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Zakim, read agenda from
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working on it, hhalpin
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done reading agenda, hhalpin
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zakim, who is talking?
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Zakim, next item
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I see nothing on the agenda
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yes, it's fine
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resolved; true record
13:13:52 [hhalpin]
RESOLVED: approved SWXG WG Weekly -- 27 May 2009 as a true record
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also online, fighting mute...
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i can hear you dan
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13:15:06 [hhalpin]
ACTION: hhalpin to make scribelist
13:15:06 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-25 - Make scribelist [on Harry Halpin - due 2009-06-10].
13:15:10 [danbri]
ACTION [CONTINUES]: adam to find a good final report template and port it to the wiki
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Sorry, couldn't find user - [CONTINUES]
13:15:14 [hhalpin]
General Organization and Task Forces
13:15:16 [hhalpin]
2. General Organization and Task Forces
13:15:18 [danbri]
ACTION: adam to find a good final report template and port it to the wiki
13:15:18 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-26 - Find a good final report template and port it to the wiki [on Adam Boyet - due 2009-06-10].
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13:15:29 [hhalpin]
yes I believe so
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Zakim, ??P30 is me
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+AlexPassant; got it
13:15:38 [danbri]
# ACTION [DONE]: tinkster to draft wiki pages for task forces
13:15:40 [danbri]
nice work!
13:15:45 [hhalpin]
maybe we should look at the task forces
13:15:51 [hhalpin]
see what the sign up list is?
13:16:02 [danbri]
13:16:23 [cperey]
zakim, unmute me
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13:16:39 [hhalpin]
13:16:42 [AlexPassant]
cperey: task force situation
13:16:54 [AlexPassant]
... dataportability and architecture, lot of people interested in privacy
13:17:03 [AlexPassant]
... don't think we have critical mass for other taskforces
13:17:04 [hhalpin]
13:17:16 [hhalpin]
What we lack is people taking leaders and maybe finding goals?
13:17:22 [AlexPassant]
... contacts and privacy together ? cperey objects
13:17:58 [hhalpin]
Renato had a good idea for policy...
13:18:07 [karl]
trackbot, comment action-20 the matrix is not done yet, but rreck proposed more metadata for evaluating the social networks. The matrix will be done by the end of the week and will be modified step by step on the wiki.
13:18:07 [trackbot]
ACTION-20 Create a matrix for surveying a list of social networks notes added
13:18:25 [AlexPassant]
... fear that subjects coevered by e-mail and during the call are quite "w3c-centric" topic
13:18:33 [hhalpin]
13:18:45 [hhalpin]
How can we help this problem, cperey?
13:19:05 [AlexPassant]
... will it change when invited guests will join ?
13:19:09 [AlexPassant]
Zakim, who is scribing ?
13:19:09 [Zakim]
I don't understand your question, AlexPassant.
13:19:16 [hhalpin]
One can suggest changes to agenda at any time, and it will change.
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13:19:44 [hhalpin]
What interests them Christine?
13:19:55 [karl]
what are the topics of interests?
13:19:58 [danbri]
zakim, queue?
13:19:58 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
13:20:10 [hhalpin]
Maybe we could do a go around during the telecon?
13:20:11 [AlexPassant]
... ask who should contribute
13:20:19 [tinkster]
Discussions have centred on meta-talk (e.g. XG structure).
13:20:22 [hhalpin]
(might take a long time)
13:20:29 [AlexPassant]
... brainstorm a list o questions that we could ask to people that can speak as invited guests (e.g. mobile operators)
13:20:55 [danbri]
13:20:57 [karl]
I wonder if people who are not feeling involved have read the charter? and how they fit in this charter
13:21:08 [karl]
Scribe: AlexPassant
13:21:25 [karl]
Scribenick: AlexPassant
13:21:31 [mischat]
13:21:44 [AlexPassant]
... charter pretty opaque
13:22:08 [mischat]
the email discussed can be found here :
13:22:12 [AlexPassant]
Zakim, Scribe: AlexPassant
13:22:12 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'Scribe: AlexPassant', AlexPassant
13:22:14 [hajons]
13:22:25 [tinkster]
Scribe: AlexPassant
13:22:30 [cperey]
zakim mute me
13:22:30 [tinkster]
ScribeNick: AlexPassant'
13:22:30 [hhalpin]
Zakim, ack hajons
13:22:30 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
13:22:31 [rreck]
i agree with most of what you said
13:22:36 [hhalpin]
13:22:37 [AlexPassant]
... concerns about being too much 'W3C' oriented
13:22:37 [karl]
zakim, unmute me
13:22:37 [Zakim]
karl should no longer be muted
13:22:44 [cperey]
zakim, unmute me
13:22:44 [Zakim]
cperey was not muted, cperey
13:22:59 [AlexPassant]
???: no context task force, no clear definition of the scope
13:23:04 [cperey]
zakim, mute me
13:23:04 [Zakim]
cperey should now be muted
13:23:10 [hhalpin]
we could talk about scoping it now....
