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13:04:58 [hhalpin]
Convene SWXG WG meeting of 2009-06-24T13:00-15:00Z
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zakim, call carine-617
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ok, caribou; the call is being made
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Zakim, pick a scribe?
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I don't understand your question, hhalpin.
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Zakim, pick a scribe
13:05:28 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose jsalvachua
13:05:41 [hhalpin]
Who volunteered for scribing?
13:05:47 [hhalpin]
Scribe: Cloud
13:05:56 [hhalpin]
Chair: hhalpin
13:06:05 [hhalpin]
PROPOSED: to approve SWXG WG Weekly -- 17 June 2009 as a true record
13:06:14 [hhalpin]
scribenick cloud
13:06:15 [Cloud]
Minutes from the last meeting, chair asks if everyone happy
13:06:16 [jsalvachua]
13:06:18 [hajons]
13:06:19 [AndreaP]
13:06:30 [DKA]
+1 to PhilA's scribing.
13:06:31 [hhalpin]
ACCEPTED approve SWXG WG Weekly -- 17 June 2009 as a true record
13:06:51 [hhalpin]
2. General Organization and Task Forces
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13:06:55 [Cloud]
Invited speaker will join fairly shortly, go through some actions in the meantime
13:07:08 [Cloud]
There was a discussion about context, and also about the portability task
13:07:11 [Zakim]
13:07:22 [Cloud]
Joe Queen wrote a very nice scoping statement
13:07:31 [Zakim]
+ +1.510.472.aaee
13:07:32 [Cloud]
Have first portability task meeting after our July 1st meeting next week
13:07:41 [hhalpin]
No comments on portability?
13:07:45 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Any comments from anyone on that?
13:07:54 [jsalvachua]
hope to have comments on the mail
13:08:18 [hhalpin]
Zakim, aaee?? is kaliya
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sorry, hhalpin, I do not recognize a party named 'aaee??'
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Zakim, aaee is kaliya
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+kaliya; got it
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13:08:52 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Joe, are you happy to have that task force meeting after next week's one?
13:08:55 [Cloud]
Joe: Yes
13:08:59 [hhalpin]
RESOLVED: Task force meeting next week after the regular telecon
13:09:13 [hhalpin]
3. User Stories
13:09:34 [Cloud]
hhalpin: User stories; Tim can't make it; Harry asks if anyone would like to help Tim to turn the user stories into a more coherent document
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13:10:08 [bblfish]
I helped out, and am interested
13:10:14 [Cloud]
... This tasks involves editing the W3C doc, going through stories on the wiki, seeing what overlaps, abstract functionality - need volunteers to help out - think on this please
13:10:23 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Deadline is end of the year
13:10:36 [FabGandon]
I can work on it during summer.
13:10:37 [Zakim]
13:10:40 [hhalpin]
13:10:42 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Good to have one person who did it before and one new person
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13:11:03 [Cloud]
FabGandon: Can work on it during July
13:11:22 [hhalpin]
ACTION: hhalpin to create draft use-case document in W3C CVS
13:11:22 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-44 - Create draft use-case document in W3C CVS [on Harry Halpin - due 2009-07-01].
13:11:27 [hhalpin]
4. Context
13:11:42 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Moving on to context, big discussion that Harry missed due to timing errors - looking for summar
13:11:47 [PhilA2]
13:12:20 [Cloud]
Dan? Took a look at discussion that took place, and wrote an e-mail yesterday about it. Integrated comments that came back.
13:12:26 [Cloud]
... suggesting a charter for the task force
13:12:44 [Cloud]
... aims to create a vocabulary, looking at existing ones for the ubiquitous web
13:12:48 [rreck]
i agree look for existing vocabularies
13:12:54 [Cloud]
... very close link between context and privacy
13:13:20 [Cloud]
... should be link between task forces that look at privacy where privacy issues are due to when context is the cause
13:13:24 [bblfish]
sounds good. Starting with a vocab, would help find out what the whole thing covers
13:13:41 [PhilA2]
13:13:59 [Cloud]
hhalpin: DKA, you were talking about a geolocation API too, so may be related
13:14:43 [Cloud]
DKA: Ask Lars or Eric or some other chair to come and discuss issues with privacy in the Geolocation WG
13:14:50 [hhalpin]
ACTION: DKA to invite Dan to W3C Social Web XG for context comm call
13:14:50 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-45 - Invite Dan to W3C Social Web XG for context comm call [on Daniel Appelquist - due 2009-07-01].
13:15:17 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Will this be part of the task force or the main concall?
