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chair: kevin, john
15:16:19 [john]
15:18:09 [josema]
topic: "opengov dinner"
15:18:55 [josema]
kevin: chat with other government stakeholders on how things are evolving (Adobe, CDT, Sunlight...)
15:19:21 [josema]
s/chat/I had a chat
15:20:09 [josema] on opendata, discussions on business perspective
15:20:43 [josema]
...on what's the long term impact for industry
15:21:35 [josema]
...again on the "how" to move from the generic ideas to the practical stuff
15:22:33 [josema]
...reinforces the points we made on the paper, people read it, found it useful
15:23:11 [josema]
john: very interesting stuff, how to move from strategy to implemented systems
15:24:47 [josema]
kevin: also discussion about the dialogue, some points Beth made on the blog post recently
15:24:49 [josema]
15:27:14 [josema]
john: one of things one need to do is to engineer processes in the system and get that kind of cultural change
15:27:24 [josema]
...and that's hard to do, means cultural change
15:27:34 [josema]
kevin: agree
15:28:00 [josema]
...creating this line of business is hard
15:28:07 [josema]
15:28:25 [josema]
...sometimes people and power located at different agencies
15:30:04 [josema]
john: one of the things that interesting me about transparency is how to connect it to public policy outcomes
15:30:14 [josema]
...e.g. better spending of public money
15:30:32 [josema] way of achieving transparency is to put up data on the Web
15:30:43 [josema]
...but then it's the question "so what?"
15:30:52 [josema]
...what's the next part of journey looks like?
15:31:02 [josema]
...and that's hard
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15:32:28 [josema]
topic: open data
15:32:45 [josema]
...what datasets? what for? what's the expected final result?
15:32:56 [josema]
kevin: great point
15:33:13 [josema]
...challenge is that some people in charge are technologists
15:33:27 [josema]
...difficult form them to understand government business
15:33:32 [josema]
john: agree
15:33:52 [josema]
...coming from tech perspective myself
15:34:02 [josema]
...have seen people does not care
15:34:07 [josema]
...there are bigger challenges
15:34:30 [josema]
kevin: right, e.g. cloud computing, well, a buzzword
15:34:36 [josema]
...but what's in it for gov?
15:34:42 [josema]
...would like to hear more of that
15:35:06 [josema]
john: someone could say it reduces total cost of ownership and a number of other things
15:35:24 [josema] terms of OGD reason is because improves some public policy outcomes
15:35:33 [josema]
...totally different type of thinking
15:35:39 [josema]
...not about lowering costs
15:37:22 [josema]
john: we tried to highlight some of this in the Note
15:37:54 [josema]
kevin: I'm glad we did not go very technical there
15:38:08 [josema]
topic: re-chartering
15:38:34 [josema]
kevin: working on a draft charter based on previous discussion with Comm and you
15:39:05 [josema]
...need to state goals clearly, e.g. need funding
15:39:45 [john]
its ok for me
15:39:58 [Zakim]
15:40:01 [john]
had trouble earlier in the call
15:40:26 [Zakim]
15:41:57 [josema]
...we might need something about protoyping
15:42:23 [josema]
...jose and I discussed a bit about this, and thought of 3 stages
15:42:37 [josema] money: some smaller thing
15:42:42 [josema] a bigger one
15:42:52 [josema]
john: right, need a consistent plan
15:43:00 [josema]
s/need/we need
15:46:05 [josema]
[kevin, tim likely to meet next week]
15:48:08 [josema]
[some discussion on whether we should have 3 TFs: OGD, Interop, Web Design + Development]
15:48:25 [josema]
john: I like OGD and WDD, a bit worried about interop
15:48:52 [josema]
...interop is easy to say, difficult to define, *big* issue
15:49:01 [josema]
...lots of stuff in there
15:51:42 [josema]
josema: interop from different POVs
15:52:00 [josema]
...talked in the past much about front-end, big issue on its own
15:52:09 [josema]
...back-end *huge*
15:52:35 [josema]
kevin: we could focus on the things they have to deliver
15:52:44 [josema]
...e.g. the kind of thing
15:53:44 [josema]
john: I mostly care about OGD, as you know
15:53:51 [josema]
jose: me mostly
15:54:07 [josema]
...let's try a different approach, what would be the deliverables?
15:54:10 [john]
for me, ogd design patterns - likewise, why not web design patterns?
15:54:25 [josema]
I very much like that!
15:55:13 [john]
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15:55:18 [josema]
kevin: not big deliverable, small docs, maybe kind of EricP W3C Tech Survey thing
15:57:46 [josema]
[maybe better two than three]
15:58:42 [john]
15:58:59 [josema]
finally got it! :)
15:59:18 [josema]
[we could split interop into two, some of it goes to TF1, some to TF3, then no TF2]
16:02:48 [josema]
[kevin to draft charter with two TFs in mind]
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