13:23:14 [cperey]
13:23:15 [hhalpin]
if there are suggestions
13:23:20 [AlexPassant]
... we didn't try to define a scope - should do that
13:23:20 [cperey]
Claudio attempted to define it
13:23:27 [cperey]
is Claudio on the call?
13:23:29 [karl]
the shape of content. Do actions to define it, more than talking on how to define it
13:23:30 [karl]
13:23:36 [hhalpin]
Zakim, ack karl
13:23:36 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
13:23:38 [tinkster]
13:23:39 [hhalpin]
Karl -
13:23:39 [danbri]
ack karl
13:23:52 [AlexPassant]
tinkster: no it was not karl previously
13:24:05 [AlexPassant]
karl: culture gap, people used to W3C culture
13:24:05 [tinkster]
Ah, sorry.
13:24:12 [cperey]
13:24:32 [tinkster]
perhaps it was hajons?
13:24:36 [AlexPassant]
... people should make proposals / concrete actions to push their own topics to shape the work
13:25:05 [AlexKorth]
13:25:09 [hajons]
13:25:11 [danbri]
zakim, who is making noise?
13:25:14 [cperey]
I really don't understand the proposal
13:25:17 [karl]
zakim, mute me
13:25:17 [Zakim]
karl should now be muted
13:25:22 [Zakim]
danbri, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: wonsuk (15%), karl (9%)
13:25:28 [hhalpin]
I think karl said let's make concrete proposals that interest people.
13:25:37 [karl]
zakim, unmute me
13:25:37 [Zakim]
karl should no longer be muted
13:25:39 [cperey]
I understand that nothing get
13:25:39 [hhalpin]
and then interested people should take "Actions" over these.
13:25:51 [cperey]
nothing gets done without activity
13:25:52 [renato]
I have started this model....make proposal...on a topic of interest <>
13:26:04 [wonsuk]
zakim, mute me
13:26:04 [Zakim]
wonsuk should now be muted
13:26:07 [danbri]
renato, can you queue and talk on the call?
13:26:08 [AlexPassant]
... people that do not feel confortable inside the group should propose topics of interest, actions, etc
13:26:09 [hhalpin]
+1 renato's policy proposal, very concrete.
13:26:23 [renato]
am only on IRC
13:26:26 [cperey]
renato, how will people they know about this topic of interest list?
13:26:51 [cperey]
OK. They can also express their interests to us as invited guests
13:26:53 [renato]
It has been sent to the list and I will send to the W3C PLING list as well
13:27:06 [hhalpin]
looking at christine's proposal
13:27:13 [hhalpin]
maybe we could do a survey for the social networking companies out there
13:27:17 [hhalpin]
both in this list and outside the list.
13:27:22 [hhalpin]
would that be a good idea?
13:27:29 [claudio]
claudio has joined #swxg
13:27:33 [hhalpin]
Would anyone want to take an action on that?
13:27:39 [cperey]
sorry, I missed the e-mail on the list. Some people have remarked that there is too much traffic on the list which they do not feel is relevant to them
13:27:43 [hajons]
hat would the survey ask for?
13:27:45 [cperey]
so they "tune out"
13:27:48 [tpa]
hhalpin: can we get a rough idea of what would be in that survey?
13:27:49 [oshani]
renato, the policy commons looks like a ACL for SNs
13:27:52 [hhalpin]
13:28:05 [hhalpin]
That's the survey for questions on Christine.
13:28:06 [cperey]
thank you Harry!
13:28:10 [claudio]
claudio has joined #swxg
13:28:21 [karl]
zakim, mute me
13:28:21 [Zakim]
karl should now be muted
13:28:29 [renato]
Yes, at the moment - most of the SN privacy/permission concepts are ACL like
13:28:39 [cperey]
Are there contributions which you can make to, or how would you support the SWXG? If not your company, who do you trust most to contribute to the SWXG in your best interest (general or specific suggestions)?
