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zakim, [Microsoft] is me
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+lencharest; got it
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zakim, please call ht-781
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ok, ht; the call is being made
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16:33:33 [Kirk]
scribenick: Kirk
16:33:44 [Kirk]
Scribe: Kirk Wilson
16:33:57 [Kirk]
Chair: John Arwe
16:34:44 [Kirk]
meeting: W3C SML Teleconference 1 June 2009
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16:35:05 [Kirk]
Regrets: Kumar
16:35:34 [Kirk]
TOPIC: Minutes for May 18
16:35:50 [Kirk]
16:36:17 [Kirk]
Resolution: Approved by unanimous consent.
16:36:42 [Kirk]
TOPIC: No update from CG
16:37:12 [Kirk]
TOPIC: Action Items
16:37:35 [Kirk]
No new Action items
16:38:08 [Kirk]
TOPIC: EPR Note - new comments
16:38:23 [Kirk]
Len: comments are basically editorial
16:39:02 [Kirk]
Kirk: Agrees and is working on them. Still needs to look into the hover problem on "Back to Contents" link.
16:39:53 [Kirk]
RESOLUTION: Consensus that there is no need to review the document once the changes are made.
16:40:48 [Kirk]
TOPIC: XLink Note
16:41:20 [Kirk]
Len: New version is ready to be posted to answer the comment raised by Kirk.
16:41:41 [lencharest];charset=iso-8859-1
16:41:51 [Kirk]
Len: Also need to change the wording for the XML reference to match that which in the SML spec.
16:42:20 [Kirk]
Kirk: One minor wording change needs to be made: "this specification" --> "SML specification".
16:43:32 [Kirk]
Len: Question on wording in section 2 item 4.
16:44:20 [Kirk]
...Erroring on side of terseness rather than understandability.
16:44:31 [Kirk]
scribe: Kirk
16:45:08 [Kirk]
scribenick: Kirk
16:46:50 [Kirk]
John: SML references RFC 3986; by XML spec references the predecessor.
16:47:10 [johnarwe_];charset=iso-8859-1#examples
16:47:42 [Zakim]
16:48:05 [lencharest]
Propose changing "as described in the applicable URI RFC" to "as described in the applicable RFC for URI generic syntax".
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, make log public
16:53:00 [Kirk]
John: Any objections to proposing the wording in the XLink note.
16:53:20 [Kirk]
Resolution: No objections to proposal
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16:53:45 [Kirk]
John: Recommends that Len talk to Kumar about the change.
16:54:26 [Kirk]
Len: Three changes to XLink note: (1) Bug report by Kirk, (2) change XML reference, (3) wording proposal.
16:54:54 [Kirk]
John: Any objection to accepting the XLink note with these changes.
16:55:04 [Kirk]
RESOLUTION: No objections.
16:55:31 [Kirk]
Len: Question: What should be the date on the Notes?
16:56:30 [Kirk]
Henry: Use the date of a week on Thursday -- 11 June 2009
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16:57:26 [Kirk]
John: Kumar has been submitting these. Len should check with Kumar if he will be available to submit the document.
16:58:00 [Kirk]
...Otherwise, Len will have to learn the process or wait until Kumar has returned.
16:58:32 [Kirk]
s\on\from this
16:59:43 [Kirk]
Henry: Date can be in the past by a couple of days (2 or 3 days).
16:59:58 [Kirk]
Len and Kirk agree to make the date on the notes 11 June 2009.
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17:00:28 [Kirk]
TOPIC: Roadmap for future work.
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17:02:12 [Kirk]
John: We don't have a queue of work. Normal practice is for WG is to remain in existence for about 6 months. We would stay in existence until around Thanksgiving.
17:04:14 [Kirk]
John: One strategy is to schedule call, but cancel if nothing has come in; or lessen frequency of calls.
17:05:10 [Kirk]
John: Will not be available during July; in his absence, Henry will run the meeting.
17:05:56 [Kirk]
John: Team should consider these ideas for next Monday.
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Attendees were Kirk, lencharest, johnarwe_, Sandy, Ht, Ginny_Smith
17:06:29 [Kirk]
Kirk expresses regrets for next Monday. He will email his comments.
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rrsagent, generate minutes
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