13:15:26 [PhilA2]
13:15:26 [Cloud]
... want to have this discussion before August 7th
13:16:15 [hhalpin]
August 7th - Nathan Eagle.
13:17:00 [hhalpin]
5. Invited Guest Invitations
13:17:02 [PhilA2]
13:17:03 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Skip everything else and go to invited speaker
13:17:08 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: danbri to find someone from Opera to talk Widgets
13:17:15 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: danbri and karl to contact Evan of over OpenMicroblogging and W3C.
13:17:33 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Invited speaker is Kaliya Hamlin
13:17:36 [Cloud]
... aka IdentityWoman
13:17:50 [Cloud]
13:17:57 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION:Renato and DanBri and hhalpin to schedule
13:18:03 [hajons]
13:18:07 [caribou]
13:19:46 [hhalpin]
6. Creating User Stories on the Wiki
13:19:54 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: tpa to W3C-style "edit" user stories
13:20:05 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: tinkster to document danbri's microblogging provenance question as a user story.
13:20:18 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: danbri write up orkut/i18n/"looking for" issue.
13:20:33 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: tinkster to document developer stories on wiki.
13:22:46 [hhalpin]
7. Social Network Matrix
13:22:53 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: hhalpin to retrieve top X social networking sites from the top 500 sites of Alexa
13:22:59 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: cperey to make list of top 30 to do profiles on, to merge with hhalpin's list on alexa
13:23:08 [hhalpin]
[CONTINUES] ACTION: karl to create the matrix to be filled
13:23:38 [Cloud]
kaliya: Hi everybody! Asks how many people here
13:23:42 [Cloud]
hhalpin: About 20 people
13:23:48 [rreck]
there are 22 people on irc
13:24:09 [hhalpin]
Kaliya is from Internet Identity Workshop
13:24:14 [Cloud]
kaliya: I sent you a lot of links, hope you read them, didn't send additional ones with history and context of the community
13:24:26 [hhalpin]
Which has been a quite important community and event in creating notions of digital identity, openID.
13:24:33 [Cloud]
kaliya: history is that Identity Commons came together to see how individuals could manage and control their own identities
13:24:44 [Cloud]
... so that they could own this layer of the web
13:24:56 [Cloud]
... Community formed in 2004/2005 was really focussed on user-centric identity
13:25:30 [Cloud]
... Harry asked me to talk about high level strategies, key terms are in the community lexicon which defines shared language (e.g. the word identity)
13:25:46 [Cloud]
... community stopped arguing about what identity meant, and focussed more on identifiers
13:26:14 [Cloud]
... and came to definitions of what claims where, in that they are really just attributes
13:26:45 [Cloud]
... claims can be made by yourself for yourself or by other entities (e.g. companies, non-profits) for other people
13:26:49 [hhalpin]
seems the important concepts so far: identifier (not necessarily a URI) and entity (anything that can make a statement about an identifier)
13:27:09 [Cloud]
... separation between authentication and authorisation, and enrolment
13:27:24 [pchampin]
entity ~ foaf:Agent? (just trying to align my own vocabulary...)
13:27:26 [bblfish]
I added the Social Web XG to
13:27:30 [Cloud]
... In the same article about community, user-centric, company-centric and card?-centric
13:27:40 [bblfish]
also added foaf+ssl to
13:27:42 [hhalpin]
13:27:47 [hhalpin]
13:27:56 [Cloud]
... references
13:28:15 [mattroweshow]
13:28:28 [Cloud]
... Misunderstanding that the only org involved is Microsoft, but the open source grassroots community has embraced and extended it even further
13:28:55 [Cloud]
... That project is called the "Hidden Project"? Available on Adobe Air
13:29:07 [Cloud]
... Interesting journey to get to where we are today
13:29:08 [hhalpin]
Venn diagram:
13:29:11 [hhalpin]
13:29:38 [Cloud]
... All social networking platforms show up at their events; very market driven; "what are users tell us are what we will do"
13:29:40 [hhalpin]
Higgins Project
13:29:52 [Cloud]
... They are working really well together to support portability and open authentication
13:29:58 [hhalpin]
nn Diagram Identity
13:30:09 [hhalpin]
13:30:13 [Cloud]
... PortableContacts for standardising the info people have in their networks
13:30:33 [caribou]
contacts or context?