13:28:40 [AlexPassant]
tpa: should send survey to companies
13:28:47 [AlexPassant]
... wait a few days to let people edit the wiki
13:28:55 [hhalpin]
maybe people should take a close look at those questions.
13:29:01 [cperey]
I think what tim is suggesting is that we make a wiki page iwth questions
13:29:03 [cperey]
a survey
13:29:07 [claudio]
claudio has joined #swxg
13:29:07 [hhalpin]
Also, perhaps we could have a different kind of survey for non-profits.
13:29:13 [cperey]
compose a survey for social networks to take
13:29:23 [hhalpin]
Did people like using WBS Questionnaire?
13:29:28 [hhalpin]
I could convert that questions into WBS format?
13:29:30 [cperey]
first question is Are there contributions which you can make to, or how would you support the SWXG?
13:29:32 [hhalpin]
Or use surveymonkey?
13:29:43 [hhalpin]
Once the questions have been talked about for a week
13:29:43 [tpa]
either is fine I think
13:29:49 [cperey]
second question could be If not your company, who do you trust most to contribute to the SWXG in your best interest (general or specific suggestions)?
13:29:58 [renato]
WBS is ok
13:30:10 [cperey]
these are just examples
13:30:10 [cperey]
of possible questions
13:30:19 [tpa]
so new action to work on that questionaire?
13:30:20 [danbri]
action: danbri follow up re whether to use survey tool at w3c or elsewhere
13:30:20 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-27 - Follow up re whether to use survey tool at w3c or elsewhere [on Dan Brickley - due 2009-06-10].
13:30:27 [mischat]
13:30:34 [cperey]
hi Claudio
13:30:51 [cperey]
context task force
13:30:58 [AlexKorth]
maybe we should consider doing a survey for ourselves, too. I doubt that we all have the same vision on how things are gonna be or should be
13:31:18 [tpa]
AlexKorth: didn't we do that at the start of the XG?
13:31:27 [cperey]
13:31:38 [AlexPassant]
claudio: try to gave a defintion of context in a previous e-mail
13:31:42 [AlexKorth]
tpa, yes but not so vision-focused
13:31:59 [AlexPassant]
... wanted to check if the proposal was coherent with the scope of the XG
13:32:10 [AlexPassant]
... hope to get some feedback
13:32:19 [cperey]
yes, there are problems with getting feedback from others on the list as well
13:32:32 [hhalpin]
13:32:32 [mischat]
are you venezia claudio ?
13:32:33 [cperey]
13:32:36 [hhalpin]
This is Claudio's proposal I think
13:32:37 [cperey]
13:32:49 [hhalpin]
I will make a wiki page for context, separate it from privacy
13:32:55 [mischat]
so that is a different mailing list
13:33:00 [hhalpin]
give me a second...
13:33:02 [danbri]
next agendum
13:33:09 [danbri]
what's the scripting voodoo
13:33:14 [danbri]
Optional Face-to-Face Meeting
13:33:23 [cperey]
I think we need separate mailing lists
13:33:26 [hhalpin]
3 Optional Face-to-Face Meeting
13:33:28 [mischat]
claudio's email was sent to :
13:33:29 [cperey]
so that the focus of a group is clear
13:33:32 [hajons_]
hajons_ has joined #swxg
13:33:35 [MacTed]
danbri -
13:33:40 [cperey]
and there is specific (focused) discussions
13:33:41 [danbri]
* Note that W3C TPAC 2009 (Nov 2-6th) and the Internet Identity Workshop are both meeting November (2-5th) this year in Silicon Valley, California.
13:33:41 [danbri]
* Should we have our face-to-face there? If so, at which event? How to encourage overlap?
13:33:41 [hhalpin]
Basically, TPAC is Nov 2-6th in Santa Clara.
13:33:50 [mischat]
which as far as I can tell is not this group's mailing list
13:34:02 [Zakim]
13:34:03 [hhalpin]
Internet Identity Workshop is 2-5th in Silicon Valley
13:34:05 [tinkster]
i/3 Optional Face-to-Face Meeting/TOPIC: Optional Face-to-Face Meeting/
13:34:05 [danbri]
ah, ok can someone sensd a pointer
13:34:06 [hhalpin]
Basically 10 minutes away
13:34:17 [hhalpin]
13:34:36 [hhalpin]
Do people want to have an option face-to-face?
13:34:46 [hhalpin]
And do it either at TPAC or INternet Identity Workshop?
13:34:48 [hhalpin]
In Nov 2009?
