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zakim, this will be mw4d
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ok, steph; I see MWI_MW4D IG()8:00AM scheduled to start in 38 minutes
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Meeting: MW4D IG Bi-Monthly meeting
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Chair: Stephane
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Present: Stephane Boyera (W3C)
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zakim, code ?
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the conference code is 6493 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), steph
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I am in
11:53:38 [steph]
hi Adesina
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zakim, ??p4 is Ken
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12:05:47 [steph]
12:06:17 [Raphael]
I can help a bit
12:06:23 [Zakim]
12:06:48 [steph]
12:06:56 [steph]
12:07:07 [steph]
Topic: approval of last meeting minutes
12:07:18 [steph]
12:07:28 [Raphael]
Minutes OK with me
12:07:41 [steph]
Topic: review of action items
12:07:47 [steph]
Lauri to review tools msection of the wiki and complete it with .mobi
12:07:47 [steph]
12:07:53 [steph]
12:08:00 [steph]
Steph to send maputo's executive summary to mw4d
12:08:20 [mib_sb2na2]
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12:08:31 [Raphael]
Ken advertized it on Twitter ;)
12:09:05 [steph]
12:09:32 [steph]
will do just after the call
12:09:34 [steph]
not done so
12:09:48 [Zakim]
+ +01312799aadd
12:09:59 [steph]
Steph to put maputo executive summary discussion on the agenda for
12:09:59 [steph]
next mw4d meeting
12:10:07 [steph]
12:10:13 [steph]
12:10:28 [steph]
Topic: Discussion on roadmap
12:11:28 [kiwanja]
Stephane collated and combined comments from members on the roadmap
12:12:04 [betty]
The procees look OK
12:12:08 [Renjish]
all fine
12:12:09 [Arun]
fine with me
12:12:30 [Raphael]
Discussion page to be created
12:12:36 [Raphael]
attached to roadmap
12:12:41 [Raphael]
12:12:44 [steph]
action: stpehane to create a discussion page attached to the roadmpa
12:13:21 [steph]
poitns collected since last call:
12:13:23 [steph]
- adding a piece about General issues/challenges the mobile solutions
12:13:23 [steph]
can/should address (in the development context)
12:13:23 [steph]
- respective place of challenges and technologies sections
12:13:23 [steph]
- should we identify contexts ?
12:13:23 [steph]
- where to put prospective/R&D directions and what's possible today
12:13:24 [steph]
- traditionnal accessibility issues
12:13:26 [steph]
- which technologies to put in the map
12:13:28 [steph]
12:13:56 [steph]
12:14:14 [steph]
point1: adding a piece about General issues/challenges the mobile solutions
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12:16:24 [kiwanja]
I can add a few things to that section - have a couple of blog posts which deal with that
12:16:34 [Renjish]
i think introduction section is appropriate for that
12:16:34 [Adesina]
I am back in. I had problem with my connection
12:16:45 [Raphael]
Background section sounds good
12:17:10 [Adesina]
I am trying to call in but I am using my mobile to connect to the internet, bcos my wifi network failed
12:17:11 [kiwanja]
phillip suggests a separate section for challenges
12:17:28 [betty]
OK with the background.
12:18:24 [Raphael]
Ken: we could add info there on what mistakes to avoid
12:18:28 [steph]
ken: we should talk about pitfalls
12:18:44 [steph]
renjish: more directionnal than informational
12:19:35 [Raphael]
We could make a bullet point list of what to include in Background?
12:19:44 [Raphael]
at first
12:19:55 [Raphael]
For the discussion page!
12:20:03 [Raphael]
no, sorry main one
12:20:36 [steph]
12:21:45 [steph]
action: stephane add a section background draft some bullet points
12:21:52 [kiwanja]
might be worth thinking of speaking with Mike Best at Georgia Tech here - very interested in 'computing at the margins' and may be some synergy
12:22:33 [steph]
ken: was at a conference "computing at the margins"
12:22:56 [steph]
georgiatech is placing itself to how to solve these challenges
12:23:52 [Adesina]
I am lost!
12:23:52 [Adesina]
Can't audio connect now
12:23:52 [Adesina]
still tryin to
12:23:54 [kiwanja]
12:23:57 [Zakim]
+ +035850558aaee
12:23:58 [Zakim]
12:24:00 [steph]
action: ken to link with people at georgia tech and present wha t we are doing and see if they are interested to join
12:24:12 [steph]
zakim, aaee is Lauri
12:24:12 [Zakim]
+Lauri; got it
12:24:13 [mib_sb2na2]
12:24:19 [steph]
12:24:56 [Zakim]
12:25:07 [steph]
zakim, p1 is betty
12:25:07 [Zakim]
sorry, steph, I do not recognize a party named 'p1'
12:25:11 [steph]
zakim, ??p1 is betty
12:25:11 [Zakim]
+betty; got it
12:25:29 [steph]
point2: respective place of challenges and technologies sections
12:26:49 [mib_sb2na2]
Do we also need a lessons learned section?
12:27:20 [steph]
good question
12:27:23 [Raphael]
12:27:30 [Renjish]
12:27:58 [Adesina]
under challenges, I feel there should specific mention of technology limitations and problmes in respect to developing countries
12:28:25 [steph]
raphael: we should say pro/cons of each technology
12:30:17 [steph]
ack raphael
12:30:25 [mib_sb2na2]
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12:30:44 [kiwanjareturns]
Sorry - browser crash
12:30:48 [steph]
12:30:53 [steph]
use a sms browser
12:31:08 [Adesina]
yes, pros and cons of the technologies generally and also in respect to availability, users' perspective and economic issues
12:34:52 [Raphael]
Renjish: discussion over the need to repeat information which is available elswhere
12:35:03 [Adesina]
Any response to my comments?