13:30:41 [bblfish]
13:30:42 [Cloud]
kaliya: Ready to answer questions on what they've read and what they want to know about the community
13:31:04 [Cloud]
hhalpin: We haven't thought about the notion of identity so far
13:31:17 [Cloud]
... Haven't talked about Information Cards
13:31:30 [Cloud]
... Will be more asking for guidance about the identity landscape
13:31:36 [Cloud]
... User versus card versus organisation
13:31:53 [Cloud]
kaliya: that is an old model, but now we have gotten to the Venn of identity
13:32:13 [Cloud]
... evolution of our thinking is to help SWXG get to where they have gotten to, or at least to see how to get there
13:32:34 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Through the link out on IRC to the paper Harry has read and suggests other in SWXG do too
13:32:34 [hajons]
hajons has joined #swxg
13:32:55 [Cloud]
hhalpin: A lot of backgrounds in this group are from portability from Semantic Web and also mobile phones + social networking
13:33:02 [hhalpin]
13:33:03 [caribou]
13:33:06 [hhalpin]
Azakim, ack
13:33:08 [hhalpin]
Zakim, ack
13:33:08 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'ack', hhalpin
13:33:11 [hhalpin]
Zakim, q-
13:33:12 [Zakim]
I see bblfish, caribou on the speaker queue
13:33:22 [Cloud]
bblfish: Henry in a cafe
13:33:36 [Cloud]
... added to the identity landscape wiki about foaf+ssl work
13:33:42 [Cloud]
... using URIs for identity
13:33:49 [hhalpin]
ack bblfish
13:33:54 [Cloud]
... interesting to hear how that work can integrate more into the identity commons
13:33:56 [lubna]
lubna has joined #swxg
13:34:23 [Cloud]
kaliya: has heard about foaf - wants to bring more info about it to the Identity Commons community
13:34:35 [Cloud]
bblfish: Is it enough to add to the wiki?
13:34:53 [Cloud]
kaliya: Join the community list, 500-600 people, was the mailing list that got the community started
13:35:04 [hhalpin]
Do we have anyone on that identity commons mailing-list?
13:35:05 [Cloud]
... Say hey do you know about this, we're working on it, and get people to interact with you
13:35:10 [Cloud]
bblfish: Will try that
13:35:13 [hhalpin]
Perhaps we should get a liason?
13:35:38 [Cloud]
kaliya: More formal process
13:35:44 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Asks what this process is
13:36:56 [Cloud]
kaliya: Unique organisation as described in charter (non-proscriptive), have a monthly call
13:37:06 [hhalpin]
ack caribou
13:37:10 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Might discuss if we should have someone join from SWXG
13:37:47 [Cloud]
caribou: Do you have links to the ISO work on identity management
13:38:07 [Cloud]
kaliya: Haven't to her knowledge
13:38:17 [hajons]
13:38:23 [hhalpin]
ack hajons
13:38:24 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Any more questions?
13:38:30 [caribou]
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 WG5 working on an Identity Management framework
13:39:02 [hhalpin]
caribou - should we ask ISO to present on what they are up to?
13:39:31 [Cloud]
hajons: In telecommunications, have IMF - identity management - connect telecommunications network through the internet - has there been participation from IMF vendors etc.
13:40:10 [Cloud]
kaliya: Has been participation from European telecommunications vendors
13:40:14 [Cloud]
13:40:44 [Cloud]
kaliya: Our community is mainly made up of web portal folks and large enterprises
13:40:58 [Cloud]
kaliya: Y!, Google, MySpace, Facebook, Plaxo, etc.
13:41:01 [hhalpin]
13:41:05 [hhalpin]
ack hhalpin
13:41:37 [renato]
notes that W3C PLING has a liaison under way with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 WG5
13:41:58 [Cloud]
hhalpin: One thing we're trying to do is something similar to IC - you pointed out abstract functionality, separations that came out of IC - authentication, authorisation, validation - where is this written up?
13:42:36 [Cloud]
kaliya: Article about cultivating community and shared language links to the lexicon; one of the first things they did
13:43:07 [DKA]
zakim, mute me
13:43:07 [Zakim]
DKA should now be muted
13:43:12 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Seems that what has happened in Internet Identity workshops is that you have technology that is filling these functionalities; in W3C groups, we are not sure how they all fit together
13:43:59 [Cloud]
... need details of how technology X with functionality Y and are thinking of a matrix that could be used in our final report to W3C
13:44:48 [hhalpin]
identifier: OpenID - an anchor
13:44:54 [Cloud]
kaliya: What are we managing? Step back and ask why are we managing for people. e.g. identifiers, openid gives people an anchor on the web
13:44:58 [hhalpin]
via their own domain name or an identity provider
13:45:02 [Cloud]
... either as their own domain name or a facebook url
13:45:15 [Cloud]
... another key thing that came out of the community was discovery
13:45:25 [Cloud]
... how do you find out what came out of the endpoint?