13:34:53 [hhalpin]
We need to book space now-ish.
13:34:54 [danbri]
moving on
13:34:56 [hhalpin]
if we wish to do so.
13:34:57 [danbri]
next agendum
13:35:03 [danbri]
Invited Guests
13:35:09 [danbri]
vcard telecon
13:35:14 [hhalpin]
OK, so no interest in TPAC or Internet Identity Workshop?
13:35:17 [cperey]
Dan, I don't believe we have finished discussion topics!
13:35:18 [danbri]
"# VCard Invited Guest Telecon went well, with Tim Berners-Lee (W3C), Norm Walsh (Mark Logic), and Peter Mika (Yahoo!) showing up."
13:35:36 [cperey]
has anyone responded to the question of a face-to-face meeting?
13:35:42 [cperey]
I have something to say on that topic...
13:35:56 [danbri]
zakim, who is on the phone?
13:35:56 [Zakim]
On the phone I see cperey (muted), +, FabGandon, wonsuk (muted), claudio, mischat (muted), Cloud, karl (muted), danbri, tpa, oshani (muted), [IPCaller], AlexKorth?,
13:36:01 [Zakim]
... [IPcaller], Kingsley_Idehen, tinkster (muted), AlexPassant
13:36:01 [cperey]
Chair person: can I come back to the topic of Face to face meeting
13:36:08 [hajons_]
I have to check out the Internet Identity Workshop first...
13:36:09 [cperey]
13:36:14 [tinkster]
i/Zakim, read agenda from Convene SWXG WG meeting of 2009-06-03T13:00-15:00Z/
13:36:16 [hhalpin]
DanBri - let's finish up face-to-face discussion.
13:36:17 [Zakim]
13:36:17 [cperey]
zakim, unmute me
13:36:18 [Zakim]
cperey should no longer be muted
13:36:25 [danbri]
who is speaking?
13:36:34 [mischat]
Zakim, who is making noise ?
13:36:35 [mischat]
13:36:47 [rreck]
zakim, ??P12 is me
13:36:48 [Zakim]
mischat, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: cperey (80%), Kingsley_Idehen (60%)
13:36:50 [Zakim]
+rreck; got it
13:36:59 [danbri]
13:37:06 [hhalpin]
go for it christine.
13:37:11 [tinkster]
i/2. General Organization and Task Forces/TOPIC: General Organization and Task Forces/
13:37:39 [danbri]
13:37:43 [danbri]
i think my phone muted
13:37:46 [danbri]
for dunno how long
13:37:52 [tpa]
danbri: probably, we couldn't hear anything
13:37:53 [danbri]
might explain why i felt i was shouting into a cave
13:37:58 [danbri]
13:38:04 [danbri]
13:38:12 [tpa]
danbri: glad to have you back :)
13:38:16 [mischat]
13:38:17 [hhalpin]
I would suggest we meet at internet identity workshop - there's a lot of people there.
13:38:20 [karl]
s/danbri: probably,/danbri, probably,/
13:38:23 [MacTed]
ah! zakim thinks I'm Kingsley :-/
13:38:23 [MacTed]
Kingsley_Idehen is really MacTed
13:38:29 [hhalpin]
13:38:38 [tpa]
13:38:39 [karl]
zakim, unmute me
13:38:39 [Zakim]
karl should no longer be muted
13:38:46 [AlexKorth]
cperey: I second that
13:38:50 [MacTed]
Zakim, Kingsley_Idehen is really MacTed
13:38:50 [Zakim]
+MacTed; got it
13:38:58 [cperey]
I volunteer to organize the workshop
13:39:06 [tpa]
I volunteer too
13:39:06 [cperey]
in the same fashion as in Barceona
13:39:09 [AlexPassant]
danbri: lots of people on the group don't have easy access to resources for traveling
13:39:13 [cperey]
yes, for all those reasons
13:39:21 [hhalpin]
perhaps chrstine and tim can help communicate to set-up a workshop at internet identity workshop?
13:39:26 [AlexPassant]
... but would be great as lots of people doing social networking in the westcost
13:39:32 [AlexPassant]
... wht about a new W3C workshop ?
13:39:33 [hhalpin]
We can put eveyrone in touch.
13:39:36 [cperey]
I accept action item
13:39:42 [cperey]
if you can articulate it
13:39:47 [hhalpin]
ACTION: cperey to draft e-mail about a follow-up workshop
13:39:47 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-28 - Draft e-mail about a follow-up workshop [on Christine Perey - due 2009-06-10].