12:35:30 [Raphael]
Hi, Adesina we're caught into a vocal discussion
12:36:28 [Raphael]
Renjish: there's a need to limit the roadmap to technologies which address identified challenges
12:36:32 [Arun]
I agree with Renjish. We can be exhaustive with Challenges and the Technologies available today can be shown to address some of those. Limitations and technology direction may also show what might be possible in near-term or long term future. So, technologies can remain after challenges.
12:36:45 [Raphael]
12:37:19 [Raphael]
It makes sense to avoid a too long technoloy list
12:38:08 [Raphael]
and focus on solutions, although we should keep the term "technology"
12:38:23 [mib_sb2na2]
I agree with Renjish but we need to decide what technologies are important (phil)
12:38:39 [steph]
+1 to phil
12:39:14 [mib_sb2na2]
There are also other technologies such as Cell broadcast that has huge potential for developing nations but is hardly used by operators (phil)
12:39:22 [Arun]
Technologies (their state today and projection going forward) should be in the context of the Challenges we identify as important ones
12:39:49 [steph]
raphael: make sense to link challenges
12:39:53 [steph]
with technology
12:40:00 [Adesina]
I agree with Arun and Rapheal. Focussing on solutions will also bring about issues of technologies and other factors like economic, social and environmental ones that limits the benefits of the solutions
12:41:01 [Adesina]
Cell broadcast sounds great, but the issue is lack of commercial scalability, which has implications for long-trem sustainability, but it is a good solution to develop
12:41:46 [Adesina]
Problems identified today is an opportunity for solutions tomorrow, so the this approach is good
12:41:51 [mib_sb2na2]
I agree but this is definitely a technology that we should be mentioning to highlight the challenges
12:42:37 [Arun]
Phil's point is important too and it fits in what we are discussing. We can mention technologies that are not yet established as a solution for a particular challenge but have the potential.
12:46:05 [Adesina]
Hello there!
12:47:30 [steph]
adesina, sorry, this is nto an irc meeting, but a teleconference and discussions are happening in the teleconference
12:47:42 [Arun]
So, Steph's proposal is that solutions go along with the challenges
12:47:45 [Adesina]
12:47:49 [steph]
so it is hard to integrte people just on irc
12:47:54 [steph]
we are trying but it is hard
12:48:24 [Adesina]
I had problem with my wifi, somusing mobile to connedt to the intrenet therefore my inability to join in. I am off base now
12:48:29 [mib_sb2na2]
There is a discussion on how we structured the technology, challenges and solutions sections
12:48:31 [Adesina]
ok I understand
12:48:33 [Raphael]
12:48:43 [steph]
ack renjish
12:49:23 [mib_sb2na2]
Can I be added to the speaker queue (phil)
12:49:31 [steph]
phil sure
12:49:37 [steph]
1s raphael finishing
12:50:22 [betty]
12:51:07 [Raphael]
There are non-technological solutions to the listed challenges. Then we could have a small section dedicated for this, before the "Mobile technology solutions" section
12:51:35 [steph]
phil ?
12:51:40 [steph]
ack raphael
12:53:42 [Renjish]
12:53:58 [betty]
Certain challenge may need tech & non tech solution. Could we have: challenges, info on tech, solution (tech & non tech)?
12:54:11 [Adesina]
Nice idea betty
12:54:41 [steph]
renjish: requirements + challenges
12:55:06 [steph]
ack renjish
12:55:43 [mib_sb2na2]
That will add value to the document (Phil)
12:56:15 [Renjish]
that will be better to separate the challenges from solution
12:56:31 [Renjish]
or the heading should reflect "challenges and solutions"
12:56:31 [kiwanjareturns]
12:56:36 [Raphael]
some cross references should be done?
12:56:37 [steph]
steph: should we have a solution per challenge or a solution section out of challenges
12:57:07 [Arun]
Yes, a separate solution section is fine as long as the context of the Challenge is identified.
12:57:20 [Raphael]
12:57:44 [Renjish]
12:57:55 [kiwanjareturns]
12:58:12 [steph]
raphael: let's start with solution in challenges
12:58:21 [Adesina]
Rather, challenges to solutions available now and those for the future
12:58:29 [betty]
Good idea Raphael
12:58:35 [steph]
let's fill the document first
12:58:41 [kiwanjareturns]
Maybe a section which defines the broader challenges, but then another section which then has headings and then solutions listed
12:58:59 [steph]
raphael: we need to see if we get too much seciton
12:59:22 [Renjish]
we can start with that approach.... I agree
12:59:50 [Raphael]
12:59:53 [betty]
12:59:57 [Renjish]
12:59:59 [steph]
action: steph to draft illiteracy section
13:00:00 [Arun]
13:00:31 [Raphael]
the sooner the better
13:00:31 [Renjish]
next week is fine with me
13:00:37 [Arun]
both fine with me
13:00:50 [steph]
next call : next week june 15
13:00:59 [Raphael]
thank you!
13:01:01 [kiwanjareturns]
thanks steph, all :)
13:01:03 [betty]
15 June is OK. Thanks a lot. Bye.
13:01:06 [Zakim]
13:01:07 [Zakim]
13:01:08 [Zakim]
13:01:09 [Zakim]
13:01:09 [Zakim]
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13:01:13 [Zakim]
13:01:14 [steph]
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Unavailable next week
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