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06:33:36 [ed]
Agenda+, testsuite generation
06:33:53 [ed]
Agenda+, plans for the summer
06:37:39 [ed]
06:37:56 [shepazu]
scribenick: shepazu
06:38:07 [shepazu]
Chair: Eric
06:38:17 [shepazu]
Topic: Test suite generation
06:38:43 [shepazu]
ed: what the status?
06:39:01 [shepazu]
anthony: I've looked through it, and it looks good
06:39:22 [shepazu]
... I've noticed some tests with problems, including one wiht invalid syntax
06:39:31 [shepazu]
06:40:07 [shepazu]
... we need to manually fix those
06:40:11 [shepazu]
... I'm currently going through the output log, looking for problems, but most tests seem to be correctly transformed
06:41:09 [shepazu]
... when I'm happy with that, I'd like to commit them back to the repo
06:41:17 [shepazu]
... do we want to review them first?
06:41:21 [shepazu]
shepazu: no
06:41:36 [shepazu]
ed: I think they'll probably be fine, and we can review them after
06:41:55 [shepazu]
anthony: good progress, should be done shortly
06:42:00 [shepazu]
ed: timeline?
06:42:13 [shepazu]
anthony: next week
06:43:22 [shepazu]
anthony: I'm adding in some smart functionality, too, to automate some new functionality
06:43:36 [shepazu]
06:44:07 [shepazu]
Topic: Agenda
06:45:03 [shepazu]
shepazu: we might generate more comments for discussion if we include www-svg in the agenda email
06:45:23 [shepazu]
ed: that might be the case
06:45:46 [shepazu]
... we already do pick up a lot of emails from the list
06:46:01 [shepazu]
... we do have a large backlog of things we need to deal with
06:46:40 [shepazu]
... we already need to put emails sent to the list into the issue tracker
06:47:12 [shepazu]
.... not sure it would be good to have people trying to push things onto the agenda
06:48:30 [shepazu]
shepazu: I didn't mean that other people could add stuff to our agenda, but could comment on what's already on the agenda
06:48:51 [shepazu]
... it would be a good way for them to see that their issues are up for discussion
06:49:14 [shepazu]
ed: ok, we could email the WG list, and BCC www-svg
06:49:21 [shepazu]
... that would be fine with me
06:50:07 [shepazu]
... maybe we should wait for more WG feedback, since chris, cameron, and jwatt aren't here
06:55:43 [shepazu]
Topic: Params
06:56:17 [shepazu]
ed: I saw that params has a lot of comments this last week
06:56:29 [shepazu]
... how are you dealing with this?
06:56:41 [shepazu]
... have you raised issues?
06:56:47 [shepazu]
... do you need help?
06:59:08 [shepazu]
shepazu: rather than put the comments into Tracker manually, I decided to modify Tracker so we could import emails as issues
06:59:19 [shepazu]
ed: sounds like a good plan
06:59:31 [shepazu]
... if it can be done fairly soon
07:00:07 [shepazu]
shepazu: I sent a message to the list about that, to manage expectations
07:00:19 [shepazu]
... I don't think it should take me that long
07:01:40 [shepazu]
ed: what's the timeline for next pub?
07:01:54 [shepazu]
shepazu: no idea, depends on feedback, hopefully soon
07:03:02 [shepazu]
ed: where do you want my comments to go?
07:03:19 [shepazu]
shepazu: www-svg should be fine
07:04:00 [shepazu]
Topic: SVG-in-HTML
07:05:03 [shepazu]
ed: I saw some talk on #html, wondered if there was any follow-up from Sam Ruby about required formats
07:05:20 [shepazu]
shepazu: I haven't seen anything
07:06:08 [shepazu]
ed: I'll look through the logs
07:06:28 [shepazu]
07:07:28 [shepazu]
Topic: summer plans
07:07:52 [shepazu]
ed: it would be useful to know people's vacation plans for our scheduling
07:08:45 [shepazu]
anthony: my winter plans are to visit family in the last week of July... might still dial in
07:09:22 [anthony]
just looked it up 27th July to 3rd July
07:09:30 [shepazu]
ed: I will be gone from 7 July for 3 weeks, will not be able to call in 2 of the weeks
07:09:34 [anthony]
s/3rd July/3rd August/
07:09:43 [ed]
07:09:46 [ed]
07:10:07 [shepazu]
shepazu: no vacation plans for me
07:10:24 [shepazu]
shepazu: should send something to list
07:10:56 [shepazu]
ed: I wonder if we should go down to 1 telcon/week over the summer
07:12:18 [shepazu]
action: ed to propose reducing number of weekly telcons
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Created ACTION-2627 - Propose reducing number of weekly telcons [on Erik Dahlström - due 2009-07-01].
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