13:45:38 [Cloud]
... Does it point to where my photos, IMs, etc. area?
13:45:45 [Cloud]
13:45:59 [Cloud]
kaliya: Kind of spun out into it's own spec and part of XRI tech committee at OASIS
13:46:12 [Cloud]
... How can people link their different accounts together without giving away their passwords
13:46:18 [hhalpin]
kaliya: XRD = discovery, what does an endpoint do, take a phone call, etc.
13:46:19 [Cloud]
... Data portability / user control ideas
13:46:33 [Zakim]
13:46:40 [PhilA2]
PhilA2 has left #swxg
13:46:54 [Cloud]
... Hand me a card that allows some claims to be made
13:47:01 [Cloud]
... Different from the physical version
13:47:17 [Cloud]
... In real world, they don't take a photocopy of your driver's license
13:47:24 [Cloud]
... In digital world, just want to share some info
13:47:38 [Cloud]
... It's enough to know age, not eye colour - selective disclosure
13:47:53 [Cloud]
... MS bough Qidentica who does this selective disclosure
13:48:35 [Cloud]
... Another wing of community is focussed on how individuals could have tools that help them manage relationships with companies they do business with (productCRM)
13:48:53 [mattroweshow]
13:49:05 [Cloud]
... Midack? in the UK and lots of activity in London around VRM hub
13:49:24 [Cloud]
... Identities never happen in isolation - in context of a group or entity or other individuals
13:49:40 [hhalpin]
blackley relationship paper
13:49:43 [Cloud]
... Great paper by Bob Blakley
13:49:49 [Cloud]
... relationship paper
13:50:02 [Cloud]
13:50:24 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Great pointers and info
13:50:34 [mib_57c6teqa]
mib_57c6teqa has joined #swxg
13:50:48 [Cloud]
... after telecon we will go through these notes and try to extract general points
13:51:05 [Cloud]
... Idea of invited speakers makes more and more cross-community conversations
13:51:23 [Cloud]
... Internet Identity Workshop is happening in November in California at around the same time as the W3C meeting
13:51:38 [Cloud]
... Asks Kaliya for format of the IIW
13:51:42 [hajons]
+1 IIW
13:51:43 [bblfish]
sounds good.
13:51:44 [Cloud]
... and asks if anyone is planning to go
13:51:46 [jsalvachua]
13:51:52 [DKA]
13:52:00 [Cloud]
13:52:09 [Cloud]
kaliya: Twice a year
13:52:21 [Cloud]
... Same place
13:52:29 [Cloud]
... Where all the big Social Web companies are
13:52:36 [Cloud]
... in Silicon valley
13:52:45 [Cloud]
... Don't have an agenda ahead of time, bring communities together
13:53:07 [Cloud]
... In the morning after an intro section, community makes the agenda
13:53:11 [bblfish]
I think I went there a year ago
13:53:30 [Cloud]
... Different technical activities are happening and they want to cover it F2F during the meeting
13:53:41 [Cloud]
... So unlike conferences where real work happens in the hallways
13:53:46 [Cloud]
... Super productive!
13:53:56 [Cloud]
... Also reduces a lot of the politics, no committee deciding who gets to speak
13:54:11 [Cloud]
... November 3-5
13:54:12 [hhalpin]
Nov 3-5th.
13:54:36 [Cloud]
... have discussed having it all week with different industry areas - not fully decided
13:54:55 [bblfish]
Oh yes, I did go there last year
13:54:55 [Cloud]
13:55:13 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Asks it it's okay to come for 1-2 days
13:55:15 [Cloud]
kaliya: Yes
13:55:43 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Will have a few people there financial cuts permitting
13:55:58 [Cloud]
hhalpin: What would you see is the best way for us to continue future interactions apart from joining mailing list
13:56:12 [Cloud]
... Who would Kaliya suggest we talk to next - e.g. Higgins project
13:56:57 [Cloud]
... What could W3C do? Report about Social Web in general, but a lot of work is happening not with W3C partially because of structural issues with W3C - IRC is viewed as a pain, membership fees are really high
13:57:07 [Zakim]
13:58:09 [Cloud]
kaliya: Sense in Silicon valley that market adoption is what a standard is, so don't care as much about standards organisations
13:58:40 [Cloud]
kaliya: Community around Open Web Foundation interesting (Messina, Smarr); community around OpenSocial is interesting (KevinMarks et al.)