13:39:55 [danbri]
13:40:00 [AlexPassant]
Tehre's a Social Data on the Web workshop at ISWC in november in Washington
13:40:01 [danbri]
13:40:08 [danbri]
ack cperey
13:40:28 [hhalpin]
The Internet Identity Workshop is non-W3C, but includes lots of OpenID, OpenSocial, most of non-W3C Social Web people will be there.
13:40:32 [hhalpin]
Not sure about its mobile staff.
13:40:58 [Zakim]
+ +1.203.276.aakk
13:41:15 [karl]
13:41:17 [AlexPassant]
cperey: people can participate in the community in the XG
13:41:19 [hhalpin]
Here is Internet Identity Workshop list:
13:41:20 [hhalpin]
13:41:22 [hhalpin]
Of attendees.
13:41:26 [hhalpin]
Note almost no W3C people :)
13:41:34 [hhalpin]
However, also note 450 dollar registration charge :(
13:41:35 [AlexPassant]
... some people used to academic system (organizing workshops, participating, etc)
13:41:35 [karl]
q+ to say that w3c is not academic :)
13:41:42 [hhalpin]
W3C TPAC is 50 bucks!
13:41:47 [AlexPassant]
... not in the commercial cultuer
13:41:53 [tpa]
hhalpin: reserved for W3C members though
13:41:59 [AlexPassant]
... people in the commercial culture want to go to a meeting where the meet partners, etc.
13:42:07 [AlexPassant]
... people advancing their business
13:42:11 [tpa]
“ Participation in the Technical Plenary is open to participants in good standing in a W3C Working or Interest Group, Advisory Committee Representatives, the TAG, the Advisory Board, Offices staff or Team. ”
13:42:16 [AlexKorth]
how much is the identity workshop? does anyone know?
13:42:20 [AlexPassant]
you're welcome
13:42:25 [hhalpin]
Alex - 450 bucks later.
13:42:29 [hhalpin]
450 bucks last year.
13:42:29 [tinkster]
danbri, "drinking cool aid"@en-US = "toeing the party line"@en-GB .
13:42:30 [AlexKorth]
13:42:37 [AlexKorth]
thanks harry
13:42:38 [karl]
13:42:43 [AlexPassant]
any people attending semtech ?
13:42:50 [hhalpin]
The internet identity workshop has Google, Microsoft, Facebook, looks like a good crowd.
13:43:17 [cperey]
zakim, mute me
13:43:18 [Zakim]
cperey should now be muted
13:43:25 [tpa]
13:43:29 [hhalpin]
Problem is that W3C wants an answer on TPAC asap.
13:43:30 [cperey]
take what to mailing list?
13:43:31 [hhalpin]
They have to book rooms.
13:43:32 [danbri]
( )
13:43:36 [cperey]
I'm sorry didn't understand what Harry said
13:43:39 [karl]
zakim, unmute me
13:43:39 [Zakim]
karl was not muted, karl
13:43:39 [hhalpin]
Ah, OK.
13:43:49 [cperey]
13:44:02 [karl]
13:44:03 [danbri]
Invited Guests
13:44:04 [tinkster]
I was
13:44:04 [danbri]
13:44:06 [hhalpin]
4. Invited Guests
13:44:12 [danbri]
anyone here who was on that call...
13:44:16 [hhalpin]
anyone wants to TALK.
13:44:17 [AlexPassant]
was (mostly listening)
13:44:20 [hhalpin]
I can give a quick summary in IRC
13:44:23 [karl]
s/4. Invited Guests/Topic: Invited Guests/
13:44:25 [cperey]
13:45:02 [AlexPassant]
hhalpin: summary of the vcard / foaf
13:45:15 [AlexPassant]
... meeting in ESWC with martin hepp and renato
13:45:23 [AlexPassant]
... looking into OWL-DL
13:45:29 [AlexPassant]
.... one single vcard in RDF
13:45:33 [Viktor]
Viktor has joined #swxg
13:45:36 [AlexPassant]
... renato liaison with the vcard community
13:46:01 [AlexPassant]
... very technical and productive
13:46:07 [AlexKorth]
13:46:15 [AlexPassant]
... invited guests are very useful conferences
13:46:21 [claudio]
claudio has joined #swxg
13:46:49 [renato]
Actions from the vCard/RDF meet <>
13:47:45 [milstan]
milstan has joined #swxg
13:49:04 [mischat]
googlewave, is awesome, XMPP > email
13:49:31 [mischat]
that sounds great hhalpin
13:49:48 [hhalpin]
daniela or chris would be great.
