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Meeting: HTML Weekly Teleconference
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Date: 25 June 2009
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I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, trackbot
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hmm, do I have my times wrong?
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I guess I must
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gotta cut back on the kush
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RRSAgent, bye
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Meeting: HTML Weekly Teleconference
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Date: 25 June 2009
15:56:52 [MikeSmith]
Joshue: can you be on the call today?
15:57:03 [Joshue]
Hi Mike, yes I will dial in.
15:57:10 [MikeSmith]
excellent, great
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HTML_WG()12:00PM has now started
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zakim, ??P0 is Joshue
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+Joshue; got it
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what't the dial in code/
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Hi Steve, its 5487
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Zakim, call Mike-Mobile
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ok, MikeSmith; the call is being made
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sorry 4865
16:01:52 [Zakim]
16:02:00 [rubys]
zakim, who is on the call?
16:02:00 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Joshue, Sam, Mike, ??P1
16:02:12 [Stevef]
zakim, ??P1 is Stevef
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+Stevef; got it
16:04:32 [Joshue]
scribeNik: is Joshue
16:04:50 [Joshue]
TOPIC: Issue 32 Table Summary
16:05:15 [Joshue]
SR: The wiki has moved a bit since this issue was created. We should be preparing to vote
16:06:08 [Joshue]
16:06:55 [Stevef]
josh; this discussion has dragged on, had realization that summary limited but useful, sent email to list about disambiguation of terse and long descriptors and that summary is not
16:07:57 [Stevef]
josh: can't act as semantically rich container
16:08:11 [Stevef]
josh: still support retention
16:08:47 [Stevef]
sam: do you believe wiki accurately represents state of summary issue
16:08:59 [Stevef]
josh: yes, but could be improved
16:09:24 [Stevef]
sam: can you draft a text to vote on?
16:10:02 [Stevef]
josh: yes but want to do it in conjunction with PF
16:10:18 [Stevef]
sam: need to get agreement on what we want to vote on
16:10:41 [Joshue]
SR: Anything else on @summary?
16:10:49 [Joshue]
SF: I've said enough
16:10:52 [Joshue]
SR: Ok
16:11:06 [Joshue]
TOPIC Issue 54
16:11:13 [Joshue]
SR: Julian is not on the call
16:11:32 [Joshue]
16:11:56 [rubys]
zakim, who is making noise?
16:12:06 [Joshue]
MS: The date has been moved. I don't consider it to yet be at the point where it can be reviewed.
16:12:07 [Zakim]
rubys, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Joshue (9%), Sam (20%)
16:12:10 [Joshue]
zakim, mute me
16:12:10 [Zakim]
Joshue should now be muted
16:12:57 [Joshue]
MS: I will be working on it today and tomorrow and get it to the reviews point.
16:13:01 [Joshue]
MS: asap
16:13:15 [Joshue]
SR: Ok, as long as you set the new dates in the tracker.
16:13:37 [Joshue]
ACTION: Joshue to draft @summary voting text in conjunction with PF
16:13:37 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-128 - Draft @summary voting text in conjunction with PF [on Joshue O Connor - due 2009-07-02].
16:13:57 [Joshue]
SR: Action 34 - Overdue
16:14:19 [Joshue]
SR: Action 38 We hope to see movement next week.
16:14:38 [Joshue]
SR: Action 100
16:14:45 [MikeSmith]
16:14:45 [trackbot]
ACTION-100 -- Michael(tm) Smith to add a note about issue-67 to the Status section of "HTML 5: The Markup Language" -- due 2009-05-28 -- OPEN
16:14:45 [trackbot]
16:14:52 [MikeSmith]
16:14:52 [trackbot]
ACTION-103 -- Julian Reschke to register about: URI scheme -- due 2009-06-18 -- OPEN
16:14:52 [trackbot]
16:14:57 [Joshue]
SR: Action 103 awaiting Julians return
16:15:06 [MikeSmith]
16:15:06 [trackbot]
ACTION-111 -- Sam Ruby to send call to working group on summary to update wiki in preparation for vote -- due 2009-06-18 -- OPEN
16:15:06 [trackbot]
16:15:13 [Joshue]
SR: Action 126 about table summary
16:15:16 [MikeSmith]
16:15:16 [trackbot]
ACTION-126 -- Sam Ruby to send a call to the WG to update the Wiki page to adequately reflect both (all) viewpoints on summary, in prep. for a vote -- due 2009-06-11 -- OPEN
16:15:16 [trackbot]
16:15:30 [Joshue]
SR: Anything else?
16:15:54 [Joshue]
MS: I have an action to put together a demonstration case for ??.
16:16:11 [rubys]
16:16:11 [trackbot]
ACTION-115 -- Michael(tm) Smith to set up WBS for HTML WG participants to attend HTML WG f2f during TPAC 2009 -- due 2009-05-28 -- PENDINGREVIEW
16:16:11 [trackbot]
16:16:21 [Joshue]
MS: Registration date..
16:16:40 [Joshue]
MS: That is minimal, only got questions like are you going to extend or not..
16:17:17 [Lachy]
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16:17:21 [Joshue]
SR: Are you sure its in tracker?
16:17:33 [Joshue]
SR: I see some thing from the beginning of this month.
16:17:52 [Joshue]
SR: Ok, I'll check with CW and announce it at next meeting
16:17:54 [Joshue]
MS: Ok
16:18:09 [Joshue]
SF: I have questions about editing sections of the spec
16:18:50 [Joshue]
SF: I am confused, if I have an issue or wish to provide an alternative either I can create a copy and modify my section.. then my bit becomes obsolete.
16:19:08 [Joshue]
SR: You can produce a fragment etc. They can be merged.
16:19:58 [Joshue]
SF: I asked this before, is there a way to have the document as it is being update - the section that I am interested in..can it be independently updated and not changed or overridden by Ians edits?
16:20:32 [Joshue]
SR: It is technically possible, don't worry about the final merge.
16:21:12 [Joshue]
SF: Is there a point when we say that editing stops while we make desisions?
16:21:30 [Joshue]
SR: Ian wants to go to last call in Oct.. thats not far off
16:22:07 [Joshue]
SR: It should be easy to produce equivalent docs..if someone else reviews or edits the doc with various parts..this will come down to a vote
16:22:24 [Joshue]
SF: Am concerned about document integrity
16:22:40 [Joshue]
SF: Mike, can I get access to the repository to create some sections?
16:23:01 [Joshue]
MS: Yes, you can.
16:23:14 [Joshue]
SF: I understand more clearly now, thank you
16:23:43 [MikeSmith]
Stevef, please e-mail me an SSH2 public key. it can be either DSA or RSA
16:24:12 [Joshue]
SF: the other question is that with <canvas>.. what do you think is the best way to get this resolved? If more accessibility stuff doesn't get added to it could it be removed?
16:24:19 [Joshue]
SR: Its possible, but unlikely
16:25:40 [Joshue]
SR: Ian has said that he is committed to accessibility in canvas so he is motivated also by the upcoming deadline for CR
16:26:01 [Joshue]
SR: People want <canvas> in and accessibility is a hard problem.
16:26:07 [Joshue]
SR: Anything else?
16:26:17 [Zakim]
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zakim, please part
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rrsagent, please part
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ACTION: Joshue to draft @summary voting text in conjunction with PF [1]
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