W3C Overview

Daniel Dardailler

Director International Relations

May 2009


What is the World Wide Web Consortium?

Leading the Web to its Full Potential

Founded by Tim Berners-Lee in 1994, W3C is:

Organization: International Web Standards Body

Expanding base of international operations

Now Senegal/Dakar !

People: International Leadership and Cooperation

Expanding base of the world's leading technology organizations and technologists

Who are W3C's Members?

"Third-class companies make products; second-class companies develop technology; first-class companies set standards."

* popular saying in Chinese business and government, from "China’s Post-WTO Technology Policy: Standards, Software and the Changing Nature of Techno-Nationalism", by Richard P. Suttmeier and Yao Xiangkui.
Full-fee Members (27 May 2007)

Why Do People Participate in W3C?

(Membership / Benefits)

Process: Developing Standards

(Views of the Process: Life of Working Group, Recommendation Track)

W3C Engineers the Foundation of the Web

Building Community. Engineering Web Standards.

24 Activities... 65 Working, Interest and Coordination Groups; and 7 Incubator Groups

W3C Groups Org chart


2006 Tech Plenary meeting, participants, from the back of room