13:49:57 [hhalpin]
Could we suggest the 10th?
13:50:00 [hhalpin]
Or 17th?
13:50:00 [AlexPassant]
danbri: F2F dataportability meeting in semtech
13:50:19 [hhalpin]
(goo is in top 100 social network list)
13:50:30 [AlexPassant]
... contacted japanese company goo regarding localisation issues
13:50:35 [hhalpin]
(sorry, social networks in top 100 sites on Web as a *whole*)
13:51:11 [hhalpin]
How about we create a doodle for their times?
13:51:16 [hhalpin]
Who wants that action?
13:51:17 [hhalpin]
13:52:00 [hhalpin]
13:52:07 [danbri]
13:52:14 [hhalpin]
Sandy Pentland Terry Eagle?
13:52:23 [hhalpin]
I thought it was Hakon from Sony-Ericcson, NOT Karl.
13:52:31 [hajons_]
yes that is me
13:52:36 [hajons_]
I can contact them
13:52:36 [Zakim]
13:52:38 [cperey]
also, I made suggestions for mobile social networking community operators we could invite
13:52:43 [cperey]
as invited guests
13:52:52 [karl]
zakim, mute me
13:52:52 [Zakim]
karl should now be muted
13:53:05 [cperey]
zakim, unmute me
13:53:05 [Zakim]
cperey should no longer be muted
13:53:07 [hhalpin]
ACTION: hajons ask Terry Eagle and Sandy Pentland for guest telecon
13:53:07 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - hajons
13:53:15 [hhalpin]
ACTION: hajons_ ask Terry Eagle and Sandy Pentland for guest telecon
13:53:15 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - hajons_
13:53:23 [AlexPassant]
cperey: will update status action with mobile companies - invite people that already have some exposure to the XG
13:53:25 [hhalpin]
ACTION: hakon ask Terry Eagle and Sandy Pentland for guest telecon
13:53:25 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - hakon
13:53:36 [Zakim]
13:53:37 [AlexPassant]
... compagnies involved in the workshop - should be easy to access
13:53:48 [hajons_]
hajons_ = Håkan Jonsson
13:54:44 [hhalpin]
ACTION: Renato and DanBri and hhalpin to schedule
13:54:44 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-29 - And DanBri and hhalpin to schedule [on Renato Iannella - due 2009-06-10].
13:54:46 [hhalpin]
13:55:00 [mischat]
you can view source of any email, and it will link to where it is archived
13:55:10 [AlexPassant]
hhalpin: e-mails to the list automatically archieved w/ URI, etc
13:55:12 [danbri]
shall we celebrate this by closing the action?
13:55:36 [hhalpin]
ACTION [CLOSED]: cperey to add mobile companies to to Invited Guests and to brainstorm what exact questions or topics would be most interesting
13:55:36 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - [CLOSED]
13:55:50 [hhalpin]
ACTION: [DONE] cperey to add mobile companies to to Invited Guests and to brainstorm what exact questions or topics would be most interesting
13:55:50 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - [DONE]
13:55:54 [hhalpin]
13:56:05 [hhalpin]
ACTION [DONE]: cperey to add mobile companies to to Invited Guests and to brainstorm what exact questions or topics would be most interesting
13:56:05 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - [DONE]
13:56:45 [tinkster]
13:56:52 [tinkster]
Evan P
13:57:06 [tinkster]
I don't really know him especially well.
13:57:07 [karl]
Evan is in montreal. I can meet him
13:57:10 [karl]
or contact him
13:57:15 [tinkster]
Know Sarven Capadisili better, also from Control Yourself.
13:57:16 [cperey]
zakim, mute me
13:57:16 [Zakim]
cperey should now be muted
13:57:19 [karl]
zakim, unmute me
13:57:19 [Zakim]
karl should no longer be muted
13:57:24 [danbri]
good idea
13:57:26 [hhalpin]
ACTION: karl to contact Evan over OpenMicroblogging and W3C
13:57:26 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-30 - Contact Evan over OpenMicroblogging and W3C [on Karl Dubost - due 2009-06-10].
13:58:36 [hhalpin]
We're close to end of time but I'd be happy to go over 15 minutes to finish agenda...
