bi-monthly call
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+ +1.412.9.aaaa
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zakim, aaaa is arun
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+arun; got it
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zakim, make log public
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I don't understand 'make log public', stef
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rrsagent, make log public
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Scribe: stephane
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Topic: approval of last meeting minutes
12:06:55 [stef]
12:06:55 [Raphael]
OK with me
12:07:01 [Arun]
fine with me
12:07:03 [stef]
12:07:14 [stef]
Topic: review of action items
12:07:37 [stef]
Raphael to summarize how to deal with context in the discussion page
12:07:45 [Zakim]
12:07:55 [stef]
12:08:52 [stef]
12:08:55 [stef]
Steph to put an issue number in front of each issue
12:08:58 [stef]
12:09:05 [stef]
12:09:28 [stef]
Steph to write accessiblity aspect in the scope of the doc section
12:09:38 [stef]
12:09:47 [stef]
Lauri to review tools msection of the wiki and complete it with
12:09:47 [stef]
.mobi tools
12:11:29 [Raphael]
I can also help on the wiki edition
12:11:47 [Raphael]
if needed
12:12:06 [stef]
12:12:19 [stef]
Lauri to send a mail about Web-server in the mobile phone
12:13:22 [stef]
12:13:36 [stef]
12:14:47 [stef]
12:16:33 [stef]
Arun: lots of project around mobile at ibm
12:17:33 [stef]
Raphael: a news on
12:17:52 [stef]
new suite of apps by grameen foundation
12:18:00 [stef]
from appslab in uganda
12:18:09 [stef]
very close to what we are doing in liberia
12:18:14 [stef]
google traders
12:18:39 [Raphael]
12:22:57 [stef]
Topic: roadmap
12:23:04 [stef]
12:24:32 [stef]
12:30:04 [stef]
12:38:28 [Arun]
It is useful but hard to build, I think
12:39:26 [stef]
stephane: very useful resource need a meaningful visual representation
12:40:05 [stef]
need further discussion
12:40:19 [Raphael]
12:41:20 [stef]
ACTION: raphael to develop the concept and propose a visual representation of the recommandation
12:41:34 [stef]
ACTION: raphael to develop the concept of context/scorecardand propose a visual representation of the recommandation
12:41:40 [stef]
rrsagent, drop action 1
12:42:52 [Arun]
12:42:59 [Raphael]
Stef proposes to postpone discussion around issue 4
12:43:01 [Raphael]
12:43:01 [betty]
12:43:16 [Raphael]
12:43:20 [stef]
stephane: issue 4 postponed for more material in the roadmap before discussing the issue
12:43:58 [Raphael]
stef: proposes to use color to show open and closes issues
12:44:05 [Raphael]
I think it is a good idea
12:44:07 [Arun]
12:44:15 [Raphael]
do you have colors in this wiki?
12:44:16 [betty]
Colour will be great.
12:44:17 [stef]
action: steph to use color to show the state of actions
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12:44:54 [stef]
issue 6: wich technology to consider
12:45:04 [Raphael]
Welcome, Lauri
12:45:22 [stef]
steph: sms, mobile browsing, voice apps
12:45:37 [Lauri]
OK, Lauri managed to join now the IRC channel by Mobile
12:45:46 [stef]
native java apps
12:46:05 [Raphael]
shall we add J2ME?
12:46:16 [Raphael]
12:46:47 [Raphael]
Stef: API to access social networks
12:46:53 [Raphael]
RSS readers
12:47:22 [Raphael]
12:47:43 [Raphael]
12:48:24 [stef]
ack raphael
12:48:35 [stef]
raphael: we should includes all sort of applications
12:48:46 [stef]
and explain the boundaries
12:49:11 [stef]
raphael: interested on all kind of apps
12:49:39 [stef]
all technologies should be considered
12:50:06 [Arun]
we can start with the complete set and as we go along we can prune out those which do not lead to useful solutions
12:50:19 [Raphael]
12:51:20 [Raphael]
Stef: select the major now for now and start with these
12:51:39 [Raphael]
Stef: would geolocalization be the limit?
12:52:05 [Raphael]
Stef: potential use of the social networks
12:52:27 [Raphael]
This last item seems also very interesting and potentially powerful to me
12:52:39 [Arun]
with social networks are we not venturing into solution space
12:52:52 [Raphael]
yes, but in API, we are
12:53:14 [Lauri]
To me social networks are like application. Not technology
12:53:16 [betty]
How intensive do rural people use social networking?
12:53:17 [Raphael]
and API give access to people and maybe social solutions
12:53:49 [Raphael]
Not much yet, I suppose, but the potential seems huge
12:54:13 [Raphael]
TradeNet works currently on this
12:54:17 [betty]
Agree with Lauri. Social networking is part of applications.
12:54:26 [Raphael]
(Now called Esoko)
12:54:46 [Lauri]
Lauri has 3 Q's to ask before we close the call
12:55:09 [Arun]
I would consider discovering social networks from available data as technology rather than the entire social networking space - since it would have social aspects, business aspects etc.
12:55:29 [Raphael]
Lauri: what is the timetable for the document?
12:55:53 [Raphael]
Stef: version that is publishable by the end of August.
12:56:47 [Raphael]
Q: Do you have a sample, from another group, that may show us the possible output format? (what we are aiming)
12:57:21 [Raphael]
Lauri: will there be a press release. What "make available" means?
12:57:50 [Raphael]
Steph: yes a press release will be made via w3c.
12:59:03 [Raphael]
Lauri: what is the status of the w3c foundation?
13:00:13 [Raphael]
Steph: Staff has been hired last January. The foundation is now looking for funding. When secured, the WF is planning to work on things such as making web content accessible to illiterate people, etc.
13:01:40 [Raphael]
Steph: mw4d is one programme of the foundation. There is another one government transparency (to web users)
13:01:47 [Raphael]
and other topics
13:01:57 [Raphael]
Steph: any othe question ?
13:02:22 [Raphael]
Next call is next Monday (6 July)
13:02:30 [Raphael]
Fine with me, thanks.
13:02:36 [betty]
Thank you. Bye
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MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM has ended
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Attendees were steph, +1.412.9.aaaa, arun, raphael, betty, Lauri
13:03:00 [stef]
action: stephane to summarize discussion around technology in the discsussion page
13:03:04 [stef]
rrsagent, make minutes
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I have made the request to generate stef
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