13:58:55 [Cloud]
... Chris Messina is working on distributed social networking (DiSo)
13:59:13 [Cloud]
... Mentions some names from Higgins Project, missed who as audio not great
14:00:04 [Cloud]
hhalpin: As an XG, main task is to write a report. One year to do so (or 3/4 at this point). To bootstrap, when we have invited speakers, someone will clean up the minutes to summarise it for the report
14:00:18 [Cloud]
... Just so we don't lose track of everything that's happened
14:00:51 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Throw minutes by kaliya for review
14:01:06 [Cloud]
kaliya: Is on list
14:01:30 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Asks for volunteers to edit minutes
14:01:41 [bblfish]
14:01:50 [bblfish]
we could do it
14:02:12 [hajons]
one definition of identity was mentioned as being particularly good, but I couldn't quite hear what it was called (venner??), and didn't see it in the script either. What was it?
14:02:16 [Cloud]
kaliya: one of the challenges is that there is so much stuff happening in community and quite broad so hard to summarise it
14:02:35 [bblfish]
14:02:44 [bblfish]
14:02:45 [bblfish]
14:02:47 [bblfish]
14:02:50 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Henry to do first draft, Harry to go over it, and then send to Kaliya
14:02:50 [jsalvachua]
have to go sorry, a lot of information to digest :) thanks.
14:02:52 [bblfish]
Good reading
14:03:02 [Zakim]
14:03:20 [Cloud]
bblfish: Was at IIW a year ago, gave a talk about FOAF+SSL at Mountain View
14:03:32 [hhalpin]
ACTION: bblfish and hhalpin to write up kaliya's talk for future report
14:03:32 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-46 - And hhalpin to write up kaliya's talk for future report [on Henry Story - due 2009-07-01].
14:04:19 [hhalpin]
14:04:22 [bblfish]
14:04:24 [Cloud]
14:04:30 [hhalpin]
lots of activity on OASIS and concordia lists
14:04:32 [Zakim]
+ +04610801aaff
14:04:34 [Cloud]
... there is also an interop list
14:05:11 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Kaliya to send links to listserv, at next meeting can go over the principles
14:05:26 [DKA]
I must leave the call -- thanks very much to our guest speaker for great info though! (And thanks for waking up so early!)
14:05:32 [DKA]
ack me
14:05:34 [Cloud]
... any final questions, now over 1 hour
14:05:46 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Thanks the invited speaker
14:05:54 [rreck]
14:05:59 [hhalpin]
14:06:01 [hajons]
14:06:06 [pchampin]
14:06:13 [bblfish]
thanks :-)
14:06:37 [hhalpin]
Meeting Adjourned
14:06:44 [Zakim]
14:06:45 [Zakim]
14:07:01 [rreck]
very informative kaliya
14:07:26 [Zakim]
- +1.510.931.aabb
14:07:27 [Zakim]
- +1.203.858.aaaa
14:07:28 [Zakim]
14:07:29 [Zakim]
14:07:29 [Zakim]
14:07:31 [Zakim]
14:07:32 [Zakim]
14:07:36 [Zakim]
14:07:38 [Zakim]
- +
14:07:39 [Zakim]
14:08:13 [Zakim]
14:08:23 [Zakim]
- +04610801aaff
14:08:31 [hhalpin]
RSSAgent, generate minutes
14:08:36 [hhalpin]
RRSAgent, generate minutes
14:08:36 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate hhalpin
14:08:52 [hhalpin]
Cloud - are you OK cleaning those up and mailing them to the list-serv?
14:10:23 [Cloud]
hhalpin: Do I just edit the text and send it in the message body?
14:11:54 [caribou]
caribou has left #swxg
14:12:08 [hhalpin]
Cloud: ah, do you not have CVS access
14:12:23 [hhalpin]
Cloud: If you don't, then I can clean them up probably quicker in CVS.
14:12:35 [Cloud]
Okay thanks
14:13:19 [hhalpin]
Cloud: So don't worry about it.
14:33:08 [oshani]
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14:51:24 [hhalpin]
RRSAgent, make logs public
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14:52:41 [Zakim]
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15:05:01 [Zakim]
disconnecting the lone participant, Carine, in INC_SWXG()9:00AM
15:05:03 [Zakim]
INC_SWXG()9:00AM has ended
15:05:06 [Zakim]
Attendees were pchampin, +1.203.858.aaaa, AndreaP, DKA, +1.510.931.aabb, HarryH, Phil_Archer, jsalvachua, rreck, mattroweshow, +, Carine, oshani, +1.510.472.aaee,
15:05:08 [Zakim]
... kaliya, FabGandon, MacTed, +04610801aaff
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