13:58:39 [cperey]
two minutes left guys
13:59:17 [danbri]
I was running from the agenda, "Convene SWXG WG meeting of 2009-06-03T13:00-15:00Z (See your local time) " in
13:59:20 [AlexPassant]
hhalpin: 2 items: user stories + uses cases
13:59:24 [danbri]
which looked like 2h
13:59:40 [tpa]
it does look like 2h
14:00:18 [hhalpin]
Formally adjourn
14:00:22 [cperey]
I'm signing off
14:00:25 [hhalpin]
But lets keep talking if people interested.
14:00:25 [tpa]
can we keep the matrix for next week?
14:00:34 [tpa]
I'd be interested in that but can't stay on
14:00:38 [cperey]
14:00:40 [tpa]
cool, thanks hhalpin
14:00:41 [danbri]
yep matrix next week
14:00:44 [tpa]
bye guys
14:00:45 [hhalpin]
5. Creating User Stories on the Wiki
14:00:48 [Zakim]
14:00:49 [Zakim]
14:00:51 [Zakim]
14:00:54 [danbri]
rrsagent, please draft minutes
14:00:54 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate danbri
14:01:06 [hhalpin]
14:01:12 [tinkster]
i/5. Creating User Stories on the Wiki/TOPIC: Creating User Stories on the Wiki/
14:01:17 [Zakim]
14:01:38 [hhalpin]
14:01:43 [hhalpin]
14:02:24 [AlexPassant]
karl: tries to stay focused with concrete use cases
14:02:26 [hhalpin]
I was thinking in particular at some point we try to transform the user-stories into a use-case document, and get some "best practices" out of it.
14:02:34 [tinkster]
s|/ Convene SWXG WG meeting of 2009-06-03T13:00-15:00Z|TOPIC:Convene SWXG WG meeting of 2009-06-03T13:00-15:00Z|
14:02:35 [AlexPassant]
... willing to change the document to comply to the W3C framework
14:02:42 [tinkster]
rrsagent, please draft minutes
14:02:42 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate tinkster
14:02:42 [hhalpin]
If we had 10 best practices and then could run them against the social network matrix, that would be cool.
14:02:44 [mischat]
mischat has joined #swxg
14:03:10 [hhalpin]
Feedback for users?
14:03:12 [hhalpin]
Service providers?
14:03:19 [hhalpin]
So, is it for both?
14:03:59 [caribou]
caribou has left #swxg
14:04:29 [AlexPassant]
danbri: best practices documents wrt names, gender, etc
14:05:25 [AlexPassant]
hhalpin: use-cases on how data is managed / should be on the web
14:05:29 [AlexPassant]
... should be quite useful
14:05:45 [AlexPassant]
... not a normal use-cases document but might be more useful for people
14:05:55 [AlexPassant]
... empirical study
14:06:11 [Zakim]
- +1.203.276.aakk
14:06:19 [oshani]
oshani has joined #swxg
14:06:34 [danbri]
karl, i think i showed to you already...
14:06:36 [hhalpin]
+1 putting document for wiki
14:06:50 [renato]
renato has joined #swxg
14:07:25 [oshani]
oshani has left #swxg
14:07:31 [karl]
ACTION: karl to put the document on data independence on the SWXG wiki
14:07:31 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-31 - Put the document on data independence on the SWXG wiki [on Karl Dubost - due 2009-06-10].
14:07:36 [AlexPassant]
... different points of view (user, business people, developer, etc)
14:07:57 [AlexPassant]
... explain what we man by portability, context, privacay, etc
14:08:04 [AlexPassant]
14:08:06 [danbri]
rrsagent, please generate minutes
14:08:06 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate danbri
14:09:14 [Zakim]
14:09:45 [danbri]
zakim, who is on the phone?
14:09:45 [Zakim]
On the phone I see +, FabGandon, wonsuk (muted), claudio, Cloud, karl, danbri, [IPCaller], AlexKorth?, [IPcaller], MacTed, tinkster (muted), AlexPassant
14:10:16 [danbri]
14:11:10 [hajons_]
i'm on the phone too
14:11:19 [hajons_]
zakim didn't see me
14:12:36 [uldis]
uldis has joined #swxg
14:12:41 [danbri]
(hmm "Your 360 Blog is being exported to your new profile and this may take a few minutes. You will receive an email when it is ready." ...some stuff can be moved)
14:13:09 [MacTed]
zakim, MacTed is really OpenLink_Software
14:13:09 [Zakim]
+OpenLink_Software; got it
14:13:09 [MacTed]
zakim, OpenLink_Software is temporarily MacTed
14:13:10 [Zakim]
+MacTed; got it
14:13:18 [hhalpin]
does that make sense?
14:13:25 [hhalpin]
update the matrix every "x" months
14:13:40 [Zakim]
14:13:54 [hhalpin]
OK, take care everyone!
14:13:57 [Zakim]
+ +03539149aall
14:14:02 [karl]
14:14:05 [hhalpin]
rrsagent, please generate minutes
14:14:05 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate hhalpin
14:14:06 [AlexPassant]
14:14:08 [danbri]
zakim, drop danbri
14:14:08 [Zakim]
danbri is being disconnected
14:14:09 [Zakim]
14:14:09 [Zakim]
14:14:11 [Zakim]
- +03539149aall
14:14:12 [Zakim]
14:14:12 [wonsuk]
wonsuk has left #swxg
14:14:12 [AlexKorth]
bye, have fun at ESWC
14:14:13 [Zakim]
14:14:19 [Zakim]
14:14:22 [milstan]
14:14:22 [Zakim]
14:14:26 [Zakim]
14:14:27 [milstan]
milstan has left #swxg
14:14:33 [Zakim]
14:15:40 [Zakim]
14:15:43 [Zakim]
14:16:17 [Zakim]
- +
14:16:40 [renato]
harry - just a slow network on Crete!
14:20:55 [renato]
....real slow....
14:20:57 [Zakim]
14:20:58 [Zakim]
INC_SWXG()9:00AM has ended
14:20:59 [Zakim]
Attendees were +, FabGandon, rreck, tpa, AlexPassant, cperey, wonsuk, mischat, karl, danbri, [IPcaller], oshani, AlexKorth?, claudio, Cloud, +0785583aajj, tinkster,
14:21:01 [Zakim]
... +1.203.276.aakk, MacTed, +03539149aall
14:21:06 [tpa]
tpa has left #swxg
14:23:29 [tinkster]
Present: +, FabGandon, rreck, tpa, AlexPassant, cperey, wonsuk, mischat, karl, danbri, [IPcaller], oshani, AlexKorth?, claudio, Cloud, tinkster, +1.203.276.aakk, MacTed, +03539149aall
14:23:44 [tinkster]
Chair: danbri
14:23:55 [tinkster]
rrsagent, please generate minutes
14:23:55 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate tinkster
14:26:36 [tinkster]
OK, RRSAgent doesn't like me...
14:29:46 [hhalpin]
why not
14:29:52 [hhalpin]
he seems to be obeying you?
14:30:03 [hhalpin]
Oh, let me check to see if you got cvs access...
14:30:22 [tinkster]
Most recent drafted minutes don't have the chair and present lines I added.
14:30:35 [hhalpin]
(no, but I think it's just because tends to take about a week or so to do stuff at least)
14:30:49 [hhalpin]
(not enough people, get more members to join to pay for more sysadmin!)
14:44:09 [danbri]
being muted and still talking / chairing really sucks, if anyone is thinking of trying it!
14:44:31 [danbri]
in july i'll have a real land-line here finally, & good bye to skype for audio!
14:47:12 [hhalpin]
tinkster: don't worry, will fix it.
14:47:32 [hhalpin]
stay online though since we'll need your eagle-eyes to spot errors.
14:47:54 [tinkster]
I'm in this channel most of the time I'm online.
14:48:11 [tinkster]
Though it tends to be pretty dead outside of telecon time.
14:50:27 [hhalpin]
I tend to hang out in swig for hacking.
14:52:29 [tinkster]
Well, yes, I'm there too (as tobyink).
14:59:20 [hhalpin]
once we get more people doing actual work, we'll have hacking hopefuly in swxg
15:03:57 [rreck]
skype seems to work fine for me calling in
15:05:14 [uldis]
uldis has left #swxg
15:11:12 [hhalpin]
cleaning up minutes
15:11:22 [hhalpin]
but have to go offline for 30 minutes
15:11:25 [hhalpin]
should be done once i am finished.
15:11:36 [hhalpin]
will ping everyone here once am done.
15:11:37 [rreck]
15:33:25 [hhalpin]
hhalpin has joined #swxg
15:38:03 [rreck]
15:41:09 [tpa_]
tpa_ has joined #swxg
16:08:27 [FabGandon]
FabGandon has left #swxg
16:18:08 [Zakim]
Zakim has left #swxg
17:55:59 [melvster]
melvster has joined #swxg
19:49:09 [mischat]
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21:17:39 [mischat_]
mischat_ has joined #swxg
22:42:10 [